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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – State Delegate Scott Taylor defeated Rep. Randy Forbes in the Republican primary race for the second congressional district on Tuesday.

With nearly 53% of the vote, Taylor won more than 21,000 votes. Randy Forbes won about 41% of the vote. Pat Cardwell, a local attorney, registered about 7% of the vote.

This could be good news for Virginia who decided to throw out Forbes, a long time RINO and bring in a new fellow, Scott Taylor.


Scott Taylor is a former Navy Seal who stated this on his campaign page:  “As a former U.S. Navy SEAL and Iraq War veteran, businessman and author, I’m ready to take the fight to Washington D.C. to reverse the failed policies that brought us ISIS, Obamacare and stagnant wages for middle income families.”

“I am a passionate advocate for men and women in uniform and veterans and have been a frequent commentator on Fox News Channel, discussing national security, military issues, and foreign policy. I believe in free market capitalism, American energy independence, smaller and less intrusive government, and private sector job creation.”

The dumping of RINO Forbes should have Paul Ryan, another RINO very nervous. He is one of the GOPe who does not support Trump’s policies.

The RINOs in Cesspool City need to take a good look at themselves. Their inability to do anything about Obama may get a lot of them thrown out in the upcoming election.


Comments on: "Paul Ryan Should Be Worried" (18)

  1. High Horse Strong said:

    Well Pep,

    While this article is about three months old, here’s another reason why Paul Ryan needs to worry!


    This article is from 6/12/2016 – BY AP WIRE SERVICE:


    It would be AWESOME if Paul Nehlen kicked RINO Paul Ryan’s Obama lovin’ butt out of office!! Time for more conservative leadership!


  2. High Horse Strong said:

    Well Pep,

    While this Washington Times article is about three months old now, it’s still relevant:

    Businessman Paul Nehlen to challenge Paul Ryan from right in primary
    “Says he’s ‘had it’ with House speaker betraying conservatives.”


    And this latest article posted 06/12/2016 – AP Wire Service:
    Political newcomer Paul Nehlen, challenging Paul Ryan, hoping for underdog win


    I hope Paul Nehlen will kick RINO Paul Ryan’s Obama-lovin’ butt out of office! We need more conservative leadership in DC!


    • Yes I’ve seen this man Paul Nehland on NewsmaxTV and he’s very impressive. I too hope he unseats the establo Paul Ryan. I think he has a good chance. He talked about going around Wisconsin talking to voters there who are sick to death of the GOPe.

      Ryan needs his butt kicked out and I hope it happens. He’s turned out to be an arrogant jerk who seems to believe he is president for some unknown odd reason telling Trump he must accept his agenda. He sure has things backwards.


    • HHS, thanks for the information. I’ve seen Paul Nehland on TV several times and I’m very impressed with him. I hope to God he beats the Paul RINO.


  3. I WANT cryin ryan GONE


  4. aaah, I want him GONE too. We have to hope that Wisconsin is sick of him too and ousts him. You are right. America does not need losers and his type in Congress anymore. We need people with values who will listen to we, the people.


  5. Gar Swaffar said:

    Ryan is such a boot-licking Establishment Cretin. He really needs to be removed from the New American Aristocracy (CONgress) this time around. And THEN, We The People need to make sure we can achieve term limits with a new crew and eliminate the burgeoning Ruling New American Aristocracy


  6. Good luck to Mr. Scott.
    I’m betting he won’t be backing any Ryan bill that attempts to sue Pres. Trump for keeping our enemies out of Our Country.


    • Terry, he’ll need lots of luck with that corrupt bunch in DC. No he won’t be suing Trump or going along with that. He recognizes we have a “radical Islamic terrorist” problem in this country, unlike Paul RINO.


  7. willibeaux said:

    Another RINO bites the dust. Hope the conservatives in WI get inspired enough to Cantorize Ryan.



  8. He should be worried. Yes, many could be thrown out for their complacency and or participation in Obama’s lobotomy of our economy. But then it already seems they will blame Trump for that too. Though their phony blame won’t matter when they’re on the outside looking in.


    • Bull, yeah they are already blaming Trump if they get kicked out. They refuse to look at themselves and realize they did it all by themselves by doing nothing about Obama. They are complicit in his actions by doing nothing. In fact I think they agree with him most of the time.

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