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After Cruz appeared at Swanson’s event, which also featured literature calling for the death penalty for gay people, his campaign defended the appearance and deflected questions as to why the senator and presidential candidate appeared alongside Swanson, who had already called for the execution of gay people, among other extremist statements, several times well before the conference.

Kevin Swanson, the pastor courted by Ted Cruz who has repeatedly called for the execution of gay people, including just minutes before speaking with Cruz at an event last November in Iowa, dedicated a radio program last week to attacking the Girl Scouts for supporting women’s and LGBT rights, saying that the group’s leaders are worthy of death.

No Independent or Democrat who decided to vote for Trump, will ever vote for Cruz because of his extreme positions. I have talked with many democrats and Independents who are going to vote for Trump but tell me they could never support Cruz.

Is this not what the Republican party said so many times, “we want a big tent”, but when it’s offered to them by Trump, they don’t want it. On NewsmaxTV, Tom DeLay said, “we don’t want those kind of people”. How does he even know who these “kinds of people are”? What right does he have to judge those who are trying to move over into the Republican party?

Cruz and this minister are closely aligned. I don’t know what to think of this except calling for the death of Girl Scout Leaders is so extreme it’s hard to believe. This is what Muslims do.

Whether you approve or disapprove the concept of homosexuality. calling for the death of someone is not what God wants. If God wants to kill off homosexuals, that is His call, not the right of any of us to take this into our hands. I think it is called murder.





Comments on: "Cruz and Crazy Minister Aligned" (9)

  1. But Pepp, he has proven he attracts people from all swaths and welcomes them with open arms. (sorry my sarcasm surged) Of course I wouldn’t doubt by now they support lynching Trump supporters. I mean it’s one way to deal with the political problem.


    • Media are silent, probably busy searching Trump and KKK’s connections.


    • Good sarc Bull. Of course they support lynching Trump supporters, we’re all crazy you know and need to be put down.

      Oh sure the media is still going on about Trump and the KKK. And that he was “calling for riots”. Such idiocy these news outlets engage in.

      If Cruz starts beating Trump, wait and see how he is going to get fried. They just don’t think he has a chance and they are not afraid of him as yet.


  2. So Cruz was for appearing at Swanson’s event before he was against it. Funny how much more shit stinks when in the light. Of course the Cruzbots will say the entire story is a lie made up by Trump! Dumb asses.

    I think you’re right Pepp this being another example of Cruz can’t pull in Dems or Indepens to vote for him.


    • Cruz reminds me of John Kerry, “I voted for it before I voted against it”. DUH!

      Right the Cruzbots will never believe any of this even though it’s right there on video for them to see. Dumb asses is right.

      Cruz can never pull in these people who Trump has pulled in. Not in a million years if this stuff comes out on the media chain. They will run like hell from him. Even some conservatives will run like hell. This is too extreme for me.


  3. Swanson is wrong in his beliefs.
    The death penalty should include the gay Boy Scout leaders also.


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