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I thought one of the Conservative values was honesty in their candidate.  Apparently that changes when the person is Ted “Lyin’ Cruz.

Lying Cruz

According to Ann Coulter here is a partial list of the lies told by St.Ted:

Trump has said a million times that he’d scrap Obamacare and replace it with a free market system (which, by the way, he explains a lot more clearly than Washington policy wonks with their think-tank lingo). Merely for Trump saying that we’re “not going to let people die, sitting in the middle of a street in any city in this country,” Cruz accuses him of supporting “Bernie Sanders-style medicine.”

Yes, because Trump is against people dying in the streets, Cruz says that Trump thinks “Obamacare didn’t go far enough and we need to expand it to put the government in charge of our health care, in charge of our relationship with our doctors.” Over and over again, Cruz has repeated this insane lie, telling Fox’s Megyn Kelly: “If you want to see Bernie Sanders-style socialized medicine, Donald Trump is your guy.”

The next thing I knew, the Cruz cult was accusing Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of criminal battery for brushing past a female reporter. Anyone who claims this video shows a “battery” is as big a liar as the liberals who lined up to say Clinton did not commit perjury when he denied having “sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky.

I tried being nice after Florida, when it became clear that Trump was the choice of a majority of Republican voters, nearly choking on a column praising Cruz for his admirable flip-flops to Trump’s positions on immigration and trade. I censored loads of anti-Cruz retweets. But — as with the Clintons — you offer these Cruz-bots an olive branch and they bite off your hand.

I have found that in most cases with the Cruzbots is that they bite your head off on Twitter and some other unmentionable place.

There are so many lies St. Ted tells about Trump I don’t think I can put them all into one post.

Cruz also lies about Trump approving of the KKK. Cruz still says Trump is pro Choice even though that was 19 years ago and he changed his mind and is now pro life.

Another thing St. Ted does is take every idea of Trump’s and tries to make it his own. He was not for a border fence until Trump was. He supported making illegals citizens before Trump talked about deporting them. He chose to say he’s carpet bomb ISIS after Trump said that. Does Cruz have any ideas of his own?

St. Ted’s banner should read, “Bust-Ted instead of Trust-Ted. What is there to trust about this man?  He appears to be as much of a pathological liar as Hillary Clinton.

And just what does a 2 year Senator with no achievements have to offer us? His only claim to fame was his infamous filibuster that got the government shut down displeasing Republican and Democrats alike. This filibuster in my opinion was only done to get name recognition for his opportunist self. He planned all along to run for President even though he has no qualifications like leading a country or a business for that matter.

lying Cruz 3Oh yeah one more thing, he cheats too. The Wisconsin primary was full of cheating. The machines kept coming up with Cruz as your choice even if you chose Donald Trump.



Comments on: "I Thought Conservatives Liked Honesty" (12)

  1. Great article Pepp. And a good chuckle. For a guy who claims to be specific he broad brushes a whole lot. The more I see the more fragile he looks. I guess he lost his sidekick Rubio so its tough for him to keep up. He had the entire resources in Wisconsin with the establishment. Why can’t he get it done without depending on all these assorted helpers? I’m not sure about the stability of this great grass roots of his? Of course he’s been building it since he took his oath as Senator. It lashes out at anything that doesn’t support Ted. The shine on that “outsider” turd wore off way back, now it”s getting old.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Bull.

      Ha, ha, the shine on that turd is wore off way back. Definitely true. I’m pretty sick of his lying butt. And like you said his “broad brush” stroke like saying “New York values” which has come back to bite him in the butt. How did he think that was going to go over. No thought to that one whatsoever. But it’s fun watching him get booed and told to get out of town there.

      If he didn’t have all the support of the GOPe machine in Wisconsin he never would have won that state and there is a big question mark as to whether he really did because of the voter fraud there which was massive. And right if he didn’t have them to help him he’d go nowhere fast.


  2. Great post Pepp. I find it simply amazing that Cruz got elected senator such a short time ago, got elected I assume on ‘knowing the issues and how he stands’ and in this very short amount of time has flipped over on those very same issues. He’s either really fooled those that voted in as senator or they just don’t give a shit about him changing his mind every couple years and just about everything. Can you sound ‘sound bite just to get elected?’

    I believe he’ll find the Northeast is not a very nice place for him to hangout. Pretty much just like he did the South. Haha.. 🙂


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Dave. So sorry I’m geting back to you so late.

      I think he fooled a lot of people Dave. We were once fooled too. I started out liking Cruz and thinking he would be a good president. Of course now I don’t.

      All he does is recite platitudes, never gives much detail because he has no idea about how to run anything and has no resume of any sort in the Senate.

      I too hope the NE becomes a bad place for him. From what we are seeing now he sure isn’t like in New York.


      • No prob Pepp. I know you’ve been fighting a really bad cold.

        You are correct he fooled many, including us. Call it giving us a small break 🙂 , but those in TX that voted his lying ass in “should” feel really ripped off. Kinda like I do with Mitch! But those rat turds will never admit it.

        I believe Lying Ted will get shut out in the NE as far as winning the state, but the way states divide up their delegates (for example in NY you get delegates based on the districts you win) makes this tough on Trump to get the magic number. Lying Ted and Delusional Kasich are just trying to win districts now to lower the amount of delegates won by Trump. Crazy how each state has their own rules, but oh well.

        Maybe Canadian Cruz won’t even be around much longer. Wouldn’t that be a gas?? 🙂


        • peppermintfarm said:

          Dave, no the Cruzbots think he’s a saint and worship at his dirty feet. He’s their new Messiah like O was to libtards. Obviously we have tards in cons too.

          There has been a lot of hanky panky going on in some of these states. Instead of having primaries, the delegates are making the decision on Cruz because Cruz is courting them. I guess I never knew about that process. But it does shut Trump out.

          It would be nice to see Lyin’Ted go down by virtue that he’s not a citizen of the US. But I think the RNC is going to cover that up like the Dems did Obama.

          All I know is these elections are as crooked as a witch’s nose.


        • He did fool a good many people. That’s what deceivers do. The day after swearing in he was starting his run for President. He’s not a real Senator but he did play one on TV. I have no doubt if the amnesty position was popular he’d again be all in for it.


  3. A great PARTIAL collection of Cruz lies, Pepp. But only the tip of the iceberg. I agree it would take volumes to list most of them.

    Remember how Trump was lambasted for having a few of the hundreds of paid protesters escorted out of his rallies ?
    Poor Lyin’ Ted got confronted by 2 beaners, face to face, and guess what happened to them ?
    Just more of his hypocrisy.


    • He should have went riding the subway with Hillary instead….better optics.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Terry, yes it would take volumes to write about all of his lies. And he keeps repeating them which makes me madder than hell.

      One YUGE lie is that he is a citizen of the USA and that may come out. He has no record of ever being a citizen here. Only a citizen of Canada. He should step down but that would be the “honest” thing to do and Lyin’Ted is not the least bit honest

      Oh I so loved how those guys told him to get out of NY. Great glee over that one!


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