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The people causing violence at Trump rallies have been around for a very long time. Their real purpose is not to peacefully protest but to shut down free speech of others with whom they do not agree. They hide behind the 1A but in reality they have no respect for it.

These are the very same people who are bused in and paid to cause chaos and mayhem. It is their only job I suspect. Otherwise they would be at their jobs working with no time for this.

These groups are the same ones who occupy Wall Street, burn down businesses in Ferguson. They are the same ones who lead protests shouting, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? NOW?” They are the same people who defecate on our flag, stomp on it and burn it.

So now they protest Trump because they don’t want and don’t like Trump’s message to bring our country back and away from these very same people.

They get away with this violence because cops are so downtrodden with no one having their backs starting at the top with Obama. He never defends the police and gives the protesters the idea it’s A-OK what they do. Strong words from him could stop this. But that won’t happen because Obama is a community activist who follows the rules of Alinsky.

Trump promises to have the cops back. That means there would be a crackdown on these anarchists. Cops would not be afraid to stop them and use force if necessary. Right now, the cops are scared to do anything for fear of being indicted over some slight.

These anarchists hate America. They are the BLM, the Communists among us, the new black panther group, Bernie Sanders people. moveon.org.

So how does this get blamed on Trump?  He is not responsible for these anarchists who have been around for a long time. He didn’t ask for this violence. His message at his rallies is one of hope for all the forgotten, “little” people of us out here in fly over country who no one cares about.

Trump attracts us with his strength and courage. Vets love him because they are forgotten too. Trump speaks for those of us who are the silent majority.

Those people who do not love America hate Trump and that is the bottom line. The anarchists are to blame for any violence, not Trump. To the media: Just deal with it and get over yourselves.


Comments on: "Media: Let’s Blame Trump" (27)

  1. Crediting Trump in any way, shape or form is like blaming the builders of and workers who died in the twin towers for the 911 jihadists.


  2. Of course Trump is the cause of all of this.
    HE is the one holding rallies that attracts 10s of thousands of peaceful people who want to hear his cursed message of hope for Our Country, If he would just go away, this violence could be passed on to the next candidate who loves America. If there is one.


    • Terry, LOL! You are exactly right. If Cruz starts to win, he will face the very same crowd of malcontents who will hate his message more than Trump’s since he is so extreme.


  3. Gar Swaffar said:

    I’m not certain Trump has a plan to go with all of his speechifying, I am certain however that he is a better manager of people and large scale issues than anyone one else running (including Ted Cruz who I kinda like) by several orders of magnitude.
    Trump may not know how to solve every problem, but he does know how to hire (and fire) people who can do the job or they can hit the road.


    • My exact thoughts too, Gar. Except for the kinda liking Cruz. He makes me ill.


      • Gar, I think Trump will surround himself with the best people available to advise him. He can’t do everything he’s promised but I think he is a good manager too. I like that he is a business man who could run this country like a business which we need very much right now. I think he is a good manager of people and from what I’ve seen they are very competent which is something we need too. As for Cruz, he sickens me.


        • Pep & Terry: There are a few issues I have with Ted Cruz, mostly having to do with being a politician which means being willing and able to try to please everyone with some sort of mollifying comment. However, his understanding of the Constitution I would credit with being on a par with being one of the best currently living.

          Beyond that, having heard his dad speak several years ago at my church, I think I understand how Ted gets to the point of being so ardently anti-commie and pro Christian. I will admit to not being overly concerned about his theological stance since it would be difficult for a Constitutionalist to impose a theocratic belief system on the nation as a whole.

          At the end of the day though Anything or anyone except Hitlerry or Bernie will get my vote. I will even take a page out of the Democrat history book and suggest I would vote for a Yellow Dog before I vote for a Democrat.



          • Gar,

            I think Rand Paul and Mike Lee are better Constitutionalists than Ted Cruz. When he blamed Trump for the violence that happened at one of his rallies that did it for me. He should have supported Trump’s right to hold a rally with free speech instead of criticizing him. That is not a Constitutional statement on his part. I think he’s a phony and his ego is out of control as far as I’m concerned.

            If you listen to some of the videos about Cruz and his father it’s scary how they want to bring money in after his election for his church. What on earth is that is what I wonder. And where will this money come from I ask myself.

            I also question Cruz’s accomplishments. What are they exactly and when has he led anything? The only thing he is known for is his filibuster in the Senate which got his name known.

