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Busted! Obama pal under federal investigation

Now let’s see if anything comes of this but the FBI is on it and they don’t just investigate missing panties.  This has legs. It includes Terry’s crookery, the Clinton Foundation crookery, and all that goes with the usual scandals involving these same people over and over again. Just when are these crooks going to be indicted and prosecuted for their continuing crimes?

One of President Barack Obama’s closest political allies has found himself at the heart of an FBI investigation into possible corruption — and depending on what is found, it could be big trouble for Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

McAuliffe, a high profile Democrat and steadfast Obama ally, is the target of a Justice Department investigation into possible campaign finance law violations. Federal investigators are checking to see if illegal donations were accepted by his gubernatorial campaign, according to a U.S. law enforcement official.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about an ongoing investigation, according to The Associated Press.

Spokespeople at the FBI and Justice Department declined comment Monday.

The law enforcement official did not say what specific contributions were drawing scrutiny, but said that campaign finances and donations to his 2013 campaign were part of the investigation.

The official said the investigation has been ongoing for some time and there was no indication that it was close to concluding.

McAuliffe’s predecessor in the governor’s mansion, Gov. Bob McDonnell, was convicted on federal corruption charges but has appealed his conviction to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Before winning his gubernatorial campaign in 2013 over Republican Ken Cuccinelli, McAuliffe made his name in national Democratic politics as a prolific, well-connected fundraiser with close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as Obama.

Although McAuliffe is close to the Clintons, the official told AP that the investigation of McAuliffe is unconnected to a separate FBI investigation looking at the legality of private email servers that Hillary Clinton used while serving as secretary of state.

Last year, McAuliffe’s political action committee, Common Good Va., returned a $25,000 donation from a company with ties to Angola’s state-owned oil company after questions were raised about its legality. Federal law prohibits campaigns at any level from receiving money from outside the U.S.

If proven that McAuliffe intentionally accepted illegal campaign donations, it would be a clear sign of corruption in his administration.

McAuliffe’s international business connections also came under scrutiny prior to his gubernatorial campaign. He served as chairman of GreenTech Automotive, a company that hoped to bring supercompact automobiles to the U.S. market. The company attracted hundreds of thousands of dollars in foreign investment, in part through a federal program that granted visas to investors who met certain job-creation thresholds.

McAuliffe resigned from the company in December 2012. GreenTech, which received millions of dollars in economic incentives from state and local officials to build a plant in Mississippi, faced criticism for falling well below expectations in production and job creation.

Oh what a web we weave to deceive and among crooked friends it thieves. Hillary, McAuliffe, Obama, Bill, all crooks in the same row-boat, up the river we go, up the river we go, hi-ho, hi-ho.

Hopefully off to a maximum security prison for all of them!

The Associated Press contributed to this article



Comments on: "BUSTED: TERRY MCAULIFFE" (10)

  1. They all live in a corruption dream world.
    They need to be stopped and everyone knows it.
    TRUMP 2016


  2. peppermintfarm said:

    aaah, they sure do live in a dream world that keeps allowing them to get away with it all.

    I still trust the FBI, but not the Injustice Dept.

    YES, TRUMP 23016


  3. Hardnox said:

    Yeah, McAwful is as crooked as it gets. I detest him and am disgusted with him as my governor. We can thank the GOP for getting him elected because they never got behind Cuccinelli because he was too conservative for the GOP’s taste… but that’s another story.

    I too trust the FBI but I have zero confidence that McAwful will be indicted under Lynch.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      HN, I really sympathize with you having McAwful as your governor. I detest him too and he’s not even my guv. But he’s been a loyalist with the Clintons for so long and we know what that means, crook.

      I thought for sure Cuccinelli would be your next guv and I respect and admire that man so much. Then I read where the RNC would not put any money into his campaign. I figured the same you did, the guy was too straight for them.

      I share your thoughts about the FBI and once again he won’t be indicted with Lynch. It really is maddening.


  4. willibeaux said:

    This turkey is as crooked as a three dollar bill. He is one of Nurse Rachet and “slicks” closest associates. Poetic justice? I certainly hope so.

    oohrah! 🙂


    • peppermintfarm said:

      willi, you got that right, Nurse Ratchet’s hatchet man he’s been for years. I’d love to see justice done here, but like Nox I don’t think it will come to that. This UnJustice Dept will never indict him. I’d fall off my chair if he does.



  5. Pepp the Clintons and their buddies leave a trail of slime like slugs every where they go.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      LOL! Dave, that’s a darn good description of the Clintons and their loyalists. I like that-slugs and slime.


  6. I’d just love to see a real investigation of this guy. Oh the connections he has. Why should he have scatted by on all that he is connected to? But then I can’t believe they elected him governor.


    • I can’t believe it either that he got elected. His Clinton connections go back many years and I’m sure he is involved in many scandals. I too would like to see this guy behind bars.


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