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What Makes a Good Friend

We often hear people ask “why am I hare” or “what purpose is my life”.

I want to talk about what makes us a good friend today.

My list is like this:

  • Friends share some of the same interests and/or hobbies.
  • They are willing to actually listen to you and you return that favor. It’s not a one way street.
  • Friends are capable of being empathetic with you. This does not mean pity, but the ability to put themselves in your shoes and understand your emotions.
  • Friends accept one another for who they are.
  • You cannot control another person and how they feel about something, so friends never try to control you.
  • If you are making an attempt to try something different, friends don’t try to tell you what to do even if they think it’s stupid. Unless of course it would be something criminal.
  • Friends don’t care how you look. They accept your flaws
  • When bad things happen to you your friends don’t disappear out of your life but stick with you.
  • Friends don’t criticize you behind your back.
  • Friends may disagree with one another, but remain friends even if it is a hot button issue.
  • Friends respect you and hold you in esteem.
  • Friends don’t criticize you and make you feel bad about yourself.
  • Friends allow you to maintain your dignity.
  • Friends are kind to you
  • Friends, good ones, uplift you with their love and prayers

Readers of this list may have more input on what makes a good friend. Please feel free to add to the list if you want.

We don’t have many good friends in this life. In fact you are very blessed if you one good friend, and blessed even more if you have more than one.

It is important in our lives to remove the people in our lives who are toxic to us. These people just drag us down and drain us. None of us needs that.

God bless to all my friends. I appreciate you.

Good day 19





Comments on: "What Makes a Good Friend" (14)

  1. Bob Roller said:

    A real friend trusts you and you can trust him or her completely. One pretty widow told me years ago I was the only one of the late husband’s friends she wasn’t afraid to be alone with.
    Another man told me that I was one of two people who never tried to cheat him or steal from him.I am coming to my 80th birthday on Easter Sunday and I am too old now to steal from anyone and wouldn’t even if I could. The widow has breast cancer and needs the prayers of all who believe in the power they have.


    • Good morning Bob. It’s so nice to see you here.

      Yes trust is very important.Without it there is no friendship or no good marriage.

      I’m glad you told your story. It’s such a nice one that the lady could feel she could trust you and not be afraid to be alone with you. That says a lot about your character plus the other things about not ever cheating, or stealing from someone else.

      Ha ha, yeah I know what you mean about being 80 what is there to steal. Most of us older folks don’t even care about material things any longer.

      And Happy Birthday to you a bit early. Hope you have a great one!

      I will say prayers for you widow friend with breast cancer. I’m so sorry to hear that.


  2. OMG Pepper, Thank you for this today. You’ve made me a friend for some time now – this is
    the frosting on the cake.
    May I share my ‘friend’ story. My husband had just walked out on me and our four children when my phone rang. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, preferring to wallow in my misery and
    wale WHY?? Within the hour a knock at the door came and a dear friend handed me a scroll
    she had hastily written to me. She held me and said you are safe with me. She wrote:

    Dearest Maggie,
    Do you know what it means, to have ever known a friend? Thank God for sending someone
    with whom you don’t pretend…
    Someone who knows your naked soul with all your good.. and bad.. To celebrate when life goes well and listen when you’re sad…
    This earthly time allotted each of us has a reason.. And loving and caring for human hearts
    is never out of season…
    Our time on earth is like a flash and faster than we know the lovely blooms of springtime have changed to glistening snow…
    Changes occur like a summer storm in the twinkling of an eye.. The reflections of a yesterday
    become the years gone by…If you forgive.. and I forgive.. all who’ve done us ill and also ask
    forgiveness from those we’ve hurt at will..
    Then hardened hearts will soften.. frozen eyes no longer be blind.. for our purpose on this earth is above all to be kind….
    You can’t take back a curt remark that you said to someone lonely…the friendly smile you
    might have gave could be their one and only…
    So lend your hand.. and share your smiles and walk a ways with me.. there’s nothing here that God can’t solve in his vast eternity…
    So reach out to that stranger, he’s a friend in the world’s disguise…You’ll recognize your
    brother by looking in his eyes…
    Please stop.. and look.. and listen, it’s a time we must afford
    For the stranger we pass by this day Could be our Blessed Lord.

    I hope you enjoyed this Pepper. It was written by Kathleen Burns, dec’d

    My husband died 15 years ago. Kathleen was my daughter in law. We were friends for

    I dearly love reading all your posts Pepper. I truly fear for our beloved country. You provide me with a bright light in the wilderness for which I will be forever grateful.


    Hugs and blessings,

    Maggie Peterson


    • Maggie,that is a beautiful story you told and thank you for sharing it with us. And i must say the scroll was so awesome to say the least.

      Thank you for giving me a gift too, of coming here and commenting. I feel so appreciated by you.

      Hugs and love to you too!


  3. Gar Swaffar said:

    Well said!


  4. Wonderful post Pepp and I totaly agree with all your points. A good friend is very rare and I’m exceptionally blessed to have my mine. Of course you are one of them!


  5. What a great post. I think you said it all. I can’t think of anything to add. Well written.


  6. Hi Dave, thank you. And I’m blessed to have you as my special friend too. What would I do without you?????


  7. Just Gene said:

    Happy to consider you a friend – if friends were cookies, you would be our chocolate chip.


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