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ISIS Atrocities

“Islamists in Iraq driving large-scale atrocities – U.N.” | Reuters, by Stephanie Nebehay | Reuters


Islamic State has carried out atrocities on “an unimaginable scale,” Christians Burned Alive, Yazidis Buried Alive while ISIS grows in power

Islamist fighters have carried out atrocities on “an unimaginable scale” in months of fighting with Iraqi forces, who have also killed detainees and shelled civilian areas, a U.N. official said on Monday.

There is “strong evidence” Islamic State and allied groups have carried out targeted killings, forced conversions, sexual abuse and torture in Iraq, U.N. Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Flavia Pansieri said, opening an emergency debate on the conflict in Geneva.

Iraq’s human rights minister, Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani, told the session that Islamic State militants, “oozing with barbarity”, threatened his country and the world, but did not immediately respond to allegations against state troops.
Islamic State has grabbed large areas of Iraq and neighboring Syria, declaring a cross-border caliphate and driving hundreds of thousands from their homes. At least 1,420 people were killed in Iraq in August alone, U.N. figures showed on Monday.
The one-day U.N. Human Rights Council session, called by Iraq with the support of allies including the United States, is expected to agree to Baghdad’s request to send a team of U.N. experts to investigate crimes committed in the conflict.
“The reports we have received reveal acts of inhumanity on an unimaginable scale,” Pansieri told the Council, on its first meeting about the latest surge in violence. She later told Reuters she was referring to Islamic State.


Now take a read and a look at what we face if these monsters do this in America which I believe will eventually happen since our Grand Mufti keeps defending Islam and meanwhile while people die by the thousands, he turns his Muslim loving back.

Remember the loons on the left shouting, “Bush lied, people died”?  Why don’t we start chanting,  “Obama dawdled, people died”. But no you’ll never hear anything like that now with our precious first black prez. That would be racist.

Golfing and fund-raising are much more important to him that defending this country.  He obsesses  over a shooting of a black in Ferguson more than he has seemingly paid attention to what is real, the terrible threat we face. What an outstanding man we have  for this country!

And the UN?  What good is that going to do to have them investigate this going on in Syria and Iraq?  What a bunch of non-sense.  And just who is going to go into those countries only to get slaughtered themselves. 

This once again shows the uselessness of the UN. Why an investigation when the atrocities are all over the news with pictures and personal stories about what is going on?  Only a moron needs an investigation. The UN is a moronic organization anyway.  Nothing but talk and more talk, no action because of a UN investigation. Haven’t we been down this road before?


Comments on: "ISIS Atrocities" (6)

  1. Pepp,
    Your commentary says it all. The UN is worthless and Zero is worthless. PM David Cameron of the UK seems to be the only one with the courage to say what needs to be done. Ditto with Merkel, she just sent the Kurds a bunch of arms.

    Zero won’t do anything for fear of alienating his anti-war nitwit base in the run-up to the elections. The R’s won’t either for fear of causing the lemmings to get of the couch and vote D.

    It’s crazy. Where is the humanity?


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Nox,

      I am so glad to see Cameron start to take this threat seriously and Germany sending tanks, etc. to the Kurds. We haven’t even sent them anything that would actually defeat the monsters.

      There is no humanity and for us in the States this is incomprehensible. We can’t even close to getting inside the minds of these barbarians.


  2. Hardnox is right, full on,,, and Pepper, I admire the truth of your commentary.
    What we have here is the outgrowth of mob mentality, on a triple dose of steroids.
    If we combined all of our national riots, and put them on a triple dose of steroids, I don’t think we could equate to the viciousness and depravity of the islamic caliph movement.
    And how sad is that~!


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Grouchy,

      You are so right, we couldn’t even come near the depravity of this group of savages.
      Yeah, it’s sad all right and it’s going to be even sadder when we get hit because the anti war Grand Mufti won’t do the right thing.


  3. Davetherave said:

    Pepp, I think it tells all about the UN when you observe who they’ve allowed to join in the last several years. A group of United Nations with f*cking terrorist driven countries.

    Barry is really being put in a tough spot by his radical buddies. Folks in the US are going to start calling for more aggressive air and drone attacks on these butchers and with the the mid-term elections upcoming…well…a lot of Demonrats are going to be burning up Barry’s phone as well. I wonder if Barry has call forwarding to the golf course????


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Is that not the truth, a UN full of dictators who also do horrible things to their own people. WTH is that worth? Zero.

      i agree that as we see more and more of this the American people are going to get ready to start screaming for Zero to do something. I read a lot of Americans are getting quite scared now over the threats by ISIS. At the same time, I still doubt the GM will move on this. And I’m hearing the Pentagon is apoplectic over his indecision and dithering on what to do.


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