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According to Newt Gingrich:

In winning the Republican nomination on Tuesday night, Donald Trump accomplished something that virtually no one believed possible when he entered the race nearly one year ago, on June 16, 2015.

It is striking that intelligent, seasoned observers failed completely to grasp what they were witnessing, even as Trump shot to the top of the polls and drew gigantic crowds at rallies across the country.

These same observers in my opinion still don’t get it. They are still flailing about in disbelief at us, “we the people” who made our choice Trump.

The elites’ refusal to grapple with the reality before their eyes continued long after it was obvious Trump was no passing phenomenon. They resorted to increasingly implausible rationalizations to explain his success.

“In nearly every election cycle, there are candidates who lead national polls and sometimes even win states, but don’t come close to winning the nomination,” explained Nate Cohen of the New York Times in December. “It would be tough for Mr. Trump to prevail in a one-on-one contest against a typical mainstream Republican, much in the same way that Mr. Buchanan quickly faltered against Mr. Dole.”

Mr. Cohen of the NYT-Slime still has no idea. None of these so-called elites have a clue to what the people want or need. They only see themselves in Narcissus water staring back at their own reflections which has nothing to do with we the people of this country.

Why, since Trump defined the race from the day he announced, did almost no one in the media and political elite believe that he could win the nomination–even long after it became clear he was dominating the field? What was it they failed to recognize?

The answer is simple. It wasn’t Trump that the media and political elites failed to understand. It was the American people.

The American people were dramatically more fed up with Washington–with the incompetence, the arrogance, the corruption, and the failure–than Washington could begin to understand.

Newt nailed it. Yes we were very fed up. We were boiling over with the failure of the usual politicians refusal to follow their promises they made to us. Each and every time we wanted change, such as a number of things to be defunded for one, they failed us at every turn.

For example, the now King of the House, Paul Ryan, who believes he is the president, handed over a $21 trillion budget to Obama funding Planned Parenthood, Obamacare,Syrian refugees, sanctuary cities. We got nothing from this deal as usual. And some people thought Ryan would do a better job, but I don’t know why since he’s a big government man.

As you hear many of the same people who said Trump could never be nominated prognosticate about his chances in the general election, ask yourself: have they learned enough about the American people to understand why a political revolution could seem the safer route?

I sincerely doubt that the political and media elites “get it”. And they reason they never will is they don’t know us. They don’t get out on the streets and talk to us. They are not interested in us or what we think. After all they believe us to be simply rubes with no brains. We are the stupid ones. We are all low-class, uneducated.

They even fail to see there are many well-educated people who are voting for Trump. They just need to put us all into their little pigeon-hole where they see us as one big mass with no differences. We are not individuals to them, just a bad lot who don’t live in their world, the “real world” as seen by them.

They still believe we are malleable ready for them to show us the “right way”, the “right candidate”. And this time around the people rejected them. 

We fooled them therefore they are angry that we no longer fall for what the political and media elites shove down our throats and that is from where their real disbelief and anger comes.  We showed them we are not so stupid and they were wrong. There is a lot of egg on their faces. And they don’t like it.





Comments on: "What The Elites Still Don’t Get" (15)

  1. Hello Pepper, good post. I have to chuckle now that Trump has apparently secured the nomination and good old boy republicans are coming out and saying they will not support him. Does that mean they are going to vote for clinton? Sure they will because Trump is going to disrupt the flow of the lobbyist, wall street under the table money and the pork barrel legislation these crooks have been getting away with. Sadly this issue is not over yet and nothing will surprise me to what horrible degree they may go to to stop Trump.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Walt! Thank you.

      I have to chuckle too, but like you I’m still afraid the GOPe is going to pull some stunt to keep him from getting the nomination at the Convention even if he has the required 1237 delegates. I even get afraid that someone will shoot Donald down before the convention. It sounds far out, but when you think of what these pols are going to lose with a Trump presidency you never know how far they will go. Also we have the globalists who invested in taking us over and they are a very dangerous lot.

