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One of Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) most vocal GOP critics in the House said he’d rather meet a grisly end via poison than jump on the Cruz Crew.

Peter King from New York made this statement on MSNBC the other day. See whole article here.

This seems to be one of the common threads that run among Congress.  Nobody likes Ted Cruz.  Some have thrown their support behind him than see Donald Trump win the nomination, but this comment is almost unbelievable. It’s more like hate. But this is the general attitude among many.

King acknowledged that Trump is beloved in New York. On Long Island alone everyone was talking about Trump according to King and they were passionate about their support of Trump.


King had endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) for president. “With John Kasich, if I thought that John Kasich had a viable chance, I’d come out and endorse him,” he added. “But I want to keep my powder dry because this may go to the convention.”

So as we can see so many in Congress are hoping for the “right” person to come along who they can choose instead of the 3 candidates in the race now.

King’s beef with Cruz is nothing new on Capitol Hill. After the 2014 primary defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), King slammed Cruz as a “fraud” and accused the senator of seeking support among “lowest common denominator” voters.

Cruz singingBut is Ted Cruz really the right person? When I ask Cruz supporters to name his accomplishments in the Senate I get crickets. As far as I know the only thing of any fame is his filibuster which caused the government to shut down and both sides of the aisle blamed it on the Republicans. Way to go Ted!

My personal belief is he only did this to showboat and make his name a household word. Otherwise no one would have really given him a thought.

One of the most fraudulent things about Cruz is he is not a citizen of this country. He sealed his records so no one can see them. I’d like to know how he and Obama are both able to do this when running for the highest office in our country.

For information on this topic go to this  link about his eligibility here. 

For more reading about Cruz and his eligibility you can read here.

In the beginning I supported Cruz but after I researched and found so many things about him that did not fit him into being a real Constitutionalist. I don’t think anyone who is a globalist has sincere convictions in our sovereignty.

And that is just one of the reasons I decided to support someone else. If we can’t get a person who truly is a Conservative, then why vote for him. We are being hoodwinked once again. Cruz is a phony.

So I chose to support Trump since he is a Nationalist. There is no doubt he loves America.

Once again we have a fraud running for president. Astounding! I suppose no one in the media cares or are covering for Cruz on this issue since the media push is to get rid of Trump.

If Cruz is nominated I doubt that Hillary will leave his eligibility lie in the dust. This is the danger of Cruz becoming the nominee. Then what happens?



Comments on: "I’d Rather Take Cyanide" (18)

  1. Just Gene said:

    I believe the RNC will leave Cruz in the dust – that’s why Kashit is hanging around.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Gene, I think you could be write because we all know the RNC hates Cruz as much as Trump. They could put up Kasich or someone else like Ryan even though he says he wants no part of it. But then again he puts out an add :”he made” which is so slick and so presidential looking one still has to wonder what the RNC is up to.


  2. Like you I have my doubts. Maybe its the current climate. I’m definitely not looking for perfection. . But private sector experience is helpful and as Reagan said of youth and inexperience. A year in the Senate he decided to run. Well, that rubs me a little raw. Campaign to campaign. Sounded a little like heiress Hillary.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Bull, I don’t think we are looking for perfection because we know it doesn’t exist.

      I like private sector experience. Cruz has little experience other than his time as a lawyer. And what does he know about “business” anyway? It rubs me the wrong way too for him to barely spend time in the Senate and then run for Prez. It seems the Senate seat was only his vehicle to run for higher office. Senators have a 6 yr term for goodness sake.

      That’s cute “he sounds like heiress Hillary. Maybe they suffer from the same disease. Power hungry.


    • Just Gene said:

      I don’t think we are looking for perfection because we know it doesn’t exist What we’re looking for is mediocracy in the land of incompetence.


      • peppermintfarm said:

        LOL! Right you are! All we need is a tidbit of competency. Where to find it among all the frauds who are in office now? They care less about anything but collecting money.



  3. Pepp ROTFLMAO! “Cyanide!” What does King really think of Lyin Ted?? Oh and the pic is awesome!!

    Lyin Ted slimes out of the tar pit and wants everyone to believe he’s such a good guy and Christian. Give me a break! I use to really respect the guy, until I got to know more about him.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Dave, yeah don’t say what you really mean. LOL! yeah the pic is great. I found it on the web.

      Lyin Ted is nowhere near what he presents himself to be. That really bothers me a lot.

      Like you I was thrilled when Cruz started to run. I thought here is a real Conservative for a change. Then I find out all these sleazy things about him and boom, my respect went down the toilet. It’s just a real shame.

      I have to say Cruz is shameless however in that he pretends to be what he isn’t and doesn’t seem to mind trying to pull the wool over the people’s eyes. And he has some people who have bought into his lies.


  4. Terry Kelly said:

    I agree whole heartly about Cruz,a big phony who seems to be in love with his own voice.I have little faith this election year. Terry @ pufftia@cox.net


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Terry Kelly! Welcome to my blog! I’m delighted you commented.

      Yes Cruz is a phony and yes I agree also he is in love with himself just not only with his voice. But he never shuts up once he starts. And during interviews when he is asked a straight question, he diverts and immediately goes into his Trump bashing spiel which he has memorized.

      I too have little faith in this election. I think for one thing we’ve all had our eyes opened wide to just how the sausage is made and it’s not pretty. We find our our votes and our voices don’t really matter to the RNC.

      As Priebus put it, “the party chooses the candidate and if you don’t like it, sit down”. (paraphrased). I guess we all just got told didn’t we?

      Please come back again Terry!


  5. peppermintfarm said:

    https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAnnCoulter/posts/869844139792068 Bull sent me to this link and I thought I’d post it for all to read if they choose to. It’s another worm in the Cruz campaign about his being an American. The case keeps building for him not being eligible


  6. If Lyin’ Ted loves the sound of his own voice, he is one of the few.
    Although I did like this particular speech of his. It is Cruz at his most poignant :


  7. Just Gene said:

    Did anyone notice he was waving the military flag – probably doesn’t know the difference – yet wants to be CinC.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      He probably doe not know the difference since he is not a citizen and actually he is a man without a country since he gave up in Canadian citizenship in 2014l.



  8. High Horse Strong said:

    I suspect Peter King can put his bottle of cyanide away. I tend to think there won’t be a contested convention. Trump will get his 1237 delegates very soon.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi HHS!

      I agree with you. I think also that Trump can get the necessary amount of delegates to win the nomination outright. Of course we still have to deal with Cruz stealing them. But with Trump adding Manafort to his campaign advisers I think that’s going to help him a lot.

      Thanks again for coming by and commenting!


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