            When he speaks he doesn’t address a lot of problems I’m interested in getting solved. He shows very little empathy for those of us in trouble and those who are without jobs. He never says how he’s going to make it better for businesses to create jobs. I’ve listened closely and he avoids the question put to him.

            Here is coal country we have a lot of people unemployed and he has never stepped foot in here to address this problem yet he got a lot of votes, but did not beat Trump who did come here and addressed the coal miners problems.

            I also don’t think he can win the general election either. He is not going to draw in the Indie and the Dems who feel their party has gone too far to the left

            Like you however I’ll probably vote for him if he becomes the front runner with more delegates than Trump. I would have to hold my nose and bring my puke bucket however. If he becomes the nominee even though he did not get as many delegates as Trump and it gets stolen from Trump I would have to think long and hard before voting for him because as far as I’m concerned the race for president is lost already. I have no confidence he could beat Hillary.

            So far he has not been touched and not been vetted because he’s in the shadow of Trump. He gets to hide and if he goes up against Hillary she will have all the dirt on him which she will attack him over. He would crumble IMHO because he’s never had to take the criticism Trump has taken. He’d be on the offensive mostly.

            I’m already at the point where I will accept whatever happens because as we have seen the RNC and the committees are going to choose the nominee which won’t be what the people have chosen. So many people are so angry at the establishment already and if they do that millions of people will stay home and not vote. Sad but true


      • Terry Cruz makes me ill too and from what I’ve read about him he wants to lead this country more like a theocracy than a president. Not what this country needs. We don’t need Mullahs as president.


  4. Excellent essay. I see them as 1-A offenders. And now I see no difference between their organizers and activists and the rest of the anti-American zealots. They sure have been around for a while. They keep organizing, recruiting and teaching others the fine arts. Then they hold the rest of us hostage to their agenda. But if it were not profittable and beneficial, it would just be marginalized to the sidelines.


    • Hi Bull, thank you.

      Good description of these protesters as 1-A offenders. Spot on!

      You are exactly right. They are anti-American zealots and pass it on to the younger crowds under the influence of many different places and people. Our public schools are liberal agenda propagation zones to start. Then these older agitators recruit them to do exactly what they have been doing for so long. Problem is it’s gotten so much worse now.

      it must be profitable and I think that profit is bringing America down and our rights under the Constitution. It’s become so dangerous now to even speak one’s mind. They don’t just protest they cause violence if you speak out. Pretty scary people.


  5. Great post Pepp. You bring up a great point that these haters of our country’s laws and constitution didn’t just show up today. Trump did not create them and as you point out they’ve been around a long time.

    Trump must be doing something right to have these haters of our country so pissed off!


    • Thanks Dave. No these people have been around for a long time. For me I started to see them in the 70s but I’m sure the commies have been here forever trying to take us down. They are desperate now. They’ve come so far and they don’t want to see their gains in undermining our country lost.

      That’s right Trump did NOT create these people. Oh yeah Trump is a horrible threat to them. He’s the only one standing up for the things they’re doing to bring us down. So of course they are pissed off. More like in a rage.


  6. willibeaux said:

    Yo Pepp! Great post. I like Trump because he is creating havoc for the Republican elites. The riots in Baltimore involved the same @zzwholes who were at Ferguson and other riots.
    It’s maybe time to play cowboys and protesters and cowboys and muzzies.

    Oohrah!! 🙂

    Glad to see you (the ‘rave) back in the loop.


    • Hi Willibeaux, Good to see you here. I like that Trump is causing problems for the elites too. They are so desperate now to hold onto their gravy train that he won’t put up with. It’s all about the money. The elites are all corrupt, do not give a damn about us, only what they can gain from their lobbyists and special interests groups.

      Oh yeah the same people who are causing so much trouble for Trump are the same ones who burned down Ferguson.

      Cowboys and protesters. LOL! Is the SPOOK coming out?

      OoRah! 😀


      • willibeaux said:

        Pepp! The SPOOK and his uger lagers are ready to lead the charge when the bugle sounds.

        oohrah!! 🙂

        PS: BTW! I have a new found cousin who was a spook for the NSA.


        • I’m glad to hear that. We’re going to need the SPOOK soon and those ugger lager dogs. The SPOOK should be leading the charge since he’s so good at this.

          Wow, a cousin was actually a SPOOK. We can learn a lot from him for our charge to independence.

