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Latest Update thanks to reader Robin: Citizens gave the Twin Falls city council an earful last evening. Read this! (click here). We told you what we knew here yesterday. The details of the assault are now beginning to come out even as the case has supposedly been sealed by a judge. Clearly something happened and […]

via Update on Twin Falls, Idaho sexual assault case, boys are refugees — Refugee Resettlement Watch


Comments on: "Update on Twin Falls, Idaho sexual assault case, boys are refugees — Refugee Resettlement Watch" (18)

  1. Thanks for the update, I have been following this and many other cases like it in America.
    Your Sheikh Obama has much to answer for.


    • You’re welcome. This case is horrendous. We’re now doing what Britain does, cover up and do nothing about young girls being raped to “not upset the Muslims”. This is really gotten out of control and yes, Sheikh Obama does have a lot to answer for but he is unapologetic about his actions.

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      • willibeaux said:

        Yo Pepp….This is only scratching the surface of what’s coming down the pike. Watch for thievery to increase exponentially especially of what’s left outside. We are in deep manure. Thanks for posting this.


        • willi, I think so too that we are just scratching the surface. I hate to think of what else is going on. I did read this morning that our government is now Sharia law.


  2. So another case, which is just the beginning. Get ready America.


  3. Just Gene said:

    Saw a blurb on TV last night – ISIS has passed the number of “regular” perverts using the internet to get young victims – watch your girls when they are watching their computers!!!!!!


  4. High Horse Strong said:

    This makes me LIVID!! Obama & his “administration” needs to HANG for this!!

    And to think that these worthless liberals want to bring in many more of this vermin into our country!!

    I often wonder how many people bought lying sack of S*** Obama’s snarky remarks about these refugees: “Apparently they (Obama’s critics) are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America.”

    Where are the women & children?! In video footage from various countries in Europe, all I see are younger men only. Those animals are destroying that continent as we speak!

    Also, let’s not also not forget that ISIS terrorists have infiltrated the flow of “refugees”. Does Obama REALLY think the ENTIRE US population is THAT STUPID?!

    The flow of illegal immigrants & “refugees” from Syria needs to STOP NOW! Unless someone gets an epiphany to stop the flow of these people coming into our country, we will continue to hear stories like this.


    • HHS, it makes me livid too and if we don’t get a new regime other than a 3rd term of Muzzie Obama we’re in for for of this. Obama needs to hang. I agree. He is guilty of treason iMHO. He wants these murderers in here under the guise of refugees. Did you notice that none of the refugees are Christians?

      That’s right, I only see young men too. I don’t see women or children and if there are they are being brutalized by the so called refugees. I think the European countries are not salvageable now. They’ve been taken over by these Muslims. Unless they want to fight them or deport them it’s the end for them. Maybe it is already.

      I do think Obama thinks we’re stupid. Also he doesn’t care what we think. Against all the polls that we don’t want them in here he does it anyway directly against our wishes.

      I agree it’s got to stop. The only way I see that happening is if Trump gets elected. Some of our own repukes are in on this too. Paul ‘Ryan funded the Syrian refugee program. What does that say for him and the others who voted yes to this?


  5. Fireheart said:

    This makes me sick . I’m beginning to lose hope . But I will keep praying for a better America not run by that dictator who dares call himself our President


  6. Firestar, it makes me sick too. And I am beginning to lose hope like you. I’m praying really hard for God to save our country. I hope He hears us.

    We’ve got 6 more months with this fraud president and it’s too long for me. I can’t wait until he’s gone and I pray that Hillary is not elected because she will go on with his agenda.


  7. Fireheart said:

    Me too Fireheart rules and he hates that creep


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