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This is an excerpt of an article by Judy McLeod, Read more here CPF

This #Trumpacolypse is not really about Trump winning: It’s about maintaining the DC agenda, and the ever-expanding federal government in this one-world order.  Hillary represents what the beltway insider Republican establishment wants, and is why they would rather vote for Hillary than for Trump.

They are globalists pushing their global agenda.

Someone recently left the following comment on one of my articles—he hit it out of the park:

“For all those who say Donald J. Trump is not a ‘Conservative’ is …


  • Securing our borders is not conservative?
  • Tightening visa controls is not conservative?
  • Ending sanctuary cities is not conservative?
  • Keeping out refugees who may be infiltrated by jihadists willing to poison a major city’s water supply is not conservative?
  • Wanting to deport illegal immigrants who commit felonies is not conservative?
  • Wanting to eliminate the Department of Education and return control to the states and communities is not conservative?
  • Wanting to support law enforcement officers is not conservative?
  • Wanting Europe, Japan, and South Korea to pay more for the defense we provide them is not conservative?
  • Wanting Europe to pay their fair share for NATO is not conservative?
  • Wanting the United Nations to not be the Anti-Israel Nations is not conservative?
  • Wanting to reduce the U.S. share of funding for the United Nations is not conservative?
  • Wanting to move the U.S embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, is not conservative?
  • Wanting to cut corporate taxes and regulations to keep businesses and jobs in the United States is not conservative?
  • Wanting to cut taxes on middle-class families is not conservative?
  • Wanting to slash or eliminate the estate tax to save family farms and businesses is not conservative?
  • Wanting to eliminate Obamacare is not conservative?
  • Wanting to allow the sale of health insurance across state lines is not conservative?
  • Wanting to improve health care for returning veterans is not conservative?
  • Wanting a tougher stance on foreign trade to help American workers is not conservative?
  • Wanting to avoid “nation-building” and wars when the United States is not being threatened is not conservative?

The progressives are at war on America’s Judeo-Christian principles, substituting these with devastating political correctness.

To choose the wrong side is unscrupulous. A recent Pew poll even shows that Trump supporters are the true conservatives of the Republican Party. “Republicans for Hillary” is either a stunt, or there are many disloyal Republicans. How can they substantiate their actions or defend their motives?

There is a war on over the future of the American economy—Capitalism or Socialism? What side do you stand on?

Exactly right, what side do we stand on? Paul Ryan, Bill Kristol, Romney, Erickson, and all the other vermin in Cesspool City who are lining their pockets with big money from all the special interest groups, lobbyists. They have shown NO consideration for what the people want. For example, just where is that WALL?

Both parties are allowing us to be inundated with illegal immigrants, refugees, and terrorists. We want them out and this to stop but they never listen. It’s too lucrative for them to stop any of it.

Have we seen them attack Hillary Clinton, a criminal, as harshly as they have Trump? No and that’s because they would rather see her as president and their cozy, little money-making deals will stay in place.

There is nothing but corruption in the BIG government both parties have created. God only knows if this can ever be torn down and started all over again with people of values. I see none in the Congress we have now.

These vermin would rather see our country destroyed completely and never come back to any sort of Republic once Hillary is elected. They do not care about our country or us. If Hillary is elected, we are done as the country we once knew.



Comments on: "#Trumpacolypse Hysteria" (6)

  1. willibeaux said:

    If Nurse Rachet is elected POTUS, those of us who are alive will see the final end of our Republic. She will put the finishing touches on zero’s efforts and we will become a third world shi!!e hole. Imagine the “slick one” roaming the West Wing looking for young female interns to hit on. Grrr.
    The new book coming out on June 28 (?) “Crisis of Character” should give us some insight on what to expect.
    Watch the SHTF and splatter all of us. Pleasant thoughts huh?


    • willibeaux, I agree. If she is elected prez we’ve seen the last days of our country as we used to know it. Yep, that’s one reason O wants her as prez. She’ll take off where he ended in destroying us. It’s very scary and very sad.

      I saw the promo for that new book and I’m not sure I even want to read it. I think we all know already she has no character whatsoever.

      Yeah, pleasant thoughts all right, like having nails driven into one’s head.


  2. Yes they are, Pepp,. It all smacks of their globalism. It’s going to come to either for it or against it. Sadly some of the conservatives support it. Evidently they’ve been bought. The only dif with progressive liberals is they don’t have to be bought.


  3. High Horse Strong said:

    This article is ESSENTIAL READING! Thank you for sharing this with us Pep!

    This clueless libtards vermin will do EVERYTHING & ANYTHING to shut Trump down; they’ll do it at all cost! It’s refreshing to see that more & more Americans across EVERY persuasion is waking up & seeing how the “establishment” is destroying this nation. We’re fed-up and aren’t taking it anymore!

    ….And these clueless libtards fail to understand Trump’s massive popularity?! SHEEH!!


    • You are welcome HHS. I thought it was a very good read too.

      I’m afraid you’re right about shutting down Trump. My good friend, Bull, and I have talked about this and have to wonder how far they will go. I think he is in very dangerous waters.

      Yes you are so right that so many people have finally awoken to what is really going on and we are mad as hell.

      Not only do the libtards not see why Trump is so popular, the Repub establos don’t either but then again, perhaps they do as their thoughts of sugar plum money disappearing on them dance in their traitorous heads.


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