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This comes from NewsmaxTV, the Dennis Michael Lynch show called “Unfiltered” He gets into the weeds of important subjects.

World wide 345 million Muslims believe that honor killings are justified.

Western Muslims who believe bombing against civilians is justified:

French Muslims 42%

British Muslims 35%

American Muslims 20%

At the end of 2015 and Radical Islamists

3.3 million Muslims believe it is justified to kill Americans.

This is 13 % of the Muslims here in America.

What you don’t hear from our government is the actual numbers of these Muslims here which accounts for 429, 000 who believe it is justified to commit violence on Americans.

Just think about this for a moment and realize the danger we are already in here.

And to think Obama wants to bring in more Muslims who call themselves “refugees”.                                                                               

Obviously with that number of Muslims here who want to kill us we don’t need to bring in Syrian refugees until such time we have a working vetting system, if that can be achieved.

Obama likes to minimize these numbers. He tells us it’s “only a handful of Muslims who are terrorists”.  He lies to us of course.

He protects them. He is so worried about Muslims being discriminated against. But when was the last time you heard of Americans killing Muslims here? Never.

Donald Trump is right. We need a temporary ban on Muslims coming in here until we have a vetting system that works. If that is even possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



Comments on: "The Real Numbers of Muslims Here" (9)

  1. Good stuff. Wow those numbers. When they(good Muslims) will not differentiate themselves from the radical Wahabi terrorists, then why or how can we discern them from the radicals? We’re supposed to magically do what they won’t, draw a distinction?


    • I wonder how many “moderate” Muslims are really out there or they are just afraid to speak up. We can’t discern the good ones from the bad ones no way. The numbers of them here who find it justifiable to kill us is a big bit of news that just blows your mind. At any time these radical Muslims could pull off an attack, but no we’re not supposed to be afraid.

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  2. Great post Pepp! First thought that you and I have discussed (and the polls illustrate this point) is there are moderate Muslims that don’t endorse terrorism. Juhdi Jasser and those of those beliefs are good examples.

    That being said, the poll numbers are astounding and very frightening. Barry saying a “handful” again IMO illustrates he’s covering for many muzzies and lying his ass off. Numbers just don’t lie.

    When observing really how few Jihad terrorist it took to murder so many in Paris and Brussels; the percentages in this poll show just how much more awful this can and could be. Just a few here in the states have butchered many.

    It is not irrational, racist or bigotry wanting to stop the immigration of Muslims, until we can verify their background. That still has risks (just like the risks we face with the homegrown Jihad butchers), but it simply blows my mind how the commie left are willing to lie their asses off and put our nation and people in such grave danger.

    I also believe we do need to start patrolling the Muslim areas/Mosques that we already know are radicalizing to commit Jihad murder. Would they do the same to the KKK, if they were again on the rise? Damn right the commie left would.


    • willibeaux said:

      Yo ‘rave! Thanks for your comments. I believe it’s time to start playing cowboys and muzzies.

      oohrah!!! 🙂


    • Dave, you are right. Brigitte Gabriel reported on NewsmaxTV that 7 out of 10 mosques in this county are preaching Jihad. And she would know being a Muslim herself. To putting them on a watch list is the right thing to do.

      The numbers do not lie. And these were polls of these radicals themselves admitting they are justifiable to kill us.

      Obama is a Muslim lover so of course he’s going to lie. In his comments on the latest attack in Brussels was “a lot of Muslims are being killed”. He never mentioned any other group of people being killed such as Christians. He won’t admit it and can’t get that word out.

      We know where he stands and protecting our citizens is not at the top of his list to do.


  3. > World wide 345 million Muslims believe that honor killings are justified.<

    That statistic alone equals the population of men, women, and children in the U.S.
    And don't think for a second that any one of them would blink an eye before beheading you.
    It is pure insanity how they are being kowtowed to world wide.


  4. Terry, that’s right about the numbers and that was also brought up during the show, “Unfiltered”.

    Ha, no they would not blink at all before beheading us. That is their mission in life.

    Kowtowing to them makes me go insane. I’m so sick of this. They are being treated like special people in this country which only makes them bolder in their actions like bringing lawsuits against anyone about anything they believe to offend them and courts bow down to them.


    • Terry Bishop said:

      That’s so true, Pepp. And I just can’t fathom how even the liberals can let this happen in the country they live in. What do they possibly hope to gain by it ?
      It beats all I’ve ever seen.


      • Terry, I have no idea why liberals are for bringing in more Muslims and defending them all the time. it makes no sense. I think they think if they placate them, they won’t get hurt by any radical Muslims. They’ve got a big surprise coming once an attack happens. These barbarians aren’t going to ask who is a liberal or who is on the right before they chop heads off. And these liberals seem to put themselves in danger and their families with this attitude. I can’t figure it out.


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