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Don’t Go to the Convention!

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich bluntly warns GOP delegates that if they can’t support presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump, “don’t go to the convention.”

During an 11-minute video Wednesday on Facebook, the former GOP House Speaker scolded fractious party members who are resisting the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

“You know, if you can’t vote for the nominee of the party and the person who got the votes, don’t go to the convention,” he said.

Gingrich’s remarks were live streamed from Hungary, where he said he’s traveling as part of a European visit with his wife, Callista.

“Don’t think you can safely get away with imposing your values, your judgment, your wisdom on the people of the United States. That era’s over, and in fact, you’re going to look very foolish arguing that the voters — your voters — back home don’t count because you’re so much smarter.”

Referring to the Democrats’ superdelegate process — which supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders have condemned — Gingrich noted “some of our friends want to create elite delegates in the Republican Party.”

“An elite delegate is a person who says, ‘You know, I’m so smart and my judgment’s so good, I don’t care what the voters back home say,'” he remarked, continuing: “‘I don’t care who they voted for. You’re telling me that Donald Trump got 13.5 million votes, I don’t care. You tell me it’s the most votes any Republican has ever got, I don’t care. After all, why should I listen to the people when I have my elitist superior wisdom?'”

But, he warned, the attitude that “you’re smarter than the American people” will not sit well with voters.

You bet it won’t sit well with the people!  If the delegates decide they are going to vote “their consciences,” whatever that is supposed to mean,  they might want to readjust their thinking. We’ve had enough of the elites deciding for us who are nominee is. And that didn’t work out too well did it with McCain and Romney.

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Comments on: "Gingrich: If Delegates Can’t Vote For Trump," (6)

  1. Gar Swaffar said:

    If it goes badly. It’s time for Judge Roy Bean to step in.


  2. Sounds like they can just declare themselves all super-delegates, accountable to no one but the voices in their head. So that’s it they say screw the people and oppose them?

    Well, it wouldn’t be the first time the people were disenfranchised but it may be the biggest, most offensive case. And there will be no hiding it. The rest of the convention wouldn’t matter cause everything will be irrelevant.


  3. Bull, yeah I don’t know who these delegates think they are to just up and decide they are going to break the rules. It’s unbelievable. LOL! Voices in their heads! Good one! Well I guess that’s what they’re saying, “screw us”. Sound like a bunch of arrogant asshats.

    You’re right this time if we are disenfranchised it wil be a huge one and the total collapse of the Republican party. Reince Priebus better get control of this situation and fast.


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