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From the Dennis Michael Lynch show on NewsmaxTV


The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group know to have ties to terrorist groups, has released a parody video for a medicinal and curable chewing gum called “Islamophobin.” The satirical video details a faux gum that instantly cures perceived Islamophobia in Americans.

“Side effects include fondness, brotherhood, acceptance,” the ad says as a Caucasian man and ethnic Muslim buddy up together. CAIR set up a website, Islamophobin.org, to detail more about fear of Muslims and send supporters to an Amazon page where they can actually buy the product, which is actually just normal green chewing gum.

The video fails to mention that Islam is based on the Quran which promoted violence.  They forgot to mention 9/11 and all the other dangerous sides effects of the Muslim religion.


The speaker for CAIR made allegations that they can’t live in peace because of the hate they receive everyday. (Poor babies). He actually said there are people out to get them and all they want to do is live their lives here as Americans. They are just like everyone else he said.

According to this speaker, they are discriminated against in schools, at work, and pretty much their every day life. DML (Dennis Michael Lynch) scoffed at him.

They, (Muslims) are in terror all the time that they will be attacked by non-Muslim people. He particularly named Christians of being violent. DML scoffed at that one too. But CAIR claims that Christians persecuted them during the Crusades.

Really now, can anyone tell me just when one of the Muslim communities has been attacked?

Who are the Christians who shot up or bombed a Muslim community?  Can anyone tell me when that ever happened?

I would find this laughable if we didn’t have to worry about “Islamist Radicals” attacking us. It’s so interesting how CAIR spins the truth, that we should not be afraid of them even though we have every good reason to be afraid.

I actually think that CAIR should put out a new ad that must dance in their crazy heads anyway.

So they should make an ad that has Christians on huge horses, armed with swords whacking off Muslim heads as they race towards the dreaded Muslims. You would see Muslim heads lying all over the streets of America, bleeding profusely with their dead bodies twitching.

Ah, those violent Christians are at it and the modern century Crusades starts all over again.



Comments on: "CAIR, Always the Victims" (7)

  1. High Horse Strong said:

    Piss on their victimhood!

    Check out this link as well:


  2. Let the Crusades begin


  3. This has gotten really old. The Crusades? Good grief, that was 800 years ago. Meanwhile the muslims have had free rein to do as they pleased and have turned their lands into shitholes without our help.

    Their incessant whining and hatred will cause another crusade and they won’t like the results.


    • HN, agree, it is getting awfully old. I’m sick of their whining about nothing. In fact instead of being treated badly, they are given special treatment in this country. So what’s their beef?

      I think you’re right, if they keep their crap up and keep attacking us, there will be another crusade and no, they won’t like it at all. Sooner or later they are going to push people into it.


  4. So they are going for the slick marketing route, as usual. I suppose nothing should surprise us about their response since that’s all they do is sit and think about it. Then they twist themselves into the victims. Now they are under siege by crusades? I’ll go back to being offended by their actions and reactions now. But of course they tell us we should not have any fears or concerns about them. Just totally let our guard down, and make it all the easier for them. Sure that makes sense.


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