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After the largest ObamaCare co-operative Health Republic of New York was shut down by regulators a few weeks ago, others are starting to fall like dominoes.  

obamacareLet’s all throw eggs and rotten tomatoes at that face!

Since then co-ops in Tennessee and Kentucky are shutting down. There is no more money. Whether this is due to embezzling money or just not being able to budget is up in the air for now.

Kentucky Health was run by Democratic insider Janie Miller who was part of the Governor Beshear’s administration and was the insurance commissioner from 2001 to 2003.  The organization had received a loan of $146 millions from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The money was expected to last 15 years. It barely lasted two. Miller resigned last June.

The Washington Post reports Community Health Alliance of Tennesse will be shuttering in December, leaving 27,000 participants out in the cold. They had received about $73 million in loans from HHS.

The New York cooperative received $355 million in HHS loans. $2.4 Billion has been loaned out in total for 23 co-ops, 6 have failed, Vermont, Louisiana, Iowa, Nebraska, New York, Nevada and Kentucky. 

This is partisan corruption at its finest.  How do you lose $146 million, $73 million and $355 million that quickly? If this were not so closely tied to the Obama Administration, the FBI would be crawling up their rear ends tracing money to the people who embezzled it. If someone does finally investigate, I anticipate massive amounts of fraud will be discovered.

Of course, it could be straight incompetence. Does anyone know how to write a business plan out there? 



Well well we all knew this program or what I would call a scam was going to fail eventually. So the shit has hit the fan now and there will be many families who are going to be very, very angry when they find out their health plans flew over the cuckoo’s nest. After all this was a cuckoo idea that was never going to work no matter how many times Obama told us this was working so well and people loved it. Uh huh!

Just think of all the tax payer money down the drain and who knows where it went. No accountability will ever be given. We know that, we’re used to it. Obama will say he didn’t know about anything until he read it in the newspaper and it’s not his fault. Somebody else is to blame for this of course.

No Republicans can be held accountable for this since none of them voted for Obamacare. The Democrats hold the bag on this one. I hope this is another good reason people will turn away from a Democrat/Commie candidate in 2016. What will the “I’m a woman candidate so you should vote for me” do now?

Obamacare has been convicted and it needs to go to the prison of no return.




Comments on: "The First Signs of Obamacare Death Rattles" (18)

  1. Great piece Pepp, infuriating but nicely put. “Surprise surprise” as Gomer Pyle would say. The only thing I can think of is they evolved from the corrupt green energy Solyndras to the ObamaCare contracts. Who cares, we won’t be able to count all the money.

    So that KY program was supposed to be 15 years? My my someone sped the clock up. Whoops! SO right, no one to blame …. Bush didn’t touch it and even Mich had nothing to do with that spendfest. But he’ll leave it all to collapse as he is walking out the door….so he can claim he saved us from George Boooosh’s disasters. Well, he must be having a real good laugh now too. “Michelle, it didn’t last as long as I thought but long enough. Can you believe they really believed those lies? Worked like a top.”

    Oh yea, Bernie Madoff is in jail and Obama is going off to build his Lie-Barry.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Bull.

      Oh yeah that could be where the money went into “green projects”. They’ve worked so well in the past. NOT. :-O

      Barry will be leaving all kinds of messes for the next prez. it will take all of 8 yrs to pull this entangled mess out and restore things to normal, that is if we get a good conservative in 2016. Whoever it is I feel very sorry for the person. It won’t do a Commie/Dem any good either. Hahahaha

      I’d sure like to know where all that money in the KY program went. Certainly not back into our coffers. Beshear should be turning red but he has no shame either. He’s the one who insisted on setting up our own co-op. I can see the KY people coming after him with pitch forks. These folks are nobody to fool with around here. LOL!

      I’d like to see the faces of those Kentuckians who bought into this. Wow! The wrath will come down! But this is Beshear’s last year so he too will escape like Barry out the door into greener pastures.