      You are absolutely right about the pols don’t want their gravy train disrupted and that’s the real reason they are so against Trump. What are they going to do without all that special interests and lobbyists money lining their pockets every day? They make me sick. They are almost all crooks in my book and a whole lot of them need to go.


  2. Donna Rabus said:

    Another excellent post, Pepper..I am so sick of the “good ole boys” – it sickens me that they refuse to support Trump…if Trump loses to the hog in the pantsuit, I feel I could never support another “so-called” Republican..


    • willibeaux said:

      Yo Donna! Hog in a pants suit? Is that the same as a PIAPS? 🙂

      A very precise and accurate description. If McConnell changes his mind and decides to hold a hearing on zero’s nomination for SCOTUS, the jig is up. I’m with you.

      Pepp hit another grand slammer. Hooray for Pepp!


      • peppermintfarm said:

        willi so far Mitch is holding strong. As more time goes by, the better if Mitch stands firm. I hope he keeps firm. We shall see.

        Thank you willi for the compliment. OoRah!


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Donna. The Repubs better get behind if Trump if they don’t want a Hillary win but some of these people don’t care and actually see Hillary as a better choice which is outrageous. I say “NEVER FORGET BENGHAZI”. That alone gives me shivers.


  3. Is there ever a lot of egg on their faces. They missed every obvious hint, so I guess we can’t expect them to get it now. You’re right they are now angry — how’s that feel estabos? So they blame their anger on us. Funny how they caused the whole situation.

    They were the ignorant ones. But I really resent them interpreting my anger for me. They apparently don’t have a clue. No wonder the Dems roll them like dupes.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Bull, how true. They missed it entirely. I’d actually like to throw the eggs on their smirk faces.
      Right it’s all our fault that things went the way they did. Never mind the GOPe has failed us for so many years and who can trust any of them.

      Yes they are the ignorant ones not seeing the writing on the wall, but they still talk of a 3rd party run. That is suicide. We would lose of course to Hillary. Do these people ever think of our country other than themselves and their cry baby attitude? It’s about time they grew up.

      Yeah the Dems know they are a bunch of wimps but also they and the GOPe have the same goals. They have no intention of fixing this situation at all. And we know it.

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      • Right, in fact they seem to like it that way. All f-ed up and no one gets blamed.


        • peppermintfarm said:

          Bull, yes they like it the way it is because they gain on it, not us. it is f…up and they now want to blame us for it. Wow, unbelievable. All the while we’ve been yelling and screaming at them to do the right things and they just ignore us and now it’s “our fault”. They can all go to hell iMHO.

          It appears that no one in the Cesspool City wants to take responsibility for anything. The GOPe and the RINOs act just like Obama now.


  4. peppermintfarm said:

    Bull, Newt Gingrich chastised Ryan for not being the one to unify the party. Ryan is all out for himself and his Dem complicity


    • It really is on him. Though we’re all from Missouri now. If we’d see them doing something it would help a lot. He and congress are more interested in helping commit treason. .


      • peppermintfarm said:

        Exactly Bull. Ryan needs to unify the House to accepting our nominee. What is so boorish of him and selfish is that he defies the American people once again. I have a feeling that we will never see someone like Ryan give us any reason to believe in him. I’m already done with him. His Omnibus bill and his lack of support for Trump tells me all I need to know about his little creep.

        And yes they are more interested in treason with the fraud in the WH. Who would have ever thought that for 8 years a president could commit so much treason and no one does a thing about it? it’s like a horror film, only real.


  5. Good post Pepp. Some of them don’t get it, never got it, IMO honestly don’t want to get it. How hard they pushed us to vote in previous elections ‘for the best of our country’ to defeat the Dem. And we sucked it up and voted. Once again they display they make the rules, but don’t play by them like they expect us to and they really don’t give a shit about our country. Screw em…


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Dave. I don’t care if they get it either. They can all jump off a cliff as far as I’m concerned. I’m tired of all of them.


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