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The Thrill Is Gone

So Jeb Bush is tired of having other candidates attack him during this primary. What a shame! Now just how could anyone attack the ” supposed to be King” who thinks he deserves his turn as does Hillary. Jeb this is not a Monarchy even if you and Hill think so.

So what you’ve had your fights with Trump and Rubio and you want to cave? You have better things to do? Is this what we’d get if you were president? Hey, ISIS, do what you want, I’ve got better things to do? Waaaaaaaaay many cooler things to do!

Jef bushParaphrasing Bush, “I’ve got better things to do than be criticized. I’ve got cooler things to do”.

In that case Jeb, don’t you think it’s time to drop out of the race? Don’t you understand yet that how much money you spend and how many donors you’ve got the American people don’t want you?

Have you not gotten the message that we, the people, are sick of GOPe candidates?  Is is that clouded to you? It seems the people are making a pretty clear message. Are you deaf or tone deaf?

I can’t think of one person I know who supports Jeb Bush even though I do see some people at his rallies. Just who are these numb skulls anyway? I guess they are the ones who want to continue doing the same thing that always fails in the past; that is nominating a GOPe candidate who is sure to lose.

Seriously this brings into question Jeb’s qualifications to be president. We need a tough person to run this country. What will Jeb do when Putin criticizes him? Make a long distance call to Mommy and Daddy to get sympathy?

How will he deal with Democrats/Commies if he were to become president? Cry and then give into them so he’s liked? We’ve already seen that movie and we didn’t like it.

Jeb, we need a rough and tumble man who is willing to stand up to our enemies, punch Putin in the gut, be willing to kill ISIS, eliminate rogue government agencies such as the EPA for starters.

And if you were the nominee Jeb, how would you handle Hillary Clinton on the debate stage?  She’s got to be knocked down and with speed, passion and plenty of heat. She has a lot of scandals behind her and before her. We can’t have a nominee who is afraid to go after her and destroy her. Can you do that?

Memo to Jeb:  No phones are allowed on the debate stage to call Mommy and Daddy.



Comments on: "The Thrill Is Gone" (18)

  1. Jeb old Boy expected it to be handed to him

    So now for sure without any doubt Jeb is nothing more that a puppet who would sit in the chair and do what he is told


  2. The establishment elitists of the GOP are completely arrogant and out of touch. And they really seem to think we the people are stupid.
    They put LIndsay Grahamnesty, (and maybe Kasich), in the race thinking he would take some people from true conservatives.
    They are truly afraid of Trump, Carson and Cruz.
    I’d like someone to ask them why they are so against anyone who would actually honor their oath to defend and uphold the US Constitution.

    In the meantime, Jeb can go hang out with his super loving, more entrepreneurial, great family of illegals and let us alone.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi beachmom, sure is good to see you!

      Yes they are so out of touch and I don’t get it either that they think we are so stupid. We’ve been sending our message for months now that we don’t want their GOPe candidates and they don’t seem to get the message or they just don’t care. I tend to believe they don’t care what we think. Otherwise why keep pushing on us these GOPe candidates?

      And OMG, Lindsey Graham, of all people. His own state doesn’t like him all that much for bloody sake!

      That’s a good question about why they are against those who would uphold their oaths. I’d sure like to know the answer to that one.

      LOL! That’s a good one. Jeb hanging out with his super cool family of illegals or love of them. Good one. 😀


  3. willibeaux said:

    Hi Pepp! What concerns me is that Bush may end up being our nominee. Do we pull a Brianista caper and not vote for him? The Brianistas were indirectly responsible for zero’s victory and we sure as hell don’t want Broom Hilda as POTUS. I also shutter to think of hedonistic Willy roaming the White House looking for young female interns to hit on. Ugg!

    Some dilemma huh? 😦


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Beaux,

      No I won’t do a sit home, not vote thing. I’m not going to give her a chance to win this by a landslide. Although I’m sure many will stay home and not vote if it’s Jeb. So then we go really down the tubes probably forever.

      Look what sitting out the vote in 2008 gave us! The King of Destruction. I don’t want Hillary finishing off the job if she wins.

      Oh I’d hate to see Slick Willy back in the White House. Maybe he’ll be too busy over his “Foundation Work”.

      Yes it’s a dilemma alright.


  4. Oh so right, Pepp. You nailed that. He’s having a hissy? He ought to try being us…..being called names and talked to like kids from both Parties. Jeb wouldn’t want to switch. But he would never know anything about that.

    Exactly, if he is this pissed and offended now, how is he going to handle Hillary? (the ice cube) Oh, he isn’t and that is the problem. And we know Clinton and Bush’s have been schmoozing it up in backrooms for years. Newsflash Jeb, that nice campaign/election you want to run doesn’t exist.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Bull.

      Yes indeed he’s having a regular temper tantrum like some spoiled child. If he can’t take the heat then get outta the kitchen as the saying goes. He’s got to have that “man up” talk and it needs to be done by his Papa. And even that may not work.

      I doubt if he’ll be able to handle Hillary. She’s too quick and too smooth for him. To beat her we need a tough guy who’s not afraid of being called a woman hater for one thing.

      Yes there seems to be some kind of unholy alliance with the Bushs’ and the Clintons. Never did understand that one.

      When has there ever been a “nice” campaign. Jeb is living in a fantasy world. Besides that I think he just expected the nomination to be handed to him without much work.


  5. Bob Roller said:

    I think the Bush family has had its run and now it’s time to hang it up.
    “W”‘s idea of invading Iraq has caused a very unstable Muddled East
    with only a caliphate to show for it and ISIS is now supposedly in all 50
    of our states according to the FBI. Sodamm who’sInsane and Col.Looneytune
    Ghadaffy were devils but they weren’t ours and knew better than to provoke us.
    The politicians are a failed lot and I can’t see that Trump or Carson or Fiorina
    could be worse that the inexperienced Community DISorganizer we have now.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Bob,

      I think Jeb should hang it up. It looks to me that conservatives don’t want a dynasty unlike the Dem/Commie side who want Hillary.

      I’d like to see Trump be the nominee because he’s tough and would obliterate Hillary, but Carson is too mild and she’d eat him alive. Personally I don’t like Carly. She’s no Sarah Palin IMHO.


  6. If the established good ole boys want Bush, he will be the candidate.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Donna

      I sure hope you;re wrong but I do believe the GOPe will do all in their power to boost him.


  7. What’s the difference between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton?
    Trick question.


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