          OoRah! 😀


  7. Hey Pepp, and all other Trumpies, you should visit the ‘Pesky Truth’ blog (located in Pepp’s Blog Roll list on the side).
    Garnet and Kathy from N&F, after not being able to take the heat from Cruz haters (basically me), have set up a major Trash Trump site, while drooling all over Golden Boy Cruz. They are joined there by a couple more N&F Texans who are also Cruzbots, and just having a grand old time in their little unopposed circle jerk. But, that’s the ONLY readers they have.

    Any comment from me over there would be deleted immediately. I’m not real popular with Texans for some reason.


    • LOL! Terry!

      The last time I visited there they were all worshiping at the altar of Cruz and Trump was Satan.

      “a major Trash Trump site” site. That’s hilarious. Oh boy more Texans. I swear these Texans are mostly nuts from what I see on Twitter.

      I was attacked ferociously by Cruzbots this past weekend who came swooping down on me while I was talking to a number of pro Trump people. I have no idea what is their problem to just attack people out of nowhere. Those of us who are pro Trump never do that to them. And these people call themselves Christians.

      We were not even talking about Cruz so why the attacks I wonder. They just butt in on our conversations with these ferocious attacks.

      One of my friends, Kim, told me she got called the “C” word by a Cruzbot. Unbelievable! What kind of Christian is that???

      Well Garnet and the other Cruzbots did it to themselves to be so blind and not open to anyone else’s choices or hearing anything about Cruz that doesn’t fit their blind opinion of him and the dirty things he’s done.

      Oh I wouldn’t go there if I were you. Such dangerous waters! 🙂


      • I know what you mean. I haven’t been attacked so viciously by anyone that wasn’t an obama sheeple. Cruz is a mean spirited asshole, so I guess his followers want to be like him.

        Another Cruzbot just resigned from N&F. 3 down and 1 to go. It has actually been pleasant around there lately. Lots of Trumpers coming back.


        • It’s awful isn’t Terry? To be attacked by those of our own, conservatives? I just don’t understand their viciousness and cruelty. It’s beyond and over the top.

          Those are my thoughts too that Cruz is mean and their followers follow suit. You can see the man’s character just fall apart from the dream some people thought of him ,as the god like next Reagan. But he’s really none of that, but a liar, cheat, and dirty tricks man. All my respect I ever had of him has fallen away.

          Oh really, another nasty Cruzbot left? Wow, I guess they just have to make their own group so they can keep harping and telling lies blinded at the altar of Cruz/god. You know what the Bible says about worshiping false idols.

          I may very well have to take a visit to N&F if it’s become that safe.


  8. Pepp, I just left this comment at N&F, replying to a post Hardnox made concerning all of the mudslinging going on, and in particular, the pitiful attempt at getting to Trump by showing a magazine covershot of Melania Trump from years ago.

    But it also is appropriate for this post of yours :

    Isn’t it funny that when something questionable occurs in the Trump campaign, Cruz and his followers are the 1st to say the buck stops with Trump.
    But, after all of the unscrupulous tactics Cruz has pulled, he and his supporters always say they had no knowledge of what was happening ?

    So,here we go again. Adding to his previous slimy campaign tactics, seems Golden Boy Cruz had some help from Soros in his big Utah “win”

    And we thought the last presidential election was bad with voter fraud, corrupt/rigged voting machines and votes not being counted.
    Is there any lingering doubts now about the Democommies and the GOPe being in the same bed and playing on the same team?

    “Right now Cruz is confident he will will with over 50 percent of the state,” wrote Breitbart reader PB on SUNDAY. “Nothing is going to make me believe this new venture is on the up and up! … Someone is telling Cruz he’s got it made. He’s gonna win. We should all be questioning that!”



    And, no doubt, Cruz will disavow knowledge of it all.


    Also, things just got real interesting over at N&F, as Cruz took a beatdown from commentors, which caused the last Texas Cruzbot author to resign ! She couldn’t believe that just a couple of weeks ago the CruzControlled Trump bashers were having their way with their hateful posts and comments, and now the tide has turned.
    I’m proud I sorta had a hand in all of that. 4/4 are now gone.
    You can read the comments here, and watch as CW melts down. I love it.



  9. Terry, Bull and I were talking about this same thing last night. Yes, everything that happens is always Trump to blame, while the golden boy Cruz “never had anything to do with it”. He reminds me of Obama. All kinds of scandals swirled around him, but he “never knows about them until he reads the newspapers”.

