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The Stealth of Ted Cruz

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According to Ann Coulter is the following quote:

Another misconception sweeping the nation is that when state Republican parties disregard the voters and give all their delegates to Cruz, they are merely following THE RULES, and Trump is an idiot for not knowing THE RULES.

That’s what the Colorado GOP did, what the Tennessee and Louisiana parties are trying to do — and what many other states may do, all under the careful tutelage of Tracy Flick Cruz.

I keep asking someone to send me a copy of THE RULES that direct state parties to ignore the voters and pick their own slate of delegates, but no one can cite such a rule. So I read through “The Rules of the Republican Party” myself — and guess what? There’s no rule instructing state parties to ignore the voters!

To the contrary, the rules were recently rewritten so that delegate selection would “reflect the results of statewide presidential preference elections,” according to a statement by Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus. (The nerds will tell us, that’s “legislative history,” not THE RULES.)

T0 read Ann Coulter’s entire article go to this link: http://freedomsback.com/ann-coulter/ted-cruz-tracy-flick-with-a-d-ck/  She has many more nuggets in her entire article.


So basically what Cruz is doing is bullying the delegates in states to vote for him. He probably does it like he does anything else with his lies about Trump and that “only he” can defeat Hillary. What other measures he uses nobody may know.But it’s obvious he is using tactics that are not quite above board.

What I do know is that the voters in Colorado where this was first done are furious that they don’t get to vote. Where does it say a state can just do away with their primary and tell delegates if they don’t vote for Cruz, they are out! But that is what happened.

I have to ask myself how is this even Constitutional to deny voters the chance to vote in any state?  As usual the people are getting had. And us usual Cruz is pulling out as many dirty tricks as he can.This of course is nothing new to Cruz.

Cruz knows he can’t win unless he cheats. But on the other hand maybe Cruz would be a good thing to run against Hillary since he knows all the insides and outs of fraud and cheating to win an election. Perhaps the GOPe would come up with many tricks to help him get over the line to beat Hillary.

Fraud is acceptable not only to the Democrat Party but to the Republican party too.



Comments on: "The Stealth of Ted Cruz" (13)

  1. willibeaux said:

    Yo Pepp! Yepp! Our illustrious Repubs here in CO pulled this crap. They did away with the primary therefore disenfranchising many seniors from their vote. Lorraine and I are unable to attend our caucus because of health issues and age. We are very close to registering as Independents and if Mitch McConnell caves in and holds a hearing on the SCOTUS vacancy, that may be the final straw. We shall see.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi willibeaux,

      You guys sure got screwed in CO. I imagine they did disenfranchise many seniors and others with this stuff they pulled. It’s outrageous is you ask me.

      I’m actually done with the GOP willibeaux. After all the fraud they’ve pulled and the way they treat us like we don’t count, out voices mean nothing. It’s all about the party, not us.

      If Mitch caves he will be slaughtered in KY next time he comes up for re-election.


  2. Cruz win = IMPOSSIBLE


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Aaah, I like that. I hope it is impossible for Cruz to win!

      And thanks for coming by and commenting. I look forward to you coming by again.


  3. Yes, simply streamline the process and simplify it. (read add shades of complexity to avoid voters) I heard even leaders inside the process say they would like a more standard primary. It makes sense to tick the voters off right at the beginning of the process. As usual, it is not just one thing they do, but almost everything they do.


    • willibeaux said:

      You got it right Bull. Thanks.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Bull, that’s a good one. “to avoid voters”. They do everything they can to pass us up and what we may want. I’m sick to death of the GOP as you know.


  4. This entire process is just bullshit, but there many be silver lining: If the Repuke Party totally disregards the voters into the convention, perhaps that will be enough to bring down the entire system. Lord knows I believe the entire system needs to be brought down.


    • willibeaux said:

      Yo ‘rave! Bullshit is right. Whatever happens though we have to stop Nurse Rachet or the Bern from being POTUS. What say you?


      • Hey Willi. I sure don’t want Hitlary taking over the ‘throne’ from Barry, but I also don’t want the Repuke Party to disregard the people’s votes. I really see no difference between the two parties, if they pull that shit.

        So if it is obvious at the convention the RNC just throws away Trump after winning the far majority of states, then I’m doing a write in vote. I’m not caving into to those pr*cks again! I’ve done that two elections in a row.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      yes, the entire system is corrupt and you are in good company with several generals have said the very same thing. What happened in CO was a completely crooked thing done to the voters there. And nobody but Ann Coulter who is a renowned research individual had the sense to read the rules. This is what really got me. So many pundits are saying these are the rules for the Colorado vote but they are NOT. So Trump was right when he called it for what it is.

      The people in CO are mad as hell from the reading I’ve been doing around the Internet on different articles. And I don’t blame them. I’d be really angry too not to have my voice heard.


  5. You may have ran this already, Pepp, but just in case someone hasn’t seen it yet I’ll put it up again.
    This is Larry Lindsey, a CO.Lifelong Repub. who was denied being a delegate because he supported Trump. This is outrageous !


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Terry, yes I’ve seen it but I’m glad you put it up for all to see it. And yes it is outrageous that he was denied his vote because he supported Trump. I see that as corrupt as hell. And the people in CO are very angry over what was done to them there.


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