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The Obama administration actually dropped not one but two bombshells on Friday when he threatened the nation’s public schools with the loss of billions of dollars of federal funding unless they comply with its vision of gender ideology, Obama administration threatens hospitals: Do abortions and ‘sex changes’ or else lose federal funding

via Obama administration threatens hospitals: Do abortions and ‘sex changes’ or else lose federal funding —


Comments on: "Obama administration threatens hospitals: Do abortions and ‘sex changes’ or else lose federal funding —" (10)

  1. Seems the Muzzie In Chief and thuggery go together like beer and pizza. I feel sure many states and hospitals will tell him to f’ off.

    Where in the hell does this notion come from this rat bastard prez can withhold federal funding? With my limited intelligence, it’s my understanding the House holds the purse springs.


    • Dave, is this not insane? Since when does he have the authority to tell hospitals they need to do abortions?

      You’re right this is thuggery to the max. He is doing all he can to push his abortion agenda down every single person’s throat in this country and I hope they tell him to F off too!


  2. What’s next for these traitorous radicals? All of a sudden this crap is the top concern and worry of the country. This guy is out to take any radical position he can find, the more radical it is the better.


    • Bull, you got that right, traitorous radicals! Oh, yeah, O is going to push every radical thing he can right now hoping it will be written in stone for Hillary if she takes the 3rd term of his.

      More is going to come, on outlandish thing after another. I can’t wait until he’s gone. Next worry is keeping Killer Hiller out of the WH.


  3. Hang in there Peeps.
    Don’t let owhacko start WWIII.

    ruan & romney R TOAST!
    TRUMP 2016


  4. Donna Rabus said:

    He is insane on doing anything to destroy everything in our country. He needs to be put out of our misery. Lock him up forever.


    • Donna he is insane and I just put up an article where people took a poll on whether he is one sick man. Check it out. I think we need to be put out of our misery by locking him up and throwing away the key. Also nothing but solitary confinement for him. No speeches, no photos, nothing. WE don’t want to ever hear from this jack ass ever again.


  5. High Horse Strong said:

    I will HAVE to put this bluntly; Obama is clearly F’D in the head!!
    The BS coming from that prick never ceases to amaze me!!! ARGH!!!

    I will be dancing in the streets come 1/20/2017; the day the Obamas vacate OUR HOUSE!


    • peppermintfarm said:

      HHS, you can be blunt when speaking about this cancerous being in the WH. He is F’d in the head. Right, BS constantly and just wait to see what more he does in his last months. I shiver to even think about it.

      You and millions of others will be dancing in the streets. I propose we all shoot fireworks off when he leaves and celebrate. We could get this all over Twitter in the months to come and see what happens. Also we all will raise our flags and sing God Bless America!


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