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God and Dogs



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  1. A most excellent video Pepp. My dog (Max) was sick this morning and he is at my feet right now. He has something like a mini-seizure every so often (6 mos or so) and they don’t know what’s causing it. All I can do is keep him close and comfort him until it passes (usually an hour or less). This video was especially timely this morning because of the circumstances. Maybe it wasn’t just a coincidence, after all?

    Would you mind if I posted this on N&F? With attribution to you of course and perhaps a link back to the farm?

    Best to you,


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Garnet,

      Good to see you.

      I’m sorry to hear about Max being sick this morning but at least he is near you if he needs you. I’m also wondering why the vet doesn’t know what causes it, but at least it doesn’t seem serious since he doesn’t have strokes. That would be really scary.

      There are no coincidences in my book. Everything that happens has a reason. I’m glad it was of some comfort to you perhaps?

      Well I’d rather not have it posted on N&F if you don’t mind.

      Best to you too friend,


  2. Pepp, I thought that was good. A nice song too. I don’t think anyone could make a better point. And we know how popular dogs are and dog lovers.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Bull, I thought it was too sweet not to put up. Yes, we have lots of dog lovers around here.


  3. Nice video Pepper, makes me want to believe I will meet up with their pets in heaven. My 2 1/2 year old Pyrenees is in kidney failure, we are heart broken. We are running 3 IVs a day and praying for the best. A word to the wise, if your Vet suggest Novox for joint pain, have a blood test weekly while treating.


  4. peppermintfarm said:

    Hi Walt, I know I like to think that too that we’ll meet our dogs in Heaven one day.
    I’m so sorry to hear about your dog in kidney failure. It would break my heart too so I can completely sympathize with you.

    3 of our dogs died while here and I was with 2 of them to the end. I cried like a baby when they took their last breath. Same with a cat I had for 14 years.

    Is Novox what caused your wonderful dog to go into kidney failure?


    • Our Vet told us that Novox is highly effective and safe and prescribed it for a sprain, Novox has been the only change in what we gave our dog, her diet is constant. The Vet report that perhaps we have a dog that is allergic to it. Going to the fine print at the Novox web site, kidney failure is one of the precautions. Seems like Novox wants to CYA and list a bunch of precautions.


      • peppermintfarm said:

        Walt I’m so sorry. Obviously Noxox is not a good thing for dogs. Too bad your vet didn’t tell you the possible side effects. I sure hope your dog can pull through this. It is heart breaking. I know you must feel so bad right now. I know I would have my heart broken.


  5. Just Gene said:

    What a beautiful relief from all the crap in the world. Our goofy-noofy, Pal, gives us so much pleasure each day. Truly God’s gift as man’s best friend. Thanks for sharing it.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Arlene. Yes it is something beautiful in this ugly world we live in. I know Pal must give you so much every day. I’d be lost without my Merlin. He makes me laugh almost every day and I’m happy to get up each morning when he nudges me for his food. And yeah, it is God’s great gift to us. Thanks for commenting Arlene!


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