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The following is a partial list of what Trump wants to accomplish as listed by one of my Twitter followers, Mike Daskaluk: His site one Twitter is https://twitter.com/mplay0000

Mike's list of Trump's plans****************************************************************

I agree with Mike. Many label Trump as a non-conservative, but I agree with the issues Trump put forward and what he wants to do for our country. Trump is more of a Nationalist actually and if there is anything hated more by liberals and other Republicans is someone who is not a globalist but one who thinks of our country first and foremost.


My thanks to Mike for giving me permission to use his list.



Comments on: "What Trump Wants To Accomplish" (23)

  1. High Horse Strong said:

    It makes me laugh when the establishment can’t understand why the American people are so pissed off.

    What did they expect?

    Personally, I viewed the midterm elections of 2014 as a referendum against 0bama’s policies, as well as the man-child himself. When conservatives won in huge numbers, I had hoped that 0zero would be on the verge of getting impeached and that maybe, just maybe, Congress would have started taking steps to put America back on track. But no, they have seemed to aid and abet that Muslim rat-fink to continue with his stupid, reckless policies that’s killing this nation daily!

    Yet, we’re supposed to just ignore their actions? NO WAY!!

    Libtards & the GOPe can’t seem to grasp the fact that many in this country are mad as hell & fed-up with the establishment, this “administration” and its limp-wristed approach to everything, the weakening of our leadership role on the world’s stage, etc.

    At least Trump projects leadership. He’s non-pc, and he’s listening to the American people (something 0zero & Co. haven’t done since day one!)

    Whether one supports “The Don” or not, one thing’s for certain; his populist message is resonating with a broad spectrum of people in this country. Safe to say, Donald Trump has the establishment on the run!

    Plus I think he will make it to 1237……. There won’t be a contested convention.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      I agree with all you said. The GOPe is so ignorant. We have a reason to be justifiably angry. Every promise they’ve made to us they break. Like you I have given up on them ever doing anything we wish. They don’t care what we want and that has been demonstrated openly during this election campaign how they keep trying to go against the will of the people.

      Yes the Republicans have been complicit in all that Zero wants. Instead of trying to impeach him, they give him everything he wants as seen in the last budget for bloody sake. Obama got everything he wanted and we got nothing except further in debt. Thank you Paul Ryan! Boy has he ever proved himself to be a traitor to us.

      You are so right about the Republicans helping the Muslim destroy our country. And look where we are. One wonders if we can ever put it back as it was. I doubt it very much since we are now a banana republic and whites are in the minority today.

      I’m fed up too with Obama’s policies that have weakened this country and brought us down in the eyes of every country I can think of. And on top of it, he goes around telling other countries what they need to do. Bloody hell, he’s a total disgrace. They laugh at us instead.

      I hope for a strong leader such as Trump who could make countries respect us again and for some fear us. Who fears us now with the pansy Obama and his broken messages about doing this or that to destroy ISIS and other things he’s said. No one!

      That’s what I like about Trump. He has the pulse on the American people and how we feel about what is going on. I too think he will get the delegates he needs to win the nomination. And he has opened up a big tent for the Republican tent which they always said they wanted. But they are too afraid of him knocking off their gravy train for which they only care.


    • Good analysis/summary. Now Ted is running under the slogan trusted. Really it’s not working for me. Trump’s spooking them out of all the corners and shadows.


  2. Bob Roller said:

    The fact that Hillary has gotten this far tells me that the Dumbing Down of America is now complete. Ditto for Bernie. New Democrats= Ban,Control,Take Over,Live life in fear because they think it’s the way to live.At 80 years of age I am too damned old to consider this mantra and Hillary and others like her can “Observe the Mistletoe hanging from my shirt tail”.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Bob, good to see you! Long time,no see. Thanks for coming by.

      Yep, the dumbing down of America is pretty far gone now thanks to the Socialist schools we have now. Then they go on to college and learn more of it. The propaganda is complete and these young people know nothing more when they come out of these socialist schools.

      Thank God we still have some very good young people in this country who don’t fall for this line of BS.

      It amazes me however about how many continue to support either candidate. One is a criminal and the other a socialist. What a sad day for America.


    • the unit said:

      Hi there Bob, I thought I was the oldest blog reader nowadays. This is my first comment here. I’ll watch for yours in the future. You got 6 years experience on this the unit. πŸ™‚


      • peppermintfarm said:

        Unit, thanks for coming over and commenting. Glad to see ya here. Ha, ha, it’s always nice to run into someone who is older than we are.


        • the unit said:

          Yeah, we’ve exchanged a few likes and comments over at Bulls and Nox’s for a few months. Decided to make your place a favorite and check everyday. So I might be commenting a bit more. May be tongue in cheek comment sometimes…but my own and not a Democrat or RINO’s cheek.


          • peppermintfarm said:

            unit, well that’s downright nice of ya! I don’t usually put an article up everyday, but I try to get one up at least every two days. Thanks for making my place a fave. Did you sign up on my email list so you get a notice when I post an article? Best to do.

            Ha, ha, well I’m glad your tongue is not from a RINO or DemoRat. Whew makes me feel so much better that you aren’t going to contract hoof in mouth disease.


          • Thanks for email notice offer. I do check sites everyday though, usually several times a day. Some would say a waste of time, but retired and what else do I got to do?
            Socialism been tried several times too, and is a waste of time, but they say we will do it right this time. πŸ™‚


  3. I think that’s a pretty good list. Plus what Trump adds on as time goes. He seems able to expand his platform.as needed. And did we mention he is an outsider. It’s a two edged sword. To criticize him is to criticize the American people. To criticize the American people is to criticize what propelled a guy like him to the top.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Bull,

      Yeah it is a good list and like Mike told me it’s only his partial list he’s got going.

      Good ones you mentioned Bull, to add to the great list for voting for Trump. He is expanding the party which the GOPe should be happy about but aren’t. Bunch of hypocrites.

      Those last 2 sentences say a lot! Thanks Bull.


  4. You know Trump is saying something right when the elites are pulling out all stops to prevent his candidacy. Hell I’d rather lose this time (if that happens…may win) voting for someone I think will shake things up and get us going in the right direction. We lost with my last two votes for elite supported candidates.

    “And now for something completely different.” (Old Monty Python skit) πŸ™‚


  5. Great list Pepp. I’m gonna copy it and paste it accordingly when dealing with the CruzControlled.


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