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The rape and torture of women in Europe by ISIS is a huge problem that the media won’t cover.  Why is this story not being reported.

Perhaps the media does not want to cover this because sooner or later with all the refugees being brought into our country, this could very well become a problem here. After all we have no idea how many ISIS members are among the refugees. The government is not vetting these people.

It’s a story of horrible trauma to the women who are raped and treated with loathsome barbarity.

One of these women who we will call Khaula tells her shocking story:

The Slave MarketOn August 3, 2014, IS attacked Khaula’s village and within a month, 5,000 people from the region had disappeared. Khaula was forced into a bus and taken to a jail full of hundreds of other women and girls. They were then forced to drink water that IS henchmen had spat into right in front of them. As they drank, preparations were made for their sale. Khaula fell into the hands of a tall, 45-year-old IS man wearing a white robe who called himself Abu Omar. He purchased her for 1.5 million Iraqi dinars, or around €1,500, and told her: “You belong to me.” He then locked her inside a house in Mosul, Islamic State’s stronghold in Iraq.

It’s there that he brutally deflowered her, pressing her into the ground, dragging her by the hair into bed, choking her, cursing her and forcing her to listen to the screams of other women who were being tortured in the same house. After four months, he took Khaula along to the home of his wife, who was pregnant. She was ordered to immediately start helping the wife with the household chores, the washing and the cooking. In a fit of jealousy, the woman struck her with a chair. Khaula then tried to hang herself from a fan.

Through a friend of her brother, Khaula escaped her horrible situation and literally crawled through mountains for 5 hours to reach her destination of a protected place in Peshmerga.

She decided to abort the baby. Her rape was enough torture to face taking care of a baby of an ISIS barbarian.

Khaula then went to the white spring in Lalish, a Yazidi sacred site, where she washed herself clean. There, she received a blessing from Baba Sheikh, the Yazidi spiritual leader who has taken hundreds of violated women back into the community since 2014.

There is much more to this story which you can read here.

Thousands of women face these rapes every day and the trauma of being raped and tortured. The future for these women is grave. Rape is something that scars a woman for life. Coming back to herself is something that will be a life long journey if the woman ever recovers completely.

One of my fears is about when this will start here in America and will anyone in the government stop this. So far I don’t feel very convinced that anything would be done. The Muslims reign supreme here and we just can’t hurt their feelings. This brings to mind a place of hell.



Comments on: "Isis Sex Slaves in Europe" (12)

  1. On the other hand, be nice for the lib-progs and the feminiazis to actually have a real boogy-man to worry about.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi drrik, good to see you commenting. You do have a point. If one or more of these feminists were to get raped, it would destroy their false claim of the “war on women”.

      But here is what I think they would do. Instead of reporting a rape by a Muslim they won’t because they are the same Muslim loving, leftists who will use the PC crap of today. So they won’t even say by whom they were raped by for fear of “offending the Muslims”.




  3. When indeed? Oh, I’m sure they have plans. Meanwhile stuff goes on here under the radar, unreported. The refugees could go a long way to “normalizing” their plans. But the media so far has done them a huge favor, doing what they do. Why should they have special protection?


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Bull you are so right. There are so many stories of criminal behavior by Muslims and illegals I might add that go under the radar. The media when they report some of these atrocious crimes refuse to say “it was a Muslim or an Illegal”. But if it’s a white cop who kills a black person in most cases justifiable, then it’s splashed all over the media 24/7 for weeks and months.

      I will never understand why these different groups have all these special protections either. This spells real trouble for us once things start happening here. For example, I read yesterday that 368 Somali Muslims are being brought into this country every day. Do we even know who these people are or what they are capable of. I would bet they are not vetted and we have no idea how many ISIS is among them


  4. This is just horrific Pepp! This greatest sin going on and it’s being covered up by those that don’t want to admit their liptard/commie attitued has blown up in their face. Such horror being covered up that it just makes me sick, pissed and hopeful those who allowed this will be kicked out on their asses next election.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Dave, yes it is horrible. What really bothers me about this kind of abuse on women is these women will never be the same ever again. They will struggle with PTSD their entire lives. The pain and suffering is enormous.

      I would hope that Angela Merkel gets her butt kicked out at her next election and someone with a back bone takes over and at least tries to do something about this situation.

      I fear that in our own country nothing will be done once there are enough of these refugees with hidden ISIS members grow into a big enough group to start the very same thing here.


  5. High Horse Strong said:

    I have the same concern pepp, yet I tend to think that here in America, women won’t sit back and allow these barbarians to abuse them. If anything, women here will fight back and give these thugs a run for their money!


    • peppermintfarm said:

      HHS, Yes I think many American women have guns these days and won’t hesitate to fight back. I would have no problem whatsoever just shooting down a rapist. It’s either him or me. I took a self defense course years ago led by a woman cop. She told us to kill them because of the possible torture they might inflict on us. She said many do. So that’s where I stand.

      However since the barbarians seem to like taking little girls and raping them, I’m not so sure the children could defend themselves. If things come to this, it will be chilling indeed


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