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ISIS Hands On Oil

We liberated Iraq from a vicious dictator, only to have the uber-left Democrat President lost it to the very jihadists we sought to defeat –

Now it’s not oil for food, it’s oil for jihad.

The Islamic State now controls seven oil fields and two small refineries in northern Iraq, bringing in as much as $2 million per day, as experts warn that the oil flow will continue translating into terror funds for militants if unchecked.

Add it to the long list of Obama’s epic failures, or perhaps successes, if you are — as he seems very much to be — pro-jihad.

Islamic State’s thirst for blood has the world on edge, but its equally insatiable yearning for oil could prove a “catastrophe” for the global economy if the terror organization isn’t stopped, experts say.

The jihadist group, formerly known as ISIS, now controls seven oil fields and two small refineries in northern Iraq, bringing in as much as $2 million per day by selling up to 40,000 barrels via middlemen in illicit deals. The black market oil sells for roughly $25 to $60 per barrel, compared to the current market rate of $102, according to Luay al-Khatteeb, founder and executive director of the Iraq Energy Institute. And while this is a veritable drop in the global bucket of oil production, the crude spigot will continue translating into terror funds for Islamic State militants if unchecked, al-Khatteeb and other experts told FoxNews.com.

“Unless we choke this organization’s revenues, and the areas it’s able to access revenues, it’s going to keep growing,” said Denise Natali, a senior research fellow for the Institute for National Strategic Studies. “The Iraqi government has announced it now, but this has been going on for months.”

“Unless we choke this organization’s revenues, and the areas it’s able to access revenues, it’s going to keep growing.”

Read more:  http://pamelageller.com/2014/08/islamic-states-control-sale-iraq-oil-lead-global-catastrophe.html/


Now isn’t that nice to know. How many countries are buying oil from ISIS only to fund their own deaths?  And since our fearless leader has squashed means of extracting from our oil rich nation, just think, we can fund our own attack by ISIS. More money for them to buy and devise what their plans are to attack us.

We can’t even get the Keystone pipeline going due to this loon in the White Mosque. Thanks King Barry.  You are such a great Muslim.  You have kept us dependent on Muslim oil.


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  1. Your point about funding their own deaths is spot on. It would seem a no-brainer to stop any and all oil purchases from these animals and thus choke off their ability to finance their endeavors.

    The problem is that the world is populated with whores.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      You sure got that right. So many whores who will take up the bargain ISIS is offering selling the oil at much reduced prices than OPEC. What country would want to pass that up? And it’s all to their own demise. Just stupid.


  2. Hi pepper, thank you for the post. Lots of deeply concerning issues with ISIS and many others while opuke pays golf. It makes you wonder who is actually running our country. There almost has to be a scheme deeper and more corrupt than anyone’s wildest imagination can ponder. I am beyond astounded of opuke’s non-involvement is any thing except hitting the campaign trail. As I mentioned before get prepared for the worse that is yet to come.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Walt,

      You are most welcome. Yes there are plenty of issues about ISIS to concern all of us. And like you said there goes our King Barry off to the golf course as if nothing is going on. It’s his usual MO. I think there is more to the eye here too. Yesterday Hagel came out and said this is a threat we’ve never faced before, (paraphrasing) but never said what we’d do about it. Probably nothing.

      Yep, I think the worst is to come also. I can’t see anything good coming out of this mess.


    • Walt,
      I believe it is almost an open secret, that Valerie Jarrett has been the power behind the throne since before Zero became a presidential candidate in 2007. She terrifies me even more than Zero does.


  3. Pepper, This post can be summed up in one word: TERRIFYING.
    Zero has this country in a situation more convoluted than the proverbial Gordian Knot.

    And there’s nothing in Congress strong enough to stand out and say, ENOUGH~!


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Yes, indeed it is terrifying. I find the whole of ISIS terrifying to say the least. I don’t want my grand kids beheaded and stuck up on sticks for everyone to view the horror of these monsters. That is what bothers me the most. The safety of my grand kid. I want them to grow up and be safe.

      You bet, that Zero has us in a Gordian knot. I keep wondering when Congress will demand something be done about this. It’s way past due.


  4. Bob Roller said:

    Americans are a heavily armed country in spite of all the opposition our Glorious Mugwump has mustered against the 2nd Amendment and are getting and stocking and stashing more in anticipation. Our very survival depends on our willingness to do what has to be done no matter how distasteful it is.I have heard there are a number of the ISIS traitor Americans here and while they can’t really rally a lot of help,they can be dangerous while running amuck.I do NOT travel unarmed for any reason even to the grocery store.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      I agree, we are a well armed nation, but it won’t do any good against a dirty bomb, possibly set off in several cities all at once. They are the most well funded terrorist organization there has ever been and I’m sure they can get whatever they need for a hellacious attack. But, by all means, stay armed.


  5. Davetherave said:

    Great, but very disturbing info Pepp. “It’s been going on for months, but the Iraqi gubmint just announced it.” Oh yeah…Maliki was doing a great job for not only his country, but the entire world!! And he wondered why he was forced out?? REALLY???

    I’d really like to know how long Barry has known this has been going on??? I’d hate to even guess, but I’d bet he didn’t just find out.

    The free world members leaders are just flat out dumb asses! The dipsh*ts at large just don’t seem to get that these damn radical, psychotic, pedophile worshipers are like a stage five cancer that the only cure left is to cut them out of the picture completely. They just watch it spread and kill every organism in its path.

    Of course you do have folks like Barack Hussein Obama (now that’s a good Irish name!!) doing everything they can to assist the barbarians, but is every free world leader in on this?????


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Dave, yes it is very disturbing to say the least. The Iraq government did not just announce this. Maliki asked for help from us months ago and our King Mufti did nothing but sit on his hands.

      And what does it matter if there is an inclusive government in Iraq. There is still ISIS which is a threat to our national security. Not only has the Grand Mufti done nothing, his national security team told him. They’ve known for quite some time back to January from what I’m reading and it could be longer.

      So no he didn’t just find out now. He may act like he just found out but he’s a pathological liar.

      Isn’t it galling that the Grand Mufti tells Maliki to have an inclusive government when he himself is not inclusive here. He’s done everything to divide us.

      You are so right about this group being like a cancer. It needs to be wiped out any way possible as far as I’m concerned. We have the weaponry to do so.

      I don’t know about the other free world leaders, but I do know they have very limited abilities in weaponry and armies that we always have to be the one to take the lead and do the heavy lifting. Their socialist programs don’t leave room for any money for armies. Another reason NOT to have socialism.


  6. Its pretty sad. How is it they can control that oil and refineries? Like you, I wonder who has been buying the black market, jihad oil? And they are probably re-selling which means it is laundered and profitable. So its blood oil. And King fungus broadcasts that we are not going back to Iraq, nope, we’re not, we’re not. What the hell did he expect? Another Obama created nightmare from Penna. Ave. Meanwhile he is pretty much telling the Saudis, no way will I let them develop any more resources. They say thank you Mao-bama.


    • Well that should prove to even the dumbest student that you don’t buy them off or bargain/negotiate with them.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Any and all nations who want cheap oil I guess. Dumber than dirt. LOL! King Fungus. 😀

      Yeah, right on the Saudis. I’m sure they are thrilled with him.

      No you don’t buy off or negotiate with terrorists but it seems the Grand Mufti loves doing it. I wouldn’t doubt we are buying oil from ISIS.


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