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From all I am reading and seeing our military is ready to go to knock out ISIS.  The Pentagon has plenty of optional plans ready.  But, the Evil doer in the White Mosque can’t figure out what he wants to do.  Or I should say BHO is afraid to do much of anything.  And here we sit waiting for him to make up his mind. It does not look good for us.

The Grand Mufti BHO blames the Intelligence and the Pentagon all the while they have plans.  Our Intelligence Agencies have been briefing him for at least a year about this threat from ISIS.  I’m thinking he never even read those briefings because he was too anxious to get on the golf course.  What did this threat have to do with us he probably thought. 

But still, the Grand Mufti cannot make up his mind what he wants to do.  He tells us we need a coalition of the willing while he has done nothing much but pin point strikes.  Why should other countries want to join this so-called coalition when he has not done much himself.  I doubt they want to be hung out to dry while BHO sits back and has no idea what he is doing.  Why would any country trust him?  Well, they don’t. America doesn’t trust him either.

Can you imagine what our fighter pilots think over this?  They are probably sitting there waiting for the command to bomb, bomb, and bomb.  They know we can bomb them into oblivion if they are given a command to do so.

Meanwhile polls are showing that the American people are getting more fearful by the day.  They know the borders are open to these monsters.  They know ISIS is coming for us.  We now also know those Americans fighting for ISIS do not need to worry about their passports being revoked even though they left this country to fight with ISIS, a known enemy which to me is treason.

Ted Cruz is introducing a bill in the Senate to revoke these traitors’ passports. Is that not crazy that there has to be a new bill to do this when it is treason already.  But with BHO it becomes necessary.

He and Holder are willing to put up a big fight over Ferguson to make sure that cop gets lynched but not willing to fight a real war that threatens our lives.

As usual his priorities are in the wrong place as he mulls over at which time will he make his EO to allow every known immigrant in this country amnesty. We need these people in this country he says, “it’s good for our country”.  What? Is he nuts?  Exactly why is this “good for the country”. while the tax payer shovels out plenty of money to support these people. They can’t speak English but the kids are now being put into our schools and we don’t know what diseases they are bringing into those school systems. I guess massive epidemics are good for the country?

A president is supposed to protect us from harm, but he dawdles even while the threat grows bigger.  My 2 cents opinion is he is guilty of dereliction of duty and needs to be removed.  But that won’t happen either. It feels like a boil we can’t rid ourselves of  no matter how much we try.  It grows bigger as each day passes and that boil will eventually erupt and spill out its’ evil contents. 

BHO will have plenty of blood on his hands if/when we are hit by ISIS.  He can try to blame that crazy  Bush for this, but this time it won’t work.



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  1. Good post. It’s hard to wrap your head around the insanity that are the daily actions of this administration.

    The jihadis will most certainly hit us. Now the admin and the talking heads are acting as if this is news. Security analysts, and even we bloggers, have been screaming about it for years. Later they will proclaim that “we tried to warn you” all the while they laid out the welcome mat. It can’t get much crazier than that. If that is not traitorous then I don’t know any other definition.

    Gens, McInerny & Vallely have openly discussed that the military may very well need to remove the resident for ‘dereliction of duty”. There’s plenty of evidence and cause for this action but its a nasty road insomuch that we would be no better than a 3rd world banana republic. That said, a military coup in the United States may very well be the only option since any opposition to the tyrant is been virtually zero.

    Dark days are ahead for all of us.


  2. Bob Roller said:

    The Farcident,BHO is a Muslim and was raised as one.He is enemy friendly and I want someone to prove he’s not.He IS derelict in all duties except his golf games and hyper costly vacations.The Hopey/Changies OWN this debacle in our great historical experiment in democracy.Low info voters? NO!,they are no information voters.
    9-11 is near so lock and load,be ready for anything because these religious loonies want their 72 virgins.
    Military removal of a “Chief of State”is not unheard of.It just hasn’t happened here yet and it will be a desperate last resort if it does.
    We live in troubled times and I think God has a reason for raising up such an incompetent man to mislead our Faltering States of America.


