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After Trump had to cancel his Chicago rally, the whole episode was blamed on him.

Never mind that it was the anarchists of the left, moveon.org. BLM, Bernie Sanders supporters, Bill Ayers, and all the other discontents in our country who hate America were the ones who caused the chaos and violence.

What happened next. All three candidates, Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich used the talking points of the left to condemn Trump for the actions of these leftists anarchists whose only reason to live is to cause as much trouble as possible.

How scandalous is that? Whether you like Trump or not, the right should be standing up for free speech and the right for those who want to hear Trump speak. But no, not one of them stood for liberty.

Cruz’s Facebook account was filled with supporters running from him. They woke up to the fact that Cruz is not honest and is he really a Constitutional person as he says he is.

All I can say is he lost a lot of people over what he had to say about Trump, blaming the victim. This should scare the hell out of any woman who has ever been raped. Is that not what his comments implied? Can he be trusted. I don’t think so.

As a woman I could never support this man who blames victims instead of putting the blame where it belongs, on the actions of a well planned, funded, organized violent protest against Trump.


Comments on: "The Right Using the Left’s Talking Points?!" (64)

  1. Excellent. Spot on, Pepp. It seems to be ramping up too. Except the dupes and our candidates are the only ones who don’t see it. Are they blinded by politics or willfully ignorant?

    Exactly, it is the reason for their existence. Shutting down speech is their means.


    • Thanks Bull. Oh yeah it’s ramping up all right and it will continue no matter who the front runner is.

      I think the other candidates were willfully ignorant wanting another reason they could criticize Trump. Anybody who believes in free speech should be outraged over these other 3 candidates not being supportive of Trump.

      We all know who these organized, shut down free speech are. There is no reason for the other candidates not to know. If they don’t then they are incompetent to say the least.


      • Professionals. I hear the one who rushed the stage was the son of a mother who was a professional agitator. It’s a freaking business.


        • You are right Bull. These people are all professional agitators who hate America and what it stand for. I wish we could deport them all and send them to Cuba.

          For crying out loud, the Mother being a professional agitator and making her son one too is child abuse if you ask me


  2. BTW, Bull, Carly Fiorina was the only one to support Trump’s right to free speech even though she doesn’t like him. So bully for her!


    • Yeah, I even saw a black Democrat Rep saying it wasn’t fair to Trump. .


      • Well good for him to say that. And a black Democrat to boot.


        • It just goes to show you if someone is going to be honest about it, you sure can’t blame it all on Trump. I’m glad he still won, they won’t like that.

          Now if the Left wanted to run against Trump, like some people claim, they wouldn’t be so nasty.


          • I’m thinking there is no honesty on our side anymore. None of this violence is Trump’s fault. But none of the others will admit this is the left is responsible for all the violence.


          • No, there isn’t, And it shows the depth of politics today, that’s all they care about. Sickening they can’t defend free speech and condemn these tactics. What is the general going to be like with Hillary. Can you say ugly?


          • The depth of politics has sunk to a new low. it’s a scandal that so called candidates saying they are Constitutionals don’t defend the right to free speech. Now that is mostly Cruz who claims he lives by the Constitution. He’s a liar when he can’t defend Donald’s right to free speech and those who want to hear him talk. What about those people Cruz??

            I hate to see what the general is going to look like but if the elites put up Kasich it won’t be ugly because he won’t fight Hillary, but let her give all her talking points. What a nice general that would be. I can’t see him doing any better than Romney.


  3. Hi Pepper it is good to see a post from you.
    As you stated, weather you like Trump or not is not the issue. The issue as I see it, is all the corrupt crony capitalists are scared and they want defeat Trump. The establishment politicians are all puppets owned by big money. Billionaire Trump doesn’t need anyone’s help and that makes him huge threat. Trump can ruin everything for the bribed politicians. We all have wonder why obama hasn’t been impeached, the Congress talks a big game without taking any action, illegal executive order haven’t been challenged and why IRS officials Jarrett, Holder and Clinton aren’t behind bars. My guess is that the big bribe is putting money in the corrupt politicians pockets. Trump doesn’t play by any of these rules, he will break up this cozy relationship in big government. Trump is talking about all the right issues and ask the right questions and that is why he is so popular. Folks are tired of the same old politicians. All the rules and games are over if Trump wins the Presidency, but I fear they will kill Trump before they let him be president.


  4. Hi Walt, nice to see you too!

    I agree with everything you said. I always say “follow the money”. These politicians are afraid of one thing, being taken off their gravy trains and that is why they all hate Trump. That’s why I support him. I’d like to see, we the people, represented for a change and not the big lobbyists, special interests groups, etc.

    And like you said I too believe they are all in this together, commies and repukes alike. Just exactly what have they done for us lately? And why should we vote for the same old thing? We know what we get with these GOPe types. All broken promises over and over.


  5. “Why after almost eight years with America under the tyranny of Barack Obama do a Cruz, Rubio and Kasich out on the presidential campaign trail never bring up the term that is both skillfully and deliberately killing off America, the one Obama calls ‘The Fundamental Transformation of America?” Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press.


