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Instant Justice for Cruz

ted cruz


While Ted Cruz claims to be the most Constitutional candidate running for election he made a huge mistake when he would not stand up for the First Amendment.

A huge supporter of his, Jan Morgan, withdrew her support from him after he blamed Trump for the violence in Chicago.

“I have officially withdrawn my endorsement and support for Ted Cruz,” she wrote on Facebook. “His decision to blame Trump for the violence and actions of paid, liberal thugs/ protesters (sic) in Chicago is unconscionable.” Jan Morgan

His money comes from the oil cartel so he’s not about to run out of money any time soon. I actually saw one of these oil CEOs on NewsmaxTV who supports Cruz and said all his peers in oil support him. So Cruz will be beholden to the oil cartel.
His deceit in not owning up to what he did to Ben Carson in Iowa had me flabbergasted with his dirty, cheating tricks. And there was the illegal act he did in Iowa by hanging cards on people’s door knobs telling them they would be exposed if they didn’t vote. In Iowa this is illegal, but I heard him tell a group of people he was speaking to that he would do it over again.
Ted Cruz is also a globalist. His wife is/was on the board of the CFR, not to mention all the contact she has had with Goldman Sachs, having worked for them and coincidentally Cruz got a large sum of money from them.  Will he be beholding to them too?
The bottom line is this man, Cruz, is a lying, deceitful person who will go to any lengths to win. But, I’ve got news for him. He is not going to win. Too many people’s eyes are being opened to his deceptions.
Then there is the other little tidbit that if he were to win the nomination the elites don’t want him as much as Trump. I guess his ego is so bloated he forgot that part.

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  1. Points well taken re: Cruz. Let me be an equal opportunity offender. When Donald J. Trump
    learns to speak above the fifth grade level I will happily consider him for high office. Until then I suggest he take some courses at Trump University. Listen to a Ted Cruz speech again
    and you will understand what I mean. Maggie


  2. Hi Maggie, so glad to see you. Your point is well taken. Thank you for coming by. It’s been a long time.


  3. I don’t understand any of this I’m afraid it’s way above my head.


  4. Great post, Pepp. Love the picture!
    And congratulations to Jan Morgan for seeing the light ! Hallelujah !

    When Constitution Cruznocchio (I LIKE THAT !) took the side of the protesters and blamed Trump for the violence, he showed just how constitutional he is. What a fraud.

    Another of his low-down tactics was when his staffer posted the video of Rubio telling another staffer who was reading the Bible as he walked by that “ALL of the answers are in there”
    Cruz’s dupe substituted his words to say “NONE of the answers are in there”, and then falsely questioned Rubio’s faith. Now that is snake-belly low.


    • Thanks Terry. Yeah I love that picture too.

      Yeah a lot of people are starting to open their eyes but many are not.

      Hee, hee that is funny isn’t “Constitution Cruznnoccio? I agree he is a fraud of the worst kind.

      Oh yeah I remember that dirty trick he pulled on Rubio. Thanks for including it in my list of “scum” from this man.

      Snake belly low, LOL! Love that one!


  5. Another endorsement bailout. Easy come easy go! For a guy who claims to stand on the first amendment he looked awful week.

    BTW, his wife has worked years on making Ted presentable. Some of us don’t think she was very successful.


  6. Gotta say I agree with you all. I’m very disappointed in Cruz; I had high hopes for him when he first came on the scene.

    I was trying to find a way to forgive the dirty tricks by telling myself that politics ain’t beanbag, but that First Amendment bailout was the last straw.

    As far as Trump and his limited vocabulary are concerned: meh. We’ve been listening to practiced and scripted politicians for years now; how has that worked out?

    At this point I’m willing to roll the dice.


    • Paulie, I think we all had high hopes for Cruz when he first came on the scene. I know I surely did. He had been my #1 choice for POTUS for quite a while, and at the same time I couldn’t take Trump seriously at all.

      But as I watched and learned from all the candidates, I saw the Golden Boy image of Cruz becoming quite tarnished, with his lies, underhanded campaign dealings, and his pure mean spirit. It seems few people who know him and have worked with him, actually like him.
      Now he is crawling with the worms again with his claims of Trump making his fortune through the mob. He is desperate and willing to sling anything he can out, with the hopes that people will take it at face value and not bother to check out the truth of his allegations. I think he would make a perfect candidate….for THE LEFT !

      On the other hand, I have also watched Trump closely. Other than his candidate foes, the GOP establishment and their supporters, the libs, and the CruzControlled, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who speaks badly of him. His employees and friends speak of him with the highest regard, and all say he is of the highest integrity.

      I went to his rally in my town and had a fantastic, uplifting time. I have watched many of his rally videos from other towns, and I can listen to them, start to finish, w/o getting bored in the least. I don’t find him speaking at a 5th grade level, but speaking to people as one of them.
      I truly believe he is doing all of this from his heart and soul, and for his love of Our Country.
      He will surround himself with the best cabinet and advisers, just as he has done in business. What he don’t know, he will be willing to learn, and is intelligent enough to make the right decisions.

      I don’t find him to be a “bully” as his foes claim, rather I find him to be tired of the destruction of the greatest country ever, just as we all are.


      • Terry, excellent comment. I feel the same way. I can watch his rallies all the way through and never feel bored. I feel uplifted when he speaks. I too think he will surround himself with the best people he knows for the job.

        Lucky you getting to see him live at a rally. I bet it was great!


    • Hi Paulie, so Good to see you here!

      I too had high hopes for Cruz when he first started out, but, like you after him not supporting the first Amendment, that was about the last straw for me too. I didn’t like the dirty tricks he was doing and it really bothered me from someone who holds himself in such high esteem. But blaming Trump for that protest in Chicago was the last straw for me to respect him at all.

      Like you Paulie, I’m willing to roll the dice too this time. What have we ever gotten from these politicians anyway. The same old stuff. Doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity. I’m willing to try something else this time.


      • At the very least, it will certainly be an interesting 4 years (or more) !!

        And yeah, Pepp, the rally here was great. No protests. Just happy, enthusiastic supporters full of hope.


        • I’m so jealous you got to go to one of his rallies. Maybe he’ll come to Lexington and Dave and I can go together. Your take on the rallies is what I get to when I watch one.


  7. Jodie.V's.Pearls said:

    I have certainly wondered about his character. I will say at this point I don’t have any hope for any of them.


  8. Good for Morgan. Cruz cares about our constitution when it serves his purpose. He opposes it when it serves his purpose. Hmm, reminds me of Obama’s style.

    Cruz just keeps spreading more slime around. Those idiot Cruzbots can slip in it all they want, but I’m staying the hell away from it.


  9. Maybe you and your readers might enjoy Cruznocchio’s new campaign video :


  10. LOL! Come to think of it, it may very well be real. He is a dork.


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