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6:38PM BST 02 Sep 2014

Steven Sotloff ‘beheaded by islamic State’
• Threat in video against Briton
• Cameron: ‘It’s an absolutely disgusting and despicable act’
• Sotloff disappeared while reporting in Syria in August 2013

18.40 White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, told reporters in a briefing that if there is such a video, it would be analysed very carefully, adding that the administration’s thoughts and prayers were with Sotloff’s family.

18.37 David Cameron has said: “I’ve just seen the news. It’s an absolutely disgusting and despicable act and I will be making a statement later.”

18.31 A masked figure in the video also issued a threat against a British hostage.

18.26 The White House said that it had yet to authenticate the footage, which SITE said showed 31-year-old freelance writer Steven Sotloff on his knees beside an IS fighter with a knife.

8.25 The video warns governments to back off “this evil alliance of America against the Islamic State”.

Sotloff, 31, disappeared while reporting in Syria in August 2013. His apparent kidnap was not widely reported until he appeared on a video released last month by the Isil.

In the footage a masked militant beheads US reporter James Foley then parades Mr Sotloff, warning he will meet the same fate unless US President Barack Obama ends air strikes against the group in Iraq.

18.20 Hello, this is our live coverage of the release by Islamic State of a second video, apparently showing the beheading of American journalist Steve Sotloff

American hostage Steven Sotloff has reportedly been executed by jihadist terrorists. There was no immediate confirmation of the video.


Right now the State Department spokesperson is ducking and dodging the press corps’ questions.


Comments on: "American Steven Sofloff Beheaded By ISIS" (13)

  1. Donna Rabus said:

    I heard this on WLS earlier. It is so heart-breaking – we need to bomb them. We can’t play pussy footin games with these people; that lousy jackass obama – no strategy? My strategy for him is be removed from our White House..my thoughts of care and prayers are with Steven Sofloff’s family. May God watch over and comfort them at this most sad time in their lives.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Yeah, we sure do need to stop pussy footing around. I like that term.

      It’s a very sad day for Sotloff’s family and the Grand Mufti never even came out and make a statement or offer his condolences. Miserable POS.


  2. Davetherave said:

    Now the butchers are taking the beheading of another person in attempt to send a message to other nations to not ally with the US against their barbaric society. I’ve yet to see Barry call upon our awesome air power and drones to do any real damage to ISIS. So exactly what does ISIS have to bitch about when it comes to the US or any of our allies????

    As I’ve stated before; time to go back to WWII tactics of carpet bombing the living shit our the areas we know ISIS has a strong hold. We also now have the tech of drones and many more should be flying in to do tactical strikes against ISIS. Barry has more drones flying over the US looking for those that are a real threat to him than he does over this ISIS cancer quickly growing in the ME. Jeez….


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Yeah, and we’re still waiting for the Grand Mufti to have a strategy. The Pentagon has plenty of options but he won’t make a decision.. He made some kind of threat this morning. Big deal. He always makes threats and does nothing.

      As you know I completely agree with you, carpet bomb those roaches and get rid of every last one of them.


      • Pepp, the world is absolutely falling apart and Barry says at a fundraiser “the world has always been messy.” Big diff between messy and a total disaster.

        The Ratbastard In Chief will frigging say anything to keep the spotlight of criticism toward him off him. As Mr. Obvious In Chief said; there has always been pockets of the world that are messy. Especially those pockets of the world that are populated or controlled by commies, Marxist and certainly muzzies. What the Dipshit In Chief either doesn’t simply ignores is the world is now such a mess, because the great beacon of light (United States) is a complete mess. In the worst shape since our founding.

        Barry’s done a great job not only turning our nation upside down, but also the entire planet!


        • SPOT ON, Dave~! Even in the American Revolutionary War, we were not so embittered and without competent leadership. Same with the War Between the States. One must go back to the days of the Fall of the Roman Empire, to see such despicable leadership, and that, under Caligula~!

          Pepper, I hope this day finds you feeling much better, and your tooth not so sore.


          • Grouchy, Caligula…now there’s a piece of “dirt” (to put it lightly) as an example of how far a society can fall into debauchery. Satan at his best at work. Who would have ever thought the US would fall further (IMO) into debauchery than what Caligula orchestrated?

            Every thing I grew being taught and believing is now being promoted as not only OK, but an acceptable life style to teach our young minds in school. I find it disgusting and pray for our Lord to have mercy upon us!


        • peppermintfarm said:


          Great comment! Yes, the world is messy all right. He fails to see the world is not just messy but on fire everywhere you look. It’s not only ISIS although that’s bad enough, we’ve got Putin trying to re-form the old Soviet Union, the Chinese coming after us, North Korea still sits there with nukes ready to go if they can find a delivery system that works, Iran busily building their nukes while the Grand Mufti dithers and dawdles.

          Never mind the missing planes in Libya as the terrorists take over Libya. What a wonderful world he had made for everyone. He’s in insane.


  3. Bob Roller said:

    Don’t worry,the Golfer in Chief will sanction them for this terrible crime against humanity.


  4. Time for gifts of precious metals to well-deserving individuals who refuse to honor their commitments.


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