      • So they all head for the doors. I don”t know about all the money either unless it evaporated. Could have been climate change, again. I think I hear an echo of Ross Perot, “that Giant sucking sound.” Something doesn’t add up.


        • peppermintfarm said:

          Ah ha! There ya go! Climate change is the fault of everything so I’m sure it sucked that money right into one of those floods we had in the spring and summer. Oh nothing adds up when it comes to one of the Grand Mufti’s agendas. It’s all Hocus Pocus. Here ya see it, now ya don’t. Whoooshhhhhhhhhhhh, down that great drain again! And I’m sure they used extra Drano to get it all to disappear.


          • All that money we were supposed to be saving by spending that would also make everything cheaper, and driving down the cost of healthcare. I’d love to see that WH plunger, must be huge with a jet pack.


          • peppermintfarm said:

            Ha ha! Yeah all that money we were not saving. I feel bad for the people who were on one of those Obamacare programs. Now they have no “health” insurance. Figures it would fail as does everything else he touches.

            Indeed that plunger was humongous!


  2. Susan Owens said:

    I am glad I don’t have that care Where did all that money go?


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Susie, I’m glad too you didn’t have Obamacare. Thank God for that. I have no idea where that money went but as usual with a government program it always does run out of money and my guess is that some people got their hands on it and used it for their own purposes. always with these types of government programs there is so much fraud and unseemly people lining their own pockets. What a disaster!


  3. Bob Roller said:

    The last line of this commentary needs to be applied to the DumbercRATS that voted this down our throats and the lies that fostered it should be held forth as treason.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Indeed Bob, I’d like to see these Commie Dems up on charges of treason too. after all the make no bones about being socialists now when they took an oath to our Constitution. Send them all to prison is fine by me.


  4. Good informative article Pepper. We all know how crooked Government is and it may not be as bad with the Reps yet., but that is changing. I have no trust in either party anymore. I believe that O will not be happy until the economy crashes and everybody is dependent on the Gov. Sadly the Dem. voters don’t care. O has turn us into a Socialist society and as long as folks receive all the freebies it will continue to grow. You mentioned above that O will leave a mess for the next President. I have my doubts weather or not we will ever get rid of him. I wish there was a positive answer to what is happening in our country, but anything short of a major catastrophe like 911 that pulled our country together, we are in a non-reversible downward spiral.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      I agree Walt. O wants us completely dependent on government but where is the money going to come from? It’s obvious we are running out of money for these programs and if a Socialist/Commie/Dem gets elected this type of thing will continue as each one of them plan to continue with his agenda. All bad policies that are bankrupting us.

      I don’t think O will be happy either until he has us completely destroyed. He does all he can to destabilize our communities like bringing in all these Muslims who will get government benefits, more money we don’t have. Never mind the threat this poses to our National Security.

      I share your pessimism that nothing will get better.


  5. Good post Pepp. Barry takes boondoggle to a whole new level.


  6. Good one, Pepp!

    Well, I have to say that I didn’t see this coming – I mean Obamacare’s co-opts running out of money. I predicted a whole bunch of ways that the ACA would crash and burn, but with our Financial-Expert-in-Chief running the show, I didn’t expect them to run out of money – I figured that he’d just have more printed whenever they needed it.

    The whole ludicrous scam was fraught with mismanagement and fraud from the beginning, so its failure isn’t surprising, I just thought that the natives would become more and more restless as premiums and deductibles rose and became too much for the citizens to digest and finally they’d storm the castle and impale Obungle’s head on a stake.

    Sadly, it looks like his head will remain attached, but his signature legislative achievement is busy crashing and burning and it’s corpse will forever bear his name in infamy – Obamacare.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Garnet,

      I didn’t see this one coming either. Obviously there seems to be a lot of theft going on here.

      I’m glad to see at least part of the OCare is crashing and I expect that more is on the way.

      Once those 2016 hikes come, there is going to be a real big problem and then perhaps people will come after O with pitchforks. 😀


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