Wicked Commentary

This is another column by one of my favorite black writers, Mychal Massie.

The lies, half truths, distortions and the fomenting of black antipathy toward whites by racial agitators (including the mainstream media) have been exposed for what they are. Within that group, perhaps the guiltiest is Obama’s racial provocateur-in-chief, Eric Holder, who is supposed be a non-biased attorney general.

While in Ferguson, Missouri, Holder was quoted saying: “I am the attorney general of the United States, but I am also a black man.” To which I respond: Therein lies both the problem and the difference between Americans who are enslaved to skin pigmentation and those who are not.

It’s too bad Holder cannot get beyond being a color. Holder and those like him are individuals who believe there is something to be gained by going through life as a color with a chip on their shoulders. The reality, however, is that people like Holder ascribe to a self-imposed slave plantation mentality that is far more dehumanizing than the most pernicious instances of Jim Crow.

This is 2014 – not the 1850s Deep South. I am a free man, an American, and I was bred and born a free man and an American. Why would I reduce myself to something as singularly unimportant as “a skin pigmentation”? I know that which I have just said will make the heads of race mongers explode. They are fixated on race to the extent that it is all they can see. Free-minded masters of our own destinies under God – such as myself and other Americans of color who embrace all that America is and all that America has provided for people of every race, color, and creed – are a threat to the Holders of this nation.

As I said to Glenn Beck on his television show, I do not enter a store as a black man. I enter as Mychal Massie, a man who is there to make a purchase, waste time, or whatever. But I will not go through my life fixated on proving I am something special as a means of overcoming an inculcated sense of inferiority based on the color of my skin. It is because those like me are free that we are ostracized, threatened and looked upon with disfavor by those who have shackled themselves to an existence that rejects modernity.

One of my Facebook friends put it this way: “You see there is a new religion called Blackness. Many [blacks] are devoted to our skin more than we are devoted to Jesus. Being Black is more important than Jesus.”

It is as simple as 1-2-3. As long as blacks focus more energy on being black than they do propriety and modernity, they will be slaves to a vitriolic heterodoxy designed to destabilize America and enslave a populace of same.

Holder claimed that he was able to identify with the people of Ferguson and the racial tensions that were used to fuel rioting because he could “remember being stopped on the New Jersey Turnpike on two occasions and accused of speeding” – traffic stops that ended with his car being searched, which he said humiliated and angered him.

Unlike Holder, I’ve never participated in an unprovoked armed takeover of a building on a college campus, but I have been stopped for speeding more times than I care to count, including on the New Jersey Turnpike, and I have never in my life had my automobile searched nor questioned pursuant to whether or not I was carrying contraband. I should also point out that a brilliant work by City Journal’s Heather MacDonald detailed what race mongers and liberals intentionally omit pursuant to traffic stops of blacks vs. whites on the New Jersey Turnpike. Suffice it to say that once again, the facts disprove the racial histrionics and hysteria.

Every black person who has ever been stopped for speeding or another traffic violation and was not ordered from your automobile with your hands above your head while your vehicle was searched for contraband, raise your hands.

Holder’s rhetoric was deplorable and intended to do one thing and one thing only – foment more discord and more violence. Holder is looking for reasons to wrench the investigation away from Ferguson law enforcement and bring it under his purview. His objective is to ensure a predetermined outcome of the investigation and punishment for the police shooting of Michael Brown.


This is the man, Massie, who wrote that Obama and Michelle behaved like trailer trash getting into the White House on a lottery win. Oh, so true. And how they’ve proven over and over what trash they are.

As a black man himself, Massie sees what the unjust Holder is up to in Ferguson. Does Darren Wilson have a chance in hell of him getting justice especially with Holder heading up the game? 

It screams of someone asking, this time the outraged blacks in Ferguson, “someone  throw this game away so we win”.  In walks Holder, one of the biggest racists in this country. In his case he has power that other blacks do not have. He can get things done the way blacks want. He can make sure that this cop never gets any justice in this latest scream, “white cop kills black teen”.

The other night a black cop killed a white person?  Have you heard any screams or riots over that?  No and you won’t.  That is not important, whitey doesn’t count.  Whiteys are to be gunned down and killed as they are so very bad and racist.

The blacks, since the Grand Mufti Obama took office, are now reclaiming the old canard that whitey is so racist they must be killed. Blacks have been killing whites around the country and what do you see on the news about that.  No, of course not because we whiteys of today must once again pay for our sins of keeping slaves.

I’ve got some news for these racist blacks. Some of us were not even here when slavery took place. My grand parents were not even here during slavery. Our grandparents came from other countries like mine did from Russia, and Belgian on the other side of my family. They never held slaves.

In Russia my grand parents were already slaves in Russia and fled to America. And guess what, as immigrants here they worked hard with no help from the government to make a life for themselves and each generation after them did better.  That’s how it works. You get a job, work hard and climb the ladder to a better life.

So hey all of you racist blacks out there, don’t blame me for slavery. I had nothing to do with it.  Look to your demonrats who you keep voting for and see just who is keeping you on the plantation with all those freebies you are not willing to give up. That would mean getting a job. 



Comments on: "Eric Holder: Black and Miserable" (17)

  1. Holder and the NBPP
    Obama and the Beer Garden Summit
    Obama and “If I had a son, he’d be like Trayvon”
    Holder, et al, and the rush to judgment whenever a black is killed by a white
    Obama, Holder, et al and their silence on whites being harmed and killed in “The Knockout Game”.

    The total lack of common sense and maturity in reliving the ancient past, is beyond my comprehension. Yesterday’s culture should lead to today’s exhibit of growth and maturity, and not reliving the horrors and injustices perpetrated within the culture of yesteryear. One thing that blacks don’t seem to remember, or choose to overlook: It was the Barbary pirates and the fellow Africans who sold their fellow Africans into the slave trade. But they choose to disremember and ignore that little factoid.

