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Recent polls (IE. Quinnipiac) show people polled prefer Hillary over Trump on foreign affairs, because “she has experience.” I can’t help but wonder how the questions were asked.

There’s no debating she has more experience as Secretary of State. However, is it purely experience that is required? Shouldn’t it be how one performed gaining that experience? Is experience gained while one fails time after time in their performance a good thing?

Here is how I measure Hillary’s experience on foreign policy under her leadership: Honduras and Haiti, FAIL. Afghanistan, FAIL. Benghazi, FAIL. Libya, FAIL. Egypt, FAIL. Iraq, FAIL. Syria, FAIL. Ukraine (she laid the groundwork for the overthrow of the neutral government), FAIL.

Telling the truth about her foreign policy failures, success! She lies every time.

LIAR Hillary

It’s not hard to see simply having experience demonstrates she did a good job. Not even a poor job. Her experience illustrates she is now the worse Secretary of State in the history of our nation.

I honestly can’t think of one success she had as Secretary of State.
She promises more of the same if elected president. After witnessing how much of our planet she has set ablaze and devastated, it surpasses simple logic that so many people will vote for her and more of the same failure. I’d call that glutton for punishment for which we all would have to pay.

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Comments on: "Since When Did Experience Automatically Become Good Thing?" (11)

  1. Hello Dave, you stated “surpasses simple logic that so many people will vote for her and more of the same failure” Genius has limits, stupidity does not.

    Here is a shocking video someone sent me


    • Hi Walt. LOL…love the video! Thanks for the addition. You are so correct that stupidity knows no bounds. That was proven not only when Barry was elected once, but twice.


  2. Good piece Dave. It baffles my mind that she calls herself experienced. I guess Bonny and Clyde had a lot of experience. And she has always, always gotten away too easily by not having to answer for any of it. She goes on to the next thing.

    Everything she touched turned to ash. But what was great is seeing those pictures of her dancing, drinking, and partying having a good time.The same tone deafness as her Kenyan partner in crime.How come the failure part doesn’t matter? I wonder. She tried a reset with Russia, now she wants to reset her record of failures.


    • Thanks Bull. Having the MSM constantly kissing her ass sure does make a difference. Some guy said this about here the other day and I think it fits perfectly, “You couldn’t get the truth from Hillary Clinton if you waterboarded her.” However I wouild love to see them put that theory to test. 🙂


  3. Donna Rabus said:

    No one needs to ask her a question; Hillary will still never stop lying – that is all she knows…


  4. Dave, good article.

    It boggles the mind that according to a poll, 71% of democrats said they would vote for her even if she is indicted. Stupid knows no bounds apparently. 50% overall said they’d vote for her if indicted. They are so stupid they don’t realize that if she is indicted that ends her run. DUH!

    Now you know the dems don’t see her as a failure or a crook. Since they are all failures and crooks they would have to admit it.

    Plus, the demorats must keep the presidency in their hands. They’ve come this far to bringing us into socialism and onto Marxism from there and they worked too hard to get drubbed now.

    But definitely she is the biggest Secretary of State failure I’ve ever witnessed. Besides that she’s got the whole ME on fire


    • Thanks Pepp. I keep going back and forth between they’re either stupid or just don’t give a shit about our constitution. Or maybe an unhealthy blend of both.

      I saw a YouTube the other day where some black chick that host a talk show said, “She’d even vote for a rapist along as they were liberal.” That shows a serious sickness…


      • Dave I think it’s a combo of the two. And I don’t think these ppl have ever read the Constitution. It is unhealthy either way. And scary. These ppl don’t even know what their rights are or how they step on others’ rights.

        OMG, now that story is so sick it almost makes me barf. Anyone who would vote for a rapist has got to be mentally unstable


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