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Twists and Turns

This 2016 campaign season has been one of the most electric of any I can remember in my life time.

When Trump began his bid the entire media and those pitiful pundits did nothing but tell us that there was no way Trump was serious. In fact he was just a clown according to Mr. Krauthammer.

Fox news became the “Take Down Trump” cable news and in so doing have taken themselves down. People started to switch who they watched. Many went to NewsmaxTV, a more fair and balanced cable news outlet. I switched to NewsmaxTV and am very pleased with it. I get more news stories instead of the junk they throw up on Fox.

Now Trump is the presumptive nominee fooling every one of those so-called “sage” pundits who all told us no way would Trump make it. What they did not know that we the people are no longer fooled by the media and their pushes to make us vote for someone else who they approve of.

Now the Democrat side may be in for a brokered convention if Bernie keeps taking states away from Hillary. Who knows what will happen next?

During all the moans and groans, the laughter the Democrat/Commies got over the “mess” that was on the Republican side, they never thought they could become a big mess.

It makes me laugh to see this twist for them. Their smug laughter and commentary fell in on them. And now we can be smug and laugh at them. The Queen who expected to have the crown handed to her has had to fight her way. She’s a bad campaigner and keeps saying things that come back to haunt her. 

According to my good friend, Bull, she and Bill came to Kentucky and almost got run out of here. Do they really think Kentucky would be interested in a 3rd term of Obama when Kentucky voted down Obama in double digits twice. I guess the Clintons thought we are a bunch of dumb hillbillies here. Wrong! We were smart enough to kick Obama to the curb twice.

I have to say I’m glad they way things turned out on our side.






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  1. Hardnox said:

    Good post. What I find interesting in the Dim race is that Bernie was installed solely to make Hildabeast look like a moderate since the fix was already in and the Dim primaries are nothing but kabuki theater, yet she is being rejected by half of the lemmings. She sucks worse than anyone could imagine if the left is rejecting her over a communist. Her negatives are off the charts. That said, I reject any notion that Trump cannot beat her in November.


    • willibeaux said:

      Yo Hard…. The sad thing is the gibmedats will vote for Nurse Rachet regardless of how many laws she breaks.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Nox for coming by and commenting.

      LOL! Yes that is interesting he was just a bumper to make her look like she had some competition and a moderate. Then she had to move to the left further and further until now we have two socialists. Although she’s been a Commie for a very long time and hides it.

      it’s funny the way things turn out as in Bernie plucking her voters away from her.

      That is all I’m hearing tonight that Trump can’t win against Hillary. I refuse to believe it either. She is so flawed and so crooked she already has voters not wanting her. And Trump has pulled these very same democrats into voting for him.


  2. willibeaux said:

    Pepp. I saw on Fox news today that @zzewhole Jonah Goldberg (National Review) will not vote for Trump. Shades of Brian’s Brianistas in ’08. I also heard that the Weekly Standard may not support him.

    BTW! Great dissertation! oohrah!! 🙂


    • Hey Willi, that’s right Kristol is bobbing and weaving. Says he won’t vote for either now and wants an independent candi, like Nikki Haley. He’s serious about a 3rd person.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi willibeaux,

      Thanks for the compliment.

      Oh if you think BrianR was bad in 08, he said on another blog that he’d rather see Hillary win because she has experience. So he’s not voting for Trump “unless Trump proves to him that he’s earned his vote”. Same old dumb azz as he was back then that gave us Obama for 8 LONG years.

      No the Weekly Standard is not supporting Trump. Bill Kristol comes one NewsmaxTV and he wants a Romney, a Ryan, or someone like them. Can you believe that? Romney lost twice. What makes that dunderhead think Romney would win this time?????

      That’s right about the NRO too as if they are the arbiters of what is good for us. Well I don’t give a hoot what they think.

      OoRah! 😀


      • willibeaux said:

        Pepp! I’m confused. Did Brian say he’ll vote for Nurse Rachet?


        • peppermintfarm said:

          No he didn’t say he’d vote for her, but that she is better than having Trump. He will vote 3rd party. Or sit it out. But since he believes she is far better than Trump, who knows, he might go vote for her. With him it’s hard to tell, except we know what he is.


  3. Great summary. What I find ironic is everything went ass backwards from usual. Dems were supposed to know our nominee from the beginning. (Jeb) Didn’t happen. They were supposed to have influence on that process and be 2 steps ahead. Didn’t happen. The R Party would spit and fall while Dems unite. Didn’t happen.

    Dems were supposed to be all fired up. Turnout was down everywhere. (people suddenly had other things to do) No one likes Hillary the heiress. No one wants to defend her. Hill was supposed to walk away uncontested while hacking away at Republicans. Poor thing got spoofed. They couldn’t tell who it was going to be.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Bull, great comment. That’s right. I had forgotten about ole Jeb and how the Dims were sure he was going to be our candidate. Ha, ha, how wrong they were. They were hoping he’d be the candidate.

      Oh yes, the ever ‘united” Dims would be all together, let’s play patty cake and all is well. But it’s funny how things turned for them.

