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By DavetheRave

Dylann Roof is the man charged with gunning down nine people at a Bible study class inside the Emanuel AME church. It was earlier reported he got the gun he used from his father, but that’s not true.

dylann roof

Roof was able to purchase the pistol that was identified as the murder weapon because the FBI made a mistake in Roof’s background check. If the background check had gone as it was supposed to, Roof would have been denied the opportunity to purchase the weapon in April.

The background check took more than three days to complete allowing the gun shop owner to sell Roof the gun. The New York Times coverage of the admission by the FBI says the Bureau failed to gain access to a police report in which Roof previously admitted to having been in possession of a controlled substance. That information gained in the appropriate time frame of the 3 day background check rule would have disqualified Roof from purchasing the .45-caliber handgun. (Link provided below to learn more about gun laws purchase in U.S.)

dylann roof with gun

After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, new procedures and billions of dollars have been spent on computer upgrades. However, the federal authorities can still drop the ball examining Americans criminal histories. The FBI is now working with the Justice Department in reviewing the three-day rule.

And what has been blamed as the root of this horrible crime? The Confederate Flag. They are being removed in the south left and right due to liberal commies screaming out that flag only stands for slavery.

It is another big lie perpetrated by the Alinsky clones simply to satisfy their idiot sheep. Liberal logic can find a scapegoat even in inanimate objects. I’m just waiting for liberal logic to catch up and blame hurricanes coming from the gulf on southern racists….




Comments on: "Dylann Roof Got His Gun Due To FBI Screw-up" (18)

  1. This entire issue is ginned up to distract from the important issues going down. Keep the masses busy with circuses and gladiator events to keep them from paying attention is the rule of thumb. It hasn’t changed since the days of Caesar and likely never will.



    • Hey Gar. Nice to hear from you. New user name eh??

      You nailed it with their slight of hand tricks. Caesar taught them a great ruse and they do not vary from it.


      • Different ‘puter. I decline to allow it access to my basic personal profile.


        • Roger that! As for me; I’m pretty sure the NSA has already collected all the data they need. Actually; I’m pretty sure the Chinese have it now also. 😀


          • That isn’t the concern, just the work ‘puter and IT eyes and access.


          • Davetherave said:

            Understand Gar. If the idiots that work for the Traitor In Chief had that kind of foresight, they wouldn’t get caught lying with their emails. That Freedom of Information Act sure does cause them problems…


  2. Hi Pepper, first Greystoker is absolutely correct. As for the FBI fudge up on issuing a permit, the original story was he received the gun as a birthday gift from his uncle. Who knows where the true lies any more, if there is any truth left. You can no longer except anything at face value. What a crappy world this is turning into. I never would have thought I would live to see all the wrongs become right. Peace be with you.


    • Hi Walt. Thanks for commenting. There are so many names for that use to be democrat party now…commies, Alinkys, liars, traitors..et al…can’t remember them all, but they all fit. If they’re talking, they’re lying. If they’re writing, they’re lying. Not so sure anymore the majority repubs are any better.

      How far the once great USA has fallen in just over six years and I didn’t think I’d see it in my lifetime (when I was much younger). Heaven help us…


      • Hi Dave, I feel you are right the Repubs are not much better. Seems like the GOP needs to quit playing softball for getting votes and worrying about their supporter’s funding, special interest and making a career out of politics and limning their own pockets.


        • I agree with you totally Walt. GOP has moved to the center on so many issues it’s really hard to differentiate between them and the Alinsky Party. The only repubs that became president to my memory (that’s not that great anymore) were all pretty far right on the majority of their opinions and actions.

          We still have a two party system: them and us. Them being almost every politiician and us being the people. Very sad.


  3. Dave. Good piece, sure is amazing how they can find something to blame aside from the cause. Like everyone knew immediately it was the flag that did it. Had to be, what else could have? The fact that they went on, undeterred for weeks about it just shows to what lengths they’ll go to.

    I think the MSM and liberal institution realized within days that they could not use it politically to stir their riot-loot agenda. So it was time to play pin the tail on the Confederate Flag, again. Seeing he looks like a socialist Dem, oh let’s not dig into that.


    • Hey Bull, thanks. LMAO! Great comment. Too bad for them so many blacks in the south belong to churches that prefer to peacefully protest. Just doesn’t fit into the Alinsky game plan does it? They were going to bus in trouble makers from Chicago, buuuut…they couldn’t afford the gas being bankrupt and all.

      BTW; they haven’t announced it yet, but Chicago being bankrupt is the fault of us crackers… 🙂


      • Dave, great another thing to look forward to, When they announce that problem it might cause some waves in the windy city.

        Oh they’ll get the glitches worked out for the rent a protestors and transportation. A little Soros logistics will fix that. They’re due for another installment, they are doing so well. Maybe they’ll start flying them around first class?

        But they have the government running interference for them so that helps. Hey this story about the b/check had to eventually come out. But maybe that was intentional too? Who knows with this crew. But it figures the guy they will make a mistake with is him. One of those details no one knew about.


        • Bull, it probaly is time for Satan Soros to make his quarterly donation to the commie cause. They are doing so well and probably qualify for a performance bonus. Yeah; fly first class or maybe even get their own plan to move more around much faster. They can always do better.

          You’re so right about never knowing, if they’re mad details got out or they did so intentionally. One thing I know is if the shooter had been black, I’d had no material to write this article.


  4. Bob Roller said:

    This little bastard will now join the ranks of other mass killers but he didn’t blow his own brains out so he MIGHT face a jury that I hope is 10 blacks,1 Asian and 1 Mexican.


  5. peppermintfarm said:

    HI Dave,

    Didn’t get a chance to comment. You know why with storm going on and me being down.

    Liberals have a difficult time accepting there is evil unless it’s a white Christian conservative. Then we are all evil.

    The Confederate flag never shot anyone as neither does a gun, inanimate objects. The real killer was Dylann Roof. But for some strange reason instead of focusing on this evil young man or sick man, they have to divert into the realm of insanity as usual.

    Now we see how well background checks work as the FBI screws up again. This is not the first time the FBI has been unaware as with the terrorists in Boston.


    • Hey Pepp.

      I’m glad your electric is back up and running. You’re so right the only evil liberal logic sees is white, Christian conservatives. We and our constitution stand in the way of their Alinksy plans.

      Excellent analogy about a gun. Their realm of insanity for sure and the Alinkys never pass up a crisis to further their commie agenda do they? The FBI does more than its fair share of screwing up, but the only way to hear about it is them admitting it. They don’t always follow the Traitor In Chief’s by law of lie, lie, lie do they???


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