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Paul Ryan is nothing more than a useful idiot for the Democrats. He does not care about what we, the people want, only his agenda. I suspect that agenda, open borders, big Omnibus bills where we get nothing, are what he wants, not Donald Trump. So he can’t resist jumping on Trump every time he opens his mouth.

I hope come November the people of Wisconsin vote him out.


Comments on: "Lou Dobbs Smack Down on Ryan" (10)

  1. An incumbent representative has a higher reelection rate than the old members of the politburo in Russia, as long as he toes to the status quo. And Madison’s “confusion of the multitudes” keeps the 850,000 people that he “represents” from realizing what is going on.


    • drrik, true enough but one thing this year in Wisconsin Ryan has a very good contender for his seat, Paul Nehland. It’s possible he may unset Ryan. At least I hope so


  2. At every turn and opportunity. Well, its clear who they are running against. I see they are now backing off on their knee-jerk criticism – except for Graham Cracker. As Lou says, who does he think he is?

    Remember when many people wanted to draft Lou Dobbs? So glad he’s got a megaphone anyway. Funny they call Trump’s remarks stupid. I can’t measure the stupidity in what Ryan says. Not to mention his piss poor performance in 2012. Rock star he ain’t.


    • Bull, right Ryan is a big mouth when it comes to criticizing Trump, Where is his disdain for Hillary Clinton. They would rather see her as prez than Trump.

      I’m glad Dobbs has a megaphone too. Too bad I don’t get the Fox Business channel but the clips can be found.

      I think Ryan is an idiot and nobody wants to hear his drivel anymore.

      Right, he’s no rock star but apparently he thinks he is and I don’t know who he thinks he is because he is definitely against the wishes of the people.


  3. Fireheart said:

    Jerk Big Time Jerk


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