      You bring up some very good points I missed like the turnout on the Dim side would be so low. Especially for Hillary the Benghazi Butcher.

      And who would have ever guess that the old fart, Commie Bernie would draw so much attention. But that’s all the Dims have to do is promise free stuff and people flock to them even though they have no idea what socialism will do to them.


      • So she took a rad trip through coal country in he scooby van. Well, they didn’t like her much. She’s pushing an aid package after victimizing them with a retraining program.

        And I’d like to see a “retraining program” for many career Politicians in DC. What are the chances?. All the millions Clintons have been lining their pockets with and they care? Life is great for the Chappaqua Crime Family.


        • peppermintfarm said:

          Oh yeah the road trip into Appalachia! She sure didn’t get a warm reception did she? How stupid does she think people are for her to say she was going to put them out of work, then go in there and say it was a misstatement? Please!

          Retrain them for what is what I’d like to know. There are no industries in Appalachia for them to go to work. It would mean they would have to leave their homes and move. Is she going to give them moving expenses too?

          Oh that is great, pols getting a retraining program! They are so dumb I doubt they could learn another program other than going on TV and becoming hosts of shows where they bloviate.

          I like the “Chappaqua Crime Family”. Good name for them!


    • Great comment Bull and I echo your opinion!


  4. Gar Swaffar said:

    I read the end of The Book. We win.


  5. Gar Swaffar said:

    May I also interject here that despite all of the downsides to each of the initial 17 candidates, there wasn’t a one of them, except perhaps Christy, who would have been as bad a POTUS as Hittlery.

    While my choice of candidate has turned out on top, I would again have faced the truth that more important than what the POTUS might do, we didn’t need a multi-generational SCOTUS disaster looming on the horizon.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Gar, I agree with your assessment. I would have voted for any of the other candidates even Christie to keep Hillary out and save not only SCOTUS but our entire country. With Hillary as prez we can expect more destruction. She would be certain to continue what Obama didn’t finish.

      If it had been Christie I would have had to bring 2 puke buckets and a clip on my nose however. But I never thought he had a chance anyway


    • So right.. I’m wondering that Hillary getting in the WH is just flirting with the 2-term limit. Same nuclear family switching chairs. That’s outrageous.


      • peppermintfarm said:

        Bull, I’m positive if Hillary gets the WH, it will be a 2 term for her. Like Obama using his blackness, she’ll use the woman card to stay for 2 years. It is outrageous. But we’ve seen this movie before.

        I’m sickened by all these conservatives who say they will not vote for Trump, but will vote for Hillary. It’s unbelievable when they know what she stands for.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah, Pepp, there is probably enough estrogen their for eight years.

          They default to Hillary, with all that that means. But they want DT to earn their support. Apparently Hill doesn’t have to earn it.


          • peppermintfarm said:

            By this time in her life she needs to take estrogen pills, but I’m sure she does along with a lot of testosterone for her manly side which she likes to think she is, a man/woman super alien.

            Right default to Hillary even though they all know what she is and what she’s capable of; oh, yeah forget SCOTUS too. No the #NeverTrumps don’t need her to prove anything to them. What an asinine way to go. It’s almost treasonous to vote for her.


  6. Really good post Pepp! The Gateway Pundits now look like fools, because Trump has ran a campaign that doesn’t fit into their little box of how to “fail.” Their little box showed up the last two prez elections.

    I too am glad the way things have turned out. I have no idea if we can win in Nov with Trump, but it will be so refreshing to vote without a puke bucket. Win or lose the people will have made a statement to the elite GOP ass wipes we will no longer be their loyal whipping boys.

    I do believe it will be Trump v. Hitlary and Trump has a lot of material to use against her seeing how she’s been in the business of public eye corruption for 30 years!


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Dave.

      All the pundits look like fools having predicted things the way they wanted them to turn out and it backfired on them.

      Do you know Paul Ryan said today he won’t support Trump yet. But he says we need to unify the party. He has a lot of nerve. Just the fact that he won’t support Trump is NON-UNIFYING.

      I don’t know either if Trump can win against Hillary in November but like you said it is a good feeling to vote without the puke bucket for a change.

      Good point, Dave, about having sent a message to the GOPe. They are still not getting it however. Or don’t want to is my guess.


  7. willibeaux said:

    Yo Pepp etal! I may be repeating this but the @zzewholes at National Review and Weekly Standard don’t seem to care that appointments to SCOTUS is the big prize. If Nurse Rachet wins her appointments will be the final nail in our country’s coffin. 😦


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Yo Willi, you are exactly right. These azz holes show they do not think of our country first. They put their pride ahead of America by not making sure SCOTUS does not fall into the hands of the wicked witch Killer Hillary. “LET US NEVER FORGET BENGHAZI”!

      I agree the country in Nurse Ratchet’s hands will make our country fall and the Constitution a dim remembrance as she undoes many of our rights such as the 2nd Amendment. With a completely liberal SCOTUS I believe they would do away with our Bill of Rights altogether. And that would be the end of our Republic.


  8. Trump: Make America Great Again.

    Hillary: Make America Sick Again.


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