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If you didn’t catch Megyn Kelly last night here is a video so eerie.  And the liberals said Bush was a stupid cowboy! 





Comments on: "G.W. Bush’s Eerie Prediction" (9)

  1. And what has “The smartest president evah~!” done? And what has been the result???
    Chilling, Pepper,,, beyond words.
    Megyn has three thing going for her: Beauty, Brains and Courage. NOT necessarily in that order.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Yeah it’s so chilling beyond words. Right the smartest prez ever is stupid.

      On Megyn you are so right. She’s got it all. And she is beautiful. But she has the brains, courage, and she isn’t a bit afraid to take on anyone. Did you see her interviews with Bill Ayers. She literally tore him apart on this lies.


  2. Pepp! I don’t remember seeing President Bush making that prediction. This proves he isn’t as stupid as Zero and his Chicago mafia would have their low info followers believe. I am lax in watching Megan and miss a lot of goodies. 😦

    Thanks! We need to request that the SPOOK come out of retirement. He may have some suggestions for us to make sure the “hopey changy folks are aware that Zero should remember this and he made a terrible mistake of premature withdrawal of our troops.

    The same thing is about to happen in Afghanistan.

    ‘oorah!! 🙂


    • peppermintfarm said:


      I forgot what he said but i did recall it when Megyn ran that tape. It is most chilling and so eerie that he predicted all of what was going to happen. i never miss her show because she is so good and the show is always exciting when she is on. Fox made a great choice on putting her in the 9pm spot. Her ratings are through the roof and almost reach OR’s at times. I wouldn’t doubt that she may pass him up in the ratings one of these days she is that good.

      Please do bring the SPOOK out of hiding. We need him reallly bad now. I’d love to hear his suggestions.

      Yep, Afghanistan will go the same way as Iraq with our stupid Grand Mufti Barry. He has no brains.

      ‘oorah!! to you too. 🙂


  3. He had more backbone than every member of this adminstration put together. He also had humility. Which NO ONE in this admin has.
    And he listened to the security reports each day.
    And he appreciated our volunteer soldiers. so much. That he personally visits them to this day.
    God bless W.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      All you said I agree with. Even though I didn’t agree with all Bush did, he sure had guts and he and Laura to this day still visit our vets in hospitals which I think is stellar. I can’t recall any time the Zero has visited our troops in hospital. Can you?

      And if you recall he took constant flack by the news and never uttered a peep and complain pointing out news channels for saying anything. This one we have now, can’t let it go if Fox says something he doesn’t like. Such pettiness.


  4. Davetherave said:

    Thanks for the post Pepp. I rarely watch any FOX news anymore.

    This shows the difference of a man that loves our country, wants the best possible situation for the US and the rest of the world, listened to his commanders…compared to that traitor, POS currently stinking up our WH. Bush wanted to stop evil and the current Muzzie In Chief is doing everything he can to turn evil loose all over the world. Especially in the US.

    I’ll be so glad when the arrogant, ass O’Bastard is gone…if he ever really leaves that is.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Dave,

      It sure does show the difference between those two. Bush wanted to get rid of the evil doers and the Grand Mufti is the evil. I will also be so glad when O is out of office, but like you said, exactly when that will be. It can’t come too soon for me.


  5. But you know what is odd about that? You could play that on a loop 24/7 for Obama and he still wouldn’t understand a word of it.


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