  6. Hi Pepp. Good post.
    Most of the reasons that this is all happening have been stated already by others. And none of it points back to Trump as the cause.

    It’s a deliberate hijacking of the will of We The People, and it is disgraceful.
    Happily, it appears to be blowing up in the faces of the pond scum responsible. I was at my precinct at opening time, along with many others here in my NW Florida town, and it was non-stop pro-Trump chatter in the line. There has also been a record setting amount of early voting here, and one can only deduce it was from formerly disheartened voters who can’t wait to see a new era in D.C. I am eagerly awaiting the closing of the polls and the results rolling in.

    I have been fighting a hard battle against the CruzControlled, who just can’t accept the fact that their golden boy ain’t all he is cracked up to be.

    I once was a big Cruzer also, but the more I checked him out, the more I didn’t like what I was seeing. He has the gall to place the blame for all of the rally violence on Trump, saying the buck stops at the top, when, after all of his underhandedness involving Carson and Rubio, he dismissed as ” errors in judgement” by his campaign staff. What a hypocrite.

    The American People won’t be fooled again. but I share the fear with Walt Wills…..it will be a miracle if Mr. Trump actually reaches the Oval Office, regardless of the will of We The People.


    • HI Terry, Good to see you!

      Wow! I’m so glad to hear about the pro Trump news in FLA. Just great. I agree that the GOPe has things blowing up in their faces. The more they fight the will of the people the worse it gets for them And I hope it gets handed to their money grabbing hands. I’m so sick of these pols doing nothing for us.

      As far as the Cruzbots as we call them on Twitter, they are some of the nastiest people I’ve ever run across. They are like liberals. They just swoop down and attack out of nowhere anyone supporting Trump. It’s unbelievable. They call us all kinds of names and every thing under the sun. Is this who Cruz attracts??

      They just get ignored for the most part because arguing with one of them is as bad as knocking your head up against a liberal. No reason, no insight, no research on Cruz which I’ve done as has Bull. What I found appalled me. There was a time I liked Cruz too but no more.

      And how is he going to win a general election. He’s too extreme and will not draw in Independents or the dems that Trump has.

      Isn’t funny that the Repukes always say they want a “big tent”, so Trump pulls them in and then they don’t want them. I heard DeLay say on NewsmaxTV the other night “we don’t want those kind of people”. What? “Those kind of people”? What a condescending remark to make. He doesn’t know who these people are.

      I share your fear too. I really think the GOPe would rather kill Trump than have him as the nominee who is going to cut off their money train.


      • 1st Florida results just in:
        And that’s in S. Fl and the eastern time zone, where Rubio was expected to do well ! Wait ’til they get up here in NW FL. & central time. We Bubbas have a BIG surprise for Rubio and Cruz.


      • Pepp, your comments about the ‘Cruzbots’ really hit home. I don’t know if you saw the war I was in with some of the N&F Cruzbots, but it got really nasty, and for the exact reasons you laid out. I had to go to HuffBlo to get some relative decency ! Now THAT is bad !


        • Terry, I kind of stayed away when I saw what was going on N&F. I get enough of that crap on Twitter from those hypocrite Cruzbots.

          OMG. LOL! You had to go to HuffPo to get some respect. Hilarious! 😀

          You know I pointed out to some Cruzbot woman that Cruz had cheated Ben Carson out of votes in Iowa. You know what she said. I could not believe it:

          “Well that’s because Carson is an ignorant, stupid person”. Blame the victim for crying out loud.

          Also she said, “so what that Cruz lied”.

          Wow, shocking crap!


          • Good Grief !
            I’m starting to believe that not all on the right are the intelligent, fair-minded, and level-headed people we have seen in the past. Shame.

            Come on back over to N&F for some visits. It’s a lot more pleasant now that certain CruzContrlled Texans are no longer there. 😀


        • I had seen it and thought some people have got it real bad. Nothing anyone tells them matters. I thought it was bad with Perry, he was another one with a compromised record. But we’ve gone to all time highs now.


  7. I’m starting to think that too. At least have respect for the choices of others even if you don’t agree with them. But that seems to have gone out the window. It is a shame.

    OK, I’ll come back over to read your posts. At least you’re reasonable and funny. 🙂 And if the nut jobs are gone that makes a big difference. It was looking like dangerous water over there. LOL!

    Did you hear Rubio’s concession speech? He acts like he was doing what he was sent to the Senate to do, but I had Floridians on Twitter warn me to never vote for him. They said “he betrayed them and he’ll betray us as President”. Well I never liked him anyway after the Gag of 8.


    • Thanks for the kind words, but you won’t read any posts from me at N&F. I retired from blogging some time back. I am known to strike up some heated comments though 😉

      And your friends in Florida were correct. I had met Rubio twice and contributed several times to his 2010 campaign. I thought he was an up and coming JFK for the Right. He immediately turned away from many of his promises to his followers, and especially with the Gang Of 8 crap. And not showing up to take care of business most of the time sure didn’t please anyone. I’m glad he’s out of the race, and that he blew his senate spot.