  3. “Pennywise and pound foolish.” Totally unable to set and deal with priorities. He wants to bully a small town cop, while he ignores as of no import the ravenous wolves and dementors at the gates of our nation. This is a perfect example of cowardice and lack of moral fortitude.


  4. Bob,
    We did remove King George – we can do it again – we have good friends in Israel, both in the IDF and Musad – I constantly thank them for being on the front lines protecting OUR COUNTRY – we can’t wait too long before the bullets fly here – it’s inevitable and again we will prevail.


  5. Gar Swaffar said:

    PreZero already has plenty of blood on his hands, not that he cares, but he does.


  6. peppermintfarm said:

    Thanks to all of you for your comments. You are all great. I’m getting ready for upcoming trip. May not be around for a awhile.


  7. Davetherave said:

    Excellent post Pepp! You said everything so well believe it not even the bloviating Davetherave has little to add. All I would add is O’Bastard is blaming HIS handpicked intelligence agencies (now there is an oxymoron for ya’!) and HIS handpicked Pentagon. It if came down to it, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear O’Bastard blaming Moo-chelle for the ISIS issue. I mean really…what’s he got to lose blaming her??? Barry is hooked up with a man every night, so it’s not like she can hold anything over his head… 🙂


  8. willibeaux said:

    Pepp! Our fearless? leader is waiting for his brilliant military strategist, the evil Valerie Jarrett, to gaze into her crystal ball to see if the Chicago Mafia approves of any action at all against ISIS.

    After all Zero has admitted that he makes no decisions without consulting with the evil lizard face Val.

    Can we survive two more years of these @zzholes mucking things up?

    Thanks for your thought provoking articles. The SPOOK will be honored to be invited to any future “party” that you may be planning. His uger lagers are chomping on their leather leashes eager to chew on some liberal @zz. He told me that he is reducing their diets which will increase their meanness and using chains for leashes so they won’t make a premature attack.

    The SPOOK has recruited many of his badd @zz associates to be on call when you are ready to hold a “party.

    By the way you and I are being nominated honorary SPOOKS from our fine badd @zz involvement in your past “parties”.

    Long live all of the SPOOKS.

    ‘oohrah!! 🙂


    • Willi, right we must await the decree from Valerie. Hey, that is the real VJ team.


      • willibeaux said:

        Thanks Bull… I’m commenting for Pepp who is going on Vacation, Thanks for hollaring back, Vicious Val is Zero’s senior advisor and who knows what she’s telling this turkey.

        The SPOOK may be recruiting a team for Pepp’s next “party”. Let me know if you are interested.

        ‘oohrah! 🙂


        • Dang, Willi, you’re cranking ’em out: Vicious Val, aka Lizard face. Scar-face had nothing on her. They definitely don’t move a pinky without Chicago muscle behind them.

          Yea I’m in fur that. But you know the last super moon was last night so…just saying.


    • Hey Willi! Great comment. It is time to bring in the spook! I’ve got my eastern KY rednecks are the highest alert! 🙂


      • willibeaux said:

        Thanks ‘rave! The SPOOK would like to have you on his team for Pepp’s next” party”. I’v already put in a good word for you.

        “oohrah! 🙂


  9. Well, Pepp, short of renaming ISIS George Bush I don’t think he will do much to oppose them. Our military must be about fed up with his shenanigans. Like you said he can try but that Bush excuse expired about five and half years ago. He’s flying solo, and we’re up the creek without a paddle. About the only thing he’s good at is making excuses. Like you said, who could believe him?


    • willibeaux said:

      Thanks Bull… You are right! The Bush excuse has long expired. The @zzhole-in-chief is on his own.

      “oorah! 🙂


  10. So when the tough do get going….Valerie can issue the “stand down” order. ( the one that will not exist.)


    • willibeaux said:

      Bull… You are so right. I bet you a dollar to a dog hockey that vicious Val issued the non existent stand down order.

      ‘oohrah! 🙂


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