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Not Forgotten

wall_reflectionThe Vietnam War Memorial, the Wall of Tears

I think of all wars our soldiers have fought, the Vietnam War was the forgotten one. Our military were treated abominably by some people when they came home from the war.

We know they were spit upon, called baby killers and other epithets I don’t wish to mention on this blog.

Out of the 22 suicides every day by Veterans, about 72% of veterans are at least 50. It is not surprising, then, that the VA found that people in this age group account for 69% of veteran suicides — or more than 15 of the 22 per day.

On this Veteran’s Day I wish to give our Vietnam Vets the thanks that they deserve for serving our country.

How many people even know what the biggest battles in the Vietnam were? We know about D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima,the taking of Baghdad, Ramadi, just to name a few.  But do we really know about any battles in Vietnam?

You can watch this video of one of our worst losses in Vietnam, the battle of Ong Thahn

And/or the following film done by the Marine Corp:

US Marines vs Vietcong in Vietnam “Contact (Ambush)” 1966 USMC

In Honor of my Brother Paul, USMC,

My Uncle Charlie, who died in Vietnam

nam wall 3


Comments on: "Not Forgotten" (13)

  1. Bob Roller said:

    I had a friend who is now deceased that was an MP Major in the U.S.Army and when he came back to the USA he landed in San Francisco. He was talking with another man when some idiot came up and flipped one of the medals on his uniform and then after asking how many babies he had to burn to win it he spat upon him. That brought about the loss of most of his front teeth in about two seconds. Two enlisted MP’s came over to see what was happening with the Major,took a quick look and saluted,told him to have a good day and they would handle the situation from there on in. The Major had just finished his second tour in VietNam and retired shortly after that episode with twenty years in.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for sharing your story about your friend, I’m glad the other guy lost most of his front teeth, He deserved it for treating your friend so horribly. All too often this happened to our Nam Vets. So shameful!

      Happy Veterans Day to you and God bless you too!


    • Yo Bob! Three cheers for the Major!!

      oohrah!!! 🙂


  2. Great post Pepp. God bless our veterians and I’m eternally grateful for their service and sacrifice.


  3. Susie owens said:

    Great post


  4. Great Post, Pepper.
    As I sit here, I think of the time I had in the military, during the Viet Nam Era, and the responsibility I had. Then, I think of the responsibility my Commanding Officers had, and I am beyond astounded, at the sanity they exhibited. And anyone who ever worked part-time at the NCO Club, or the Officer’s Club,,, well, let’s just say that those folks knew how to party~! They had to, for some of them didn’t come back. My best buddy growing up, who was my “mentor” was one of them. He never knew his daughter.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Thank you for your service. I know what you mean as my brother has many stories also. He lost his whole platoon while he was down with malaria and dysentery. He has survivor guilt, well at least he did back then.

      Thanks for sharing your story with us. I feel so sad your friend never got to see his daughter.


  5. So great of post and the videos. To all who selflessly served this country, hats off, my sincere gratitude. Good piece Pepp. 5stars.


  6. Thanks for this post, Pepp. I have so much love and respect for all military/veterans. Ray was in the Navy, but he was very fortunate – his 4 years was up just as the Viet Nam war got heated – all the guys were waiting for President Lyndon Johnson to make the announcement on whether the guys whose time was up would be able to go home or be shipped to Viet Nam – when Johnson made the announcement they could all go home, Ray said the room got very loud with cheering, yelling and clapping. I was very happy that he was able to come home as we had only been married a little over 2 months when he got notice that he would be leaving on a Med cruise..


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Donna,

      I didn’t know that story about Ray. I bet he was glad Johnson made his announcement. My brother had already served his time in Nam before that happened. But my husband at the time got called to be on alert to leave for Nam at anytime. But, like Ray, he never had to go. I didn’t think I could take another horrible 13mos as I did when my brother was away and then to think my husband would have to go too.


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