      • Oh no you stopped blogging? I liked your posts. Well where is it best to go then on there?

        I think everyone thought Rubio was going to be the up and coming shiny toy, but he sure disappointed us. And apparently those in FLA.

        I suspect his politics is over unless people want him for governor which I heard he wants to run for. Yuck. I doubt with is poor record nobody will go for that in FLA.

        Btw Trump is looking to win Illinois handily. But I’m sure you are following things. Too bad Trump didn’t get Ohio. Then this nominee election would be over.


        • ‘Nox is pretty much holding down the fort there, as the 2 that left were the biggest contributors of the posts. But he is doing a bang-up job, and being very fair and unbiased to all.

          Blessed B and Uriel are still contributing, and a new author “The Grunt Of Monte Cristo” is helping out, along with having his own blog site.
          ‘Nox is rebuilding, and it will be better than ever, I’m sure .


  8. The entire spectacle of the Right eating their own must allow Shittlary a decent nights sleep. And that spawn of Satan should never sleep well after her Benghazi crimes.


  9. The Spawn of Statan will always sleep well. She has no conscience as most sociopaths don’t.


  10. You made a great point with this article Pepp. All three blaming Trump sounds more like Bernie talking than Repubs. How conveniently they forget about our 1st amendment.

    We exist in an awful time period where it has become more and more p/c to blame others for one’s actions. Very little self-responsibility. I expect that from the looney left, but to hear Cruz, Rubio and Kasich do it IMO clearly illustrates one of the reasons why so many are just fed up with the current status quo.

    The pesky truth about Cruz is he’s a slime ball and his worshipers are idiots. 🙂


    • It is the same talking points of the left. That’s what is so disturbing about these other 3 candidates. They sure did forget about the first Amendment on purpose if you ask me.

      I don’t know how things got this way, but it seems like an awful lot of people don’t want or never learned a thing about personal responsibility. It’s my opinion that this has come from the left where anything goes and we have a completely lawless prez and SOS. When those who are inclined to have no conscience see this happening at the top, they feel they should be the same way. Aw, the sheeple.

      I so agree that the words of Rubio, Cruz and Kasich turned off a lot of people as they behave like the left in blaming Trump for the violence that happened in Chicago when it was clear who was behind this anarchy, the usual suspects funded by Soros, Ayers,etc.

      LOL! Your last comment is hilarious! ;-D


    • Hear Hear, Right On, and Amen Brother, Davetherave !!


  11. Hi Pepper, since Kasich won Ohio, it looks like it will be a brokered convention. I read a very disturbing article and it reported the Republican National Committee on the 2nd vote is going to push Bush. This country will never elect a 3rd Bush. I guess clintoon can serve from behind bars. The repuks are going to throw away another election. Their pockets will still be filled with all the corruption in DC
    I have to keep telling myself that God is in control and stay the heck away from all the news or I will end up on the funny farm.


    • Yes it looks like it’s coming to a brokered convention and it’s going to be the biggest blood bath ever.

      That indeed is a very disturbing article about the elites putting up Bush as the nominee. We all know nobody wants another Bush and certainly not the illegal loving Jeb.

      Here’s another awful tidbit. Apparently the elites who run the convention are changing the rules as they go along. The newest rule they put into place is that during the very first round of ballots, the delegates will not be beholding to Trump. Can you believe this stuff?

      Next rule, California has always been a winner take all state for the Republicans in their rules. Now they are going to change that to a not winner take all state.

      It gets worse all the time.

      I know what you mean about one’s sanity. It is becoming so clear that these people who run the convention are going to do anything they can to thwart the will of the people and that will be the end of the Republican party as we know it today. I’m not very sad about that since they are all so corrupt.


    • Even McConnell said he would rather have Killary than Trump. That way they can hold on to their cushy jobs for at least 4 more years, and probably forever, since their will be no recovery if she gets in office.
      If Trump is elected, business as usual won’t be the usual.


  12. Pepp, I don’t know wassup with my link to the ‘Trump Praise’ letter. On my screen, it is printed in its entirety, tho I only put up the link ? Go figure.
    I’ll try it again and see what happens.
    Can anyone else see it ?
    Here goes :


    • DAMN ! It displayed the entire article again. Which means you probably won’t see it again.
      Basically, it’s an article written by a lawyer named Peter Ticktin, who attended NY Military Acad., and was very good friends with Trump. He praises him for his character and honesty then and now, and that anyone who was in their class would agree.

      Oh well, moving on…. 😦


    • OK. No I can’t see it for some unknown reason. I’m glad to hear about this Peter Ticktin however and his opinion of Trump.


      • Now I’m seeing about 1/2 of the left side of the letter, but 1/2 is better than nothing at this point !
        If you can see his FB picture next to his name, you can click on it to go to his FB page, which is loaded with good Trump stuff.
        Whew. That was exhausting.


  13. Terry I will get on FB to read his stuff. I have the link. I thought I posted it for everyone but i don’t see it. WordPress is acting up I think.


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