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A Very Stupid Woman

Rep. Dickey Hullingworst is the  Democrat Majority Leader in Colorado.  And she is almost dumber than a statement coming out of the Grand Mufti Zero’s mouth. I say almost since there really is nothing dumber than the Zero’s  statements.

Miss Dickey tells us to use our bodies as weapons against anyone who might harm us.  She says guns are not really needed but she has nothing against a woman having a gun. DUH!!!  We are all entitled under the 2nd Amendment to own and use a gun.

According to Miss Dickey,  “…the thought that the only way to protect ourselves [that is you ladies] is to wield our own weapon is completely absurd and an argument I discount as frivolous.

Absurd and frivolous? I strongly disagree with you. Only a fool would say that, but not surprising since she is a democrat and the usual liberal loon.

She claims to be Gracie Jiu-Jitsu trained.  Well that may work for her, but she does have body guards that protect her so why should she even worry?  I wish the rest of us had that luxury.  She claims to own a gun too.

I always owned a gun, but I decided at the same time to take a course in self-defense using my body.

I took a course that was given by  Cincinnati policewoman named Debbie.  From her experiences she started her course off each night by telling us stories about women who had been abducted and raped or raped in their homes. These stories put the fear of God into those of us taking her course. And that is what she wanted. She wanted us to get our fear and blood up to fight using our bodies.

Debbie told us that being raped was not the worst thing that happens during some of these rapes; it is the torture often inflicted prior or after the rape.  Torture so horrible some of the women dropped out of the course because they couldn’t stand hearing them.

Then she taught us how to use our bodies so we did not look like easy victims. There is a way of carrying our bodies so we look confident. She taught us how we should avoid tunnel vision by walking with our heads down and not looking around us.  With keeping your head up and looking all around us while walking could ward off an attacker. He wants a women who looks weak.

1 in 5 women have experienced rape in 2012 according to CDC.

After that we trained in using our bodies to do all kinds of things to a potential attacker, even being able to throw a grown man over our shoulders onto the floor. Debbie taught us how to take a knife out of a guy’s hands, kicking and using the an object to go for the eyes.  The techniques are too numerous to write in this article.

Her husband and another guy, both also policemen were our targets. They wore heavy-duty equipment for protection against our actions during practice.

I must say I gained a feeling of power taking this course.  When the course started there were 20 women. When we neared the end only 8 of us remained.

After many weeks of training, we reached our goal of warding off a real attack.

We entered their very large  garage only to find it dark with partitions Debbie and her husband rigged up.  We had to go through this maze and fight using our learning against whoever popped out and we didn’t know when or where that would be.  Each of use went in alone. And that was scary.

The eight of us passed the course doing just fine in getting the two men down. During this episode one of us broke one of the guys’ leg. Oh dear I guess we really were into fighting for our lives that last night.

I am glad I took that course. I still use some of the mental techniques and don’t walk with my head down and I look around me constantly.

But, I still would rather use a gun and kill the monster so he never gets up and never does it again to anyone.  Is that harsh of me?  Do I want to fight a man who may be muscle-bound weighing in a couple or more 100 pounds. No I would rather do it the other way, shoot on the spot. Bring him down so there is no chance for him at all.  The rapist doesn’t care what he does to a woman, so why should I care what happens to him?





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  1. Pepper, I’m proud of you. I truly am. You are a person who has taken responsibility for herself, and searched out ways of your own self-protection. Taking responsibility is 99% of the battle. The other 1 % is technique.

    AS for the Colorado Dingbat,,, we’re getting MORE than our share. I can remember when Colorado was a state of MEN and WOMEN, not wimpyassed wannabes. But I was born in the midst of a war, and raised in a different age than in today’s world.
    The words that stuck with me, were uttered by my peer group: “Come On~! You can do it~!”,,, and we (and I) did.

    Success in any endeavor is 99% inspiration, and 1% perspiration. All it takes is the courage to try.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Grouchy. I’m blushing. I sure try to take responsibility for myself. I know I’m very wary of criminals. I think I watch too many crime shows. 😀

      I feel a lot of sympathy for you getting your unfair share of these loons. Yeah, Ron was born and raised part of his life in Colorado and he was dumbfounded on how things had changed there. Liberal loons invasion. Argh!

      Yeah, we were told this same thing while growing up. You can do anything is what I got told.

      Yeah, it takes a bit of courage to try things but what the heck. What’s wrong with trying?


  2. Bob Roller said:

    I certainly encourage self defense tactics for women. We have a friend who lost her mother,husband and father in a short length of time and then found herself living alone in an upscale neighborhood. She works at a bank and I asked her if she had a gun or did her father have one. She said no.I asked her if she’d like to learn to handle one and she said,”That is scary”. I told her that scary was waking up late at night and suddenly realize you are not alone.She then asked how could she learn to shoot a pistol and I told her that I had the gun,ammo and key to an NRA range.We picked her up after work on Saturday and went to the range.She took to it like a duck to water and I made her a Christmas/birthday gift of a Smith&Wesson model 10 in new condition.The two days are the same.
    I have a concealed carry license that is honored in over 30 states and I am no longer a traveler so I am always in a safe jurisdiction and am always armed with a 1911 in 38 Super or 45ACP, So far no law enforcement officer has ever asked if I had a license to carry a concealed pistol and I don’t think they really worry if I do or don’t and tha’s fine with me.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Good for you. I don’t think any woman should be unarmed. It’s a dangerous world we live in. I have my Cobra. In Kentucky we can carry a weapon in our cars unconcealed all the time.


  3. Donna Rabus said:

    Great post, Pepp. I have always wanted to take a self defense class, especially when I was working in a town 10 miles from us, but loaded with crime. But I never took the time. Now, I have my self defense named Glock…


  4. Gar Swaffar said:

    Democrat Moron? Female Democrat Moron? The gender is irrelevant. Democrat…choose a sex and it’s still a moron.


  5. Typical loon They can make a ridiculous statement and no one pays it attention A Republican says anything crazy and its all over the media. I suppose she is against women having options. Frivolous pretty much gives her away.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Right. Now if a repub had said, “women are frivolous and absurd to want abortions, it would be all over the news 24/7.


  6. Davetherave said:

    Is it just me or does the ending of liptard Hulling”worst” last name say it all??? Seems appropriate to me!

    These loony libs and their desire for THEM and thugs to be the only ones allowed to have guns is a never ending absurdity. Taking a leak on our constitution has become in vogue since the Muzzie In Chief infested our WH.


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