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House Speaker Paul Ryan is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous politicians in America, perhaps even moving past President Obama and Hillary Clinton when it comes to threats against our cherished way of life.

Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that Ryan, along with many in the Republican leadership, are now being forced to take off their masks and show the country that – when it comes right down to it – there isn’t as much difference between them and the Democrats as they’ve had us believe.

I believe the Republicans masks have come off and they did it all by themselves exposing themselves to what we already knew, that being we can’t trust them and they are not for us, the people.

It’s no wonder Paul Ryan keeps coming out criticizing Trump and using liberal talking points to do it. Trump never said he was going to ban all Muslims forever, just until we can get a handle of the situation and find some way to vet these them. Right now there is no way to vet them and Paul Ryan knows it.

On Sunday, Ryan once again went out of his way to criticize Donald Trump. “I obviously don’t support the Muslim ban,” he said in a CBS interview. “I do not think we should have a religious test on people who come into this country. I believe in the First Amendment, I believe in religious freedom, I believe in religious liberty.”

But these are just empty words, and, frankly, you could slap these particular sentiments on Obama’s teleprompter tomorrow without changing a thing. And since we’re talking about a president who has been nearly treasonous in his failure to address Islamic terrorism, that should greatly worry Republican voters.

We have a chance in November to take this country in a new direction, free from the politically-correct chains that have kept us weak for far too long. If we lose that chance due to establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan, we can and must hold them accountable.

That’s right, if Trump loses it will be because of the establo Republicans who will do and say anything to make sure Trump loses and Hillary wins because they prefer her over Trump.

And why do we have to take Muslims in who we can’t vet? What has that got to do with the First Amendment anyway? I’m sure our Founding Fathers never meant to allow people who are known enemies of our country into America.

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Comments on: "Paul Ryan: Trump’s Muslim Ban Violates First Amendment" (11)

  1. Details, just details. The New American Aristocracy in Congress are pissed about the people not bowing to their wishes. Blood may yet run, since not every person in this nation is as calm as the rest of us


  2. cryin ryan is a 2 bit pos


  3. So the true colors come out every day. I hope they have fun trying to twist Trump’s statements into a pretzel because their own remarks are absurd.


    • Yep Bull, they sure do. Twisting Trump’s words seems to be the usual today and tomorrow no doubt. As we talked last night, I think they are going to keep this up until the election. All they want if Trump gone at all cost even if it means our country.


  4. Hello Pepper, I have been a Republican for over 50 years, I have come to realize that during this election campaign the Republicans have done little for the American people. We gave them a majority in the House, and then the Senate, and they still never listened to us. All they want is to save their jobs, and line their pockets. I’m sick of politicians, sick of both the Democratic and Republican Partys. Trump is the only guy who seems to understand what the people want. Trump may not be a saint, but he doesn’t have lobbyist money controlling him; he doesn’t have political correctness restraining him, thus Ryan’s true colors are coming through, he is only for himself, not American people.


  5. Hi Walt,

    I think these last almost 8 years have shown us just who these clowns are. We have sat by and watched how the GOPe did nothing to stop Hussein Obama when there was so much they could have done. So now we live in misery with this evil man forcing all kinds of degradation onto our country.

    I agree Trump is the only one paying attention to what we want and speaks our fears and needs.

    Paul Ryan is nothing more than a puppet for the globalists.


  6. What the hell does the 1st Amendment have to do with anything ? It concerns ‘religion’ not murderous ideologies.
    My jaw dropped when I read Ryan threaten to sue Trump over his muzzie ban. WTF ! Ryan knows damn well Trump meant “temporarily” until we can get a handle on it. (which will never happen ). He threatens action against our own candidate who wants to protect us, while he sits spinning on his thumb as obamohammed floods us with barbarians that want us dead ?

    I can’t believe that 4 years ago I was cheering on Ryan and Romney in their debates against the jagoffs trying to ruin our country, and now he is Jagoff #1 !


    • Terry, exactly. it has nothing to do with it. Ryan is completely off his rocker through his own bitterness.

      No we don’t have to admit known terrorists and/or threats into our country. I don’t think we would have done this in WWiI. It’s absolutely crazy to admit more Muslims. But I think O and our Congress want us to be killed under the globalist agenda of getting rid of much of the population.

      Ryan is always twisting Trump’s words just like a liberal would do. He might as well switch his party to the Dems. He’s no good to us and has done nothing in his 17 yrs in Congress. And for some reason he has a swelled head but why is a mystery.


      • They were smart enough to round up and intern possible conspirators during WWII, profiling be damned !
        We are talking about the safety of Americans, not the hurt feelings of barbaric enemies.


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