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From Pamela Geller:

Recovered Phones from Pulse Nightclub Have Recordings of Orlando Jihadi Talking to Co-Conspirator Regarding Tactics

Here is the latest bombshell coming out of the Orlando jihad attack. Catherine Herridge of Fox News is reporting that victims inside the club say that Omar Mateen was talking on the phone to a co-conspirator. They recorded it on their phones. This latest revelation is coming from the victims.

Everything the FBI, DoJ, and law enforcement has put forth in this, the worst attack on American soil since 9/11, has been wrong and deliberately misleading (lies). They jumped the shark when the Obama administration redacted Mateen’s statements about Allah, his piety, and his allegiance to the Islamic State. This is the act of an enemy. Treason.

Why haven’t we seen or heard any of the recordings from the hundreds of cellphones from the victims? Why is the Obama administration protecting and defending Islam?


Reports law enforcement recovered phones from The Pulse w recordings of killer talking to outside person re tactics. It’s also become known that the relationship between Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen and an American suicide bomber in Syria was much “deeper” than previously understood by federal investigators, according to a government source.


Comments on: "Latest Bombshell About Jihadi Omar Mateen" (6)

  1. Note 2 F.B.I.:
    Do Not Allow the owhacko administration to Politicize You.
    U Must Remain Independent In All Regards.
    Thank You


  2. aaah, good note to the FBI.


  3. Well… this is interesting yet not a surprise. Meanwhile the wifey has disappeared and the FBI has no clue as to where.

    I’d be surprised if we will ever know the truth about this shooting while this admin is in power.


    • HN, yeah it is interesting and no I don’t think as long as we have Obama protecting Muslims besides his henchmen and the DOJ, we’ll never get the truth. But I believe what the people inside the club reported. He may try to fool us all into thinking this was not an Islamic attack but it’s not going to work.

      Well, so the wifey is missing! I did not know that one. There’s no doubt she was involved. Why else disappear.


  4. High Horse Strong said:


    “Why haven’t we seen or heard any of the recordings from the hundreds of cellphones from the victims? Why is the Obama administration protecting and defending Islam?”

    It’s simple, Obama “will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”.

    Obama is radical Islam’s BITCH! A true enemy of America!

    What is the punishment for treason?


    • HHS, that’s right, Obama said he’d stand with the Muslims and he’s proving that everyday against us. Obama is the WMD sitting in the Oval office and he needs to be arrested for treason. I’m not sure what the punishment if for treason, but he should get the worst there is.


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