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First, Donald Trump won the New York primary by such a wide margin that it propelled him to the GOP nomination. Now, it seems that a massive move by a major state third party could put the Empire State into play for the general election.

According to Newsmax, the New York Conservative Party will officially endorse Trump for the presidency with “overwhelming” support, something that could spell trouble for Hillary Clinton in the general election.

The Conservative Party was founded in 1962, based on the fact that New York’s Republican Party politicians — in particular its governor, Nelson Rockefeller, widely seen as one of the first RINOs — weren’t conservative enough.

Ironically, one of the party’s co-founders was also William F. Buckley; another institution founded by Buckley, the conservative National Review magazine, dedicated an entire issue to derailing Trump’s campaign.

“We’re overwhelming for Trump,” Conservative State Chairman Mike Long said. He said that the endorsement would be made officially in September by the 287-member state committee.

“And there are still some complaints Trump isn’t conservative enough,” Long added. “But there is also an overwhelming sentiment that we cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama and that’s what four years of Hillary Clinton means.”

The endorsement isn’t just ceremonial, either. The endorsement of the Conservative Party would give Trump an extra line on the ballot in the state. In addition, while the Republicans haven’t carried the state in 32 years, the Conservative Party’s endorsement propelled Ronald Reagan to victories in both 1980 and 1984.

Perhaps most importantly, Trump is originally from the state, whereas Clinton is seen as a carpetbagger. Then you have Trump’s surprising strength among African-American and other ethnic voters.

A win for Trump in New York would likely make all of the other swing states moot; there would likely be no real path to the presidency for Hillary Clinton without New York’s 29 electoral votes. However, Long thinks the Conservative Party endorsement won’t just be limited to New York in its effects.

“And our endorsement can be helpful to Trump across the nation,” Long said. “(Trump) is having some trouble with other conservatives nationwide. Having our seal of approval could possibly bring some of those who are undecided onto the ‘Trump train.’”

Just think if this has the effect it should, Hillary, the Beast is OUT!

BREAKING: Trump Gets Game-Changing News From New York… Hillary Camp Stunned



Comments on: "Stunning News For Trump in New York" (16)

  1. Wow. That is welcome news indeed !
    Thanks for making my day Pepp !


  2. Well, some welcome good news. Hopefully some others will come around to the thinking. It will really help Trump. Of course the misfit communist working party groups get their 2 cents in there too which may help Clinton some. But its a breath of fresh air for Trump. I’m pretty sure he knows that conservative group pretty well.


  3. Jodie.V's.Pearls said:

    I’m not sure i am pro Trump but I definitely know I am anti Hillary! Woo Hoo!!! Great news!


  4. Good post Pepp. I hadn’t see this info and it sure is welcome news. The Demonrats fraud machine will set a new record this election, so unity behind Trump is crititcal IMO.


  5. I agree Dave. The fraud machine for Hillary will be massive this time around. So yes we must unify to make sure she does not get the WH


  6. High Horse Strong said:

    I suspect that with Trump’s numerous primaries victories, we will start seeing a ground-swell of support from many in the Republican Party backing Trump. They will come around.

    It’s imperative we beat Hillary. Conservatives must unite so that she NEVER makes it back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!


    • Hi HHS,

      I think more people are going to come over to Trump’s side when the reality sets in that otherwise we get the “heartless Hillary”. At least I’m hoping so and Trump is doing the things necessary to make more conservatives feel comfortable like his speech at the NRA and getting their endorsement.

      I agree, we must unite. Heartless should NEVER be allowed near the WH again. What a horror that would be!


    • HHS, I agree with you completely. No Hillary Ever!


  7. willibeaux said:

    Yo Pepp…..thanks for the encouraging article. I fervently hope that the Donald will go after Madam Clinton with all barrels blazing. Hit her hard and consistently.

    oohrah!! 🙂


    • Yo willi, I think the Donald will be hitting her with all guns blazing as you said. He has to!

      She can never be the prez because if she is this country is DONE!



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