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storm clouds

When I wake in the morning I am almost too afraid to turn on the news. What will Obama, the Muslims or the Communists deliver to us today?

Our country is being taken over by evil forces and those of us who believe in God stand before Him pleading that He will save us. But will He?

A Caliphate is making grounds in the US. We have schools teaching the Koran or saying the Pledge of Allegiance ending in Allah as if he were the God we have always worshiped.

We have some major cities allowing Sharia law and Muslims able to receive house loans free of interest because it’s against Sharia law to pay interest. But who gets stuck with the interest on these loans? Why are we caving to these Muslim invaders? Why are we taking so many of them into our country when I believe we should be deporting many of them.

For me Islam is not a religion but a cult that permits no rights for women, the sodomizing of young boys, the rape of young girls, slavery, and all evil possible. I can’t bring myself to think of Islam being the religion of peace when I see beheading and burning of bodies, Christian and Jewish bodies.

The Communists are bringing our moral, ethical background down to the lowest levels in history. Most of what we see on TV is trash and outright porn in some cases and not on pay per view channels.

Children are taught to accept any form of deviancy, homosexuals for one. They are taught other forms of sex in public schools that they should never be taught. They are subjected to extremely indecent bumping and grinding with rap music which is so immoral. And the lyrics are such that women are degraded and hate speech is common.

We can’t even fly our flag without someone complaining and demanding we take it down. Any word with God in it is attacked.

While Muslims are given special treatment, our Vets are being treated shamefully not receiving the benefits they deserve.

America is upside down, inside out. This is not the America I grew up in and I refuse to accept this monstrous change in our country.

One thing is we must remember that we do not have to give over our souls to this evil. That is one thing the government cannot take away from us. And those of us who have children or grandchildren must make sure this evil does not envelop them.

We must stay with our God, resist the evil that the devil has brought upon us and remember that there are still many good people in this country who believe as I do. We have to join forces and fight together.


Comments on: "Black Clouds of Evil Over America" (16)

  1. Amen, Pepper. From the time of Abraham even until now, The Jews and the Christians have been a stiff-necked and froward people.
    But never before have the means been available, as they are now, to wipe out the entire world population at one time.
    A Scary thought, and I can only hope and pray that the circumstances never come to fruition.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Grouchy, it looks dire for us Christians and the Jews. You are so right in that many forces have come together to wipe us all out. I pray too that this does not happen.

      And as you say there are so many ways for the whole world to evaporate. I don’t know if this is the end of times like some think, but it is scary.


      • willibeaux said:

        Yo Pepp! Another excellent description of what is happening to our once great Republic. We may be approaching the point of no return.

        The only solution is a 2nd Chronicles 7:14 nation wide spiritual revival asking for forgiveness before God loses his patience and lifts His protective covering.


        • peppermintfarm said:

          Yo Beaux thanks a lot. I’m almost of the belief that we have passed the point of no return. With our schools turning out little socialists and anti-capitalists what does our future look like?

          Well I hope we all ask God’s forgiveness although I wonder if He’ll listen. We’ve sat by and let this all happen right under our noses.


  2. Shirley Guenther said:

    Keep your eyes on Jesus and his return and rest in the promise that he will take care of us. I do not fear this changing America, I wish it wouldn’t happen for my children and grandchildren. Although we may not be living in the end times (I think we are) it’s right around the corner. The changes we see, can be found prophesied in both the old and new testament. I just keep the faith and know that everything around us is happening for a reason. The peace it gives you is immeasurable.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Shirley, welcome to my blog and I believe this is the first time I’ve seen you here commenting, Thanks for doing so and come back any time.

      That is what I hate so much what this change will do to my grandchildren. Instead of enjoying the fruits of their labors and doing hard work to gain a substantial living for themselves there may be nothing left for them. I hate to think of this as I was given so many opportunities to better myself and my life. This is being taken from them and it saddens me so much.

      You’re right we need to put this into God’s Hands and trust whatever He sends us will be the right thing. It is a peaceful thought indeed.


  3. Good post Pepper. The news is an addition and all the media including Fox is feeding that addition with half-truths, miss leading headlines and make something more out of isolated incidents for sake of keeping an audience. I wholeheartedly agree there are many in all positions in the Government and the private sector that have given in to evil for their own gratification of power, money. This type of evil has been on going since Biblical times. If the truth was reported and won’t be, the Christian church is growing and greater numbers of folks are starting to see all that is wrong in every aspect of our country. All this being said, yes I think God is angry at the sins of humanity. None of us knows where our trouble country is head and when it may change or even end, but we need to let our faith be our fortress. Believers who are living in the last days will face many of the same temptations and challenges as Israel did and I feel we are all but there. So give yourself some peace of mind and cut back on the news and know as the Bible says, May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Walt. Yes the liberal media keeps us off balance with all of their lies. Sometimes in the past one had to really try to figure out what’s true or not. Now today, they are so obvious about it, it’s not hard to see what they are doing.

      You’re right evil has been with us for a long time. I guess I shouldn’t get myself so upset as it has beaten many times over. I try not to watch as much news anymore and concentrate on the beauty around me of which there is plenty and I can feel God’s Hand upon our land.

      I spend time with my dog which gives me great comfort. There are so many things still to enjoy in this country. Plus I live in a community where God flourishes and is honored. That gives me some hope too. I’m surrounded by Christian people.


  4. Excellent column, Pepp. Perfect description black clouds hanging over us. We do need to stand and not buckle under the lawless powers that be.

    I’d say the Islam is a cult. But it is also an extreme political ideology. Anyone who thinks they will partner with it in some greater political agenda is pretty stupid.

    When you said inside out, it reminds me of Van Jones who said top down, bottom up, inside out. And that’s about what we have. But who in 2015 could deny an official caliphate that formed, obvious as it is — and that’s no good for anyone? Obama’s minions just ignore that as if it didn’t happen.

    All we can do is pray, and hang on with fellow Christians and patriots. But they’ll never destroy our faith. We don’t know what God is doing but they’ll never move Him off the throne whether its Marxists or Islamists.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Bull. Well I feel like black clouds are hanging over us all the time, It takes every ounce of me to look at anything positive. I don’t feel that leap in my step anymore. I drag around concerned what is next. I need to take it day by day instead of worrying what is going to happen a month or a year from now But that is so hard to do with the constant onslaught every doggone day.

      I agree Islam is a political ideology and I don’t understand why some people can’t see how it does not fit in with our Constitution. it is completely at odds with it as it provides rights to which the Muslims do not believe we have.

      Yes that reminded me of Van Jones too now that you mention it. I actually think Obama wants a Caliphate here as he does everything in his power to facilitate it. I just hope the next President realizes the danger we’re in. All bets are off with Clinton who has close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.


  5. Hi Pepp – Exactly what is happening – great post! Thanks!


  6. Bob Roller said:

    I trust in God and His Son Jesus Christ. Next in line are Colt,Smith&Wesson,Winchester and Remington. When the crap and the fan come together,our military will have to choose which side they are on. They ALL took an oath to defend our way of life and our CONSTITUTION as did all of us old veterans. I have 3 Honorable Discharges from the Army but NONE from my oath to defend the Constitution. ‘Nuf said


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Ah YES! Trust in God and our guns! Two great things.

      Thank you for serving our country. I did not know that about you. You are a great Patriot Bob!


  7. Top down.
    Bottom up.
    Alinsky recipe for collecting power.


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