    I fully agree, Pepper, about our ancestors not having slaves. Mine came from Germany and Sweden in the late 1800’s – the 1880’s, to be more precise. And I REFUSE to accept any guilt or regret not of my own choosing, and not of my own doing. Whether it is of my parents, grandparents, or my white culture. I am a HUMAN, as is every other being of reason on the face of this planet. As such, I have a responsibility to be the best I can be, and grow to the limits (and even exceed those limits) of which I am capable.

    And I have the obligation and the responsibility to assist you, to the extent I can, to assist you in achieving your maximum potential. I share no responsibility for your Beingness, nor for your past.
    ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Excellent comment. I’m glad you brought up the Knockout Game because that was one thing I was speaking about but for the life of me I couldn’t think of the word.

      I find it incomprehensible too that blacks want to go back to the slave days and expect compensation out of us who never even lived during those days. I’ll bet few blacks are alive today who recall actual slavery. Perhaps some of the older folks who had slave grand parent. But it’s not the older ones were having so much trouble.

      And I’m glad you mentioned the Barbary coast the slave trading back then.

      The rest of what you said is outstanding. I agree with it all.


    • Excellent, Grouchy. Beer gardens, hadn’t heard that term in a long time.

      You mean the knockout game — that fictional, made up thing, that has no reality to it? A product of hate-filled bigots imagination. Yea, and nothing from holder about it. As someone said we now have a JustUs department.


  2. The welfare state perpetuates poverty, racism, and power of the politicians.


  3. Donna Rabus said:

    A friend of mine who is black and lives in New York City sent me this news story:



    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Donna,

      Well i am not surprise over this even though I disagree with those kind of pamphlets. But wait until the elections come about and there is a huge backlash against immigration and the demonrats. At least that is my hope.


  4. Davetherave said:

    Another excellent piece by Massie. A black man that truly understands the truth.

    Blacks are blacks biggest problem in this era. The numerous high profile race baiters are able to smoke screen way too many other blacks in the US. I find it rather disturbing that so many blacks believe what the race baiters tell them as opposed to being like Massie and taking responsibility for their own lives and actions.

    We’ve spoke on this subject many time Pepp. The Demonrat Party didn’t like the Republican party allowing blacks freedom from plantations, so they put the majority of blacks back on the Demonrat plantation. Very sad story really, but they let happen to themselves.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      I too love Massie. He speaks with plain common sense. I sure wish others would. We do have a lot of these kind of men around but they get shunned by blacks. I guess they don’t want to know the truth.

      Yes, we have spoken about this many times. It is sad indeed that they are unwilling to vote for anyone other than a demonrat. But, at times, my sympathy disappears when I see things like Ferguson. The demonrat plantation is full of these blacks who look no further than the noses on their faces. They are so full of hatred and bigotry, and they won’t look at what the dems have done to them. But, those freebies sure stand in the way of ever having to think about who you will vote for.


      • Good point Pepp and again I think it’s so sad. Freebies in lieu of pride and that’s what my personal opinion of what it comes down to. The race baiters do nothing to promote pride in the black community, our public school system for the most part does nothing to promote pride in the black community…etc. Anyone that does (I.E. Massie) are called Uncle Toms and completely shunned.

        Last thought: white folks for the most part don’t do anything to promote pride in the black community either. Too many white folk still feel guilty over slavery. Too many white folk are just flat out scared to say what they really feel.

        Bottom line however, is blacks need to get themselves out the situation they’re now in. No one behind them cracking a whip anymore….


  5. Trading the cotton fields for urban slavery has left the inner city blacks just as bad off, if not worse off than they were. Which was pretty bad.


  6. You pretty much nailed it, as did Massie. Blacks who keep voting for democrats based on the SIX decades of being told the SAME bullshit by the cruds deserve to be kept in bondage. After all, they ARE voting FOR it. Wake up, black Americans. You’ve been played for suckers by guilty white liberals for FAR too long.


  7. Good article Pepp, and excellent commentary. Massie breaks it wide open, and it is being a slave to race. Unfortunately, we see no end in sight. And all they know is how to escalate things not calm them. (guys like West and Carson are attacked)

    It only takes a few of their indispensable race-baiters to stir it up. And the proof of the pudding is when they spew that rhetoric, they cheer as if to say: “you tell ’em !!!” But in reality who Al, Jesse, and Louis are telling is them. Keep them all on the happy plantation….which doesn’t look all that happy to me.


  8. Pepp, this reminds me of videos and news about people in Chicago being fed up and calling out Obama and the Al’s and threatening them with political insurrection (which is sorely needed). I don’t know what happens after, but I’ve seen the anger and disgust. Then along comes something like Ferguson and organizers(activists) line them back up on the same side, as if there is a side. But I did hear scads of dissatisfaction in the black community. Doing the same thing, over and over, getting the same results.


  9. Excellent post and comments.

    Whenever I am in the company of blacks that drone on about whitey, I always ask them to name a single white man that has screwed them over.

    In response, I always get the doe in the headlights look.

    They can’t name one because none ever have, but they have been programmed to believe it’s true.


  10. willibeaux said:

    Pepp! We can thank “tombstone Lyndon” for our sad state of affairs. His Great Society turned out to be a bust and has led to the current crop of low-info voters. Zero has made things worst and it may take years for America to return to its greatness.


  11. peppermintfarm said:

    Thank all of you for your great comments. I’ve been sick the past several days and still recovering. I apologize for not getting to each of your comments individually, but I appreciate each and everyone of you.


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