    Cruz should have condemned the picture of Melania but he did nothing and said nothing. Even though it was a PAC he could have told them to knock it off and take the picture down. But, no, he knew it would help him in Utah, so he said nothing.

    Then when Trump posts a pic of Melania and Heidi, Cruz comes out swinging acting like he’s the victim.

    Great comment you made Terry and I can’t wait to go to the link to see CW melt down. She attacked me on a thread about Trump some time back. I knew then to avoid her.

    I will read those other links too. I think something is up also about Cruz and suddenly every news outlet is saying he’s going to win.

    Bull and I talked about how it keeps being said that Trump has a ceiling of 40% and he can’t break that ceiling, but then he did. But when they talk about Cruz nothing is ever said about how his ceiling seemed to be around 21 to 24% except in 2 states. Utah with 70% and another one at 66% but I can’t recall the state.

    What Bull and I were saying was how can Cruz beat Trump in the North East and eastern coastal states. He can’t. but all the media is saying Cruz will even take New York. How absurd that is! After he insulted New Yorkers several times. Also pundits are saying Cruz will get all those Indies and Dems Trump pulled in. WTH? There is no way they would vote for Cruz. He’s too extreme for them and I’ve talked to quite a few of these people on Twitter. Never Cruz is what they say and they think he’s dangerous.

    Everything is Cruz, Cruz, on and on. He’s got his face all over the place lately every doggone day. I have to turn the news off to maintain my sanity and not listen to that ass. And his chest is all puffed out and his ego is going wild. You can see it in him. He reminds me so much of Obama hailing himself a King

    Now I’m going to read that delicious link at Nox first, then the others.


  10. Terry, wow. That article about the ballots is unbelievable. Sound to me that the whole caucus was rigged in Cruz’s favor. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out Cheating again which seems to happen quite often in these caucuses where Cruz always seems to win.

    And then the other one with George Soros. That shows how much they fear Trump. The left knows Cruz can’t win against Hillary. But I believe Trump could even though there are rigged polls now that say he can’t. I don’t believe that for one moment.

    Your comments on the Nox article were outstanding. It seems there is still one Texan on there who called you a Trumptard, very last comment. You might want to go back and jump him.

    Another thing is this. Cruz hasn’t beat Trump in most states so how I ask is the going to beat Hillary.

    I blame this feud between Cruz and Trump on Cruz. He started it by not demanding the pics of Melania to be taken down. And just because these pics were so called out there, that doesn’t make it right to run them in Utah. Cruz benefited from this big time.


    • Terry Bishop said:

      Soros has reportedly donated $700,000 to Kasich to help stop Trump, and as slimy as Cruz is, I don’t doubt he got a few bucks also. The left AND the right are pulling out all the stops in an effort to keep their boats from getting rocked. It’s purely disgusting.

      Oh yeah, Crawfish, the other Texas Cruzbot at N&F. I hadn’t really counted him as he had been relatively quiet while letting the others fight the battle ( a Cruz trait). That post was really the 1st time he had jumped in and gotten as vile as the others. I guess he was panicking because all the others had jumped ship. But just like the rest, he got nasty in a hurry.
      Unfortunately ( or maybe not ), ‘Nox closed the comments after the asshole called me an idiot in his last comment. I had a nifty reply ready for him. But I had sat on it all day, contemplating whether or not to continue a useless cause, and after ‘Nox had called for peace more than once. He has been more than fair to both sides, but I think he is really starting to see what Cruz really is.

      I had barely gotten the stench off of me from being in the sewer with the other assholes, and I didn’t really want to go there again. But ‘Nox made up my mind for me by shutting it down.

      Hopefully, Crawfish will scurry along with the rest of the Texas scumbags. He rarely contributed anything anyway, so no loss to Hardnox.


      • Yeah I read that about Soros and I do think he gave to the Cruz campaign too. Giving that money to Kasich and Cruz says an awful lot about both men and it’s not good.

        I was kind of shocked about Craw’s comments after you told me Nox had called for peace. So he jumps over the boundaries once again and gets nasty. Good grief I thought Nox had gotten rid of all those Texans.

        I guess it’s best Nox closed off the comments so you didn’t have to answer. These Cruzbots always come back with more anyway. Then you have to fight more. On Twitter I’ve decided I’m now going to ignore them. They are so nasty and just swoop down on ya and they never quit with the insults even when you ignore them they make more tweets at you. So I’m either going to ignore them or block them from now on. It’s just one nasty and mean comment one after another all the time. And no matter how civil you try to be they go into the sewer.


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