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The Hamas trap: hidden labyrinth was wired for war
Paul Sheehan August 04, 2014

Illustration: michaelmucci.com hidden labyrinth in Gaza
Israeli security thought it had adequate intelligence about Gaza. It was in for a surprise. It was not just the labyrinth of tunnels discovered, much more extensive than expected, but the stockpiles: thousands of weapons, Russian anti-tank missiles, explosive devices, and large amounts of tranquilizers, handcuffs, syringes, ropes. The tools of capture on a large-scale.

Some of the tunnels are very deep, big enough to hold vehicles. They were dug with electric jack hammers, mostly about 20 meters below ground, and reinforced with concrete made on site, in workshops next to the tunnels.

The tunnels served as command centers, infiltration points into Israel, weapons stores, rocket-launcher hiding sites, and the means to move and conceal fighters during urban combat. The tunnels dug into Israel were created in parallel pairs, with multiple shafts to the surface for multiple entry points. Inside urban Gaza, the labyrinth could allow fighters to move unseen between homes and alleys.

Gaza had been wired for war. On a scale more advanced than Israeli military intelligence realized, which is why the Israel Defense Forces lost more than 40 soldiers in the first phase of Operation Protective Edge.

Areas of cities were laced with hundreds of booby-traps. The commander of the IDF Gaza Division, Brigadier-General Mickey Edelstein, said that in a single street in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, his soldiers had found booby-traps in 19 of 28 homes. Three Israeli soldiers were killed by an explosive device when they entered a building*. The IDF has conceded it was surprised by the scale of the bomb traps across Gaza.

Israel is thus engaging in very limited ground combat in Gaza, given the whole area is a booby-trap of explosives, ambush and civilian targets. The largest known military control center for Hamas was placed in the basement of a hospital.

The IDF’s use of bombing has created a heavy civilian cost.
‘‘Hamas planned these tunnels for years, and planned to use them to kidnap soldiers,’’ chief official for the IDF Brigadier-General Moti Almoz told a recent media briefing.

Actually, since then it has emerged that Hamas had a broader agenda. Kidnappings can deliver psychological blows to Israel but not strategic ones. Hamas wanted strategic blows. It wants jihad. Having devoted so much to war preparations, by some estimates 40 per cent of its budget, Hamas, with Iran, created the capacity for a major strike on Israel.

Israeli intelligence is assembling evidence from the tunnel labyrinth and from captured Hamas members, that the scale of the effort was to have the capacity to launch a coördinated attack involving thousands of the approximately 15,000 fighters Hamas has trained in Gaza.

Hamas had also doubled its rocket arsenal between 2012 and this year, with hundreds of missiles with the range to reach Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, according to head of IDF military intelligence research Brigadier-General Itai Brun. Bigger missiles had been on their way in March, supplied by Iran and sourced in Syria. But the cargo ship Klos-C, an Iranian vessel under a Panamanian flag, carrying a load of M-302 surface-to-surface missiles, was intercepted by Israeli Navy Special Forces in the Red Sea.

With each revelation in recent weeks, the mood in Israel is that Operation Protective Edge has averted a catastrophe for the country, a mass terror attack, emerging from underground, incubated by the implacable hatred of Hamas.

The sheer scale of the war infrastructure revealed guarantees that Israel is far from done with this operation. It does not yet know the full-scale of what was built and it wants this springboard of war and attrition destroyed. Tunnels have also been discovered in the West Bank, some stocked with bomb-making materials.

This is why the Israel government and public reacted with fury when US Secretary of State John Kerry suggested last week that Israel agree to a ceasefire which included a cessation of its operation to find and destroy tunnels. The proposal was deemed preposterous. (Numerous references to Kerry’s facelift reflected the scorn with which his intervention was held.) Even famously pacifist Israeli author Amos Oz has been moved to condemn Hamas for creating a web of warfare through the civilian population of Gaza.

At the other end of the political spectrum Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, the leader of the nationalist Jewish Home party, said of the war preparations uncovered: ‘‘Without the ground operation, we would have woken up one day to an Israeli 9/11.’’

Such is the nature of the Israel-Palestinian debate that many people regard all this as Israel reaping what it sows. Even as Israel strikes against a war machine, it is blamed for creating the conditions which created the threat.

The result of this logic trap – and the differing standard applied to killings by Jews and killing by Muslims – is that more media coverage and outrage has been directed at Israel for the unintended deaths of children in Gaza than has been directed at the butchery of Muslims by Muslims, on a massive scale, in Iraq and elsewhere.

In Syria alone, three years of war have seen between 120,000 and 170,000 people killed, including more than 11,000 children. This violence has spilled into Iraq, with atavistic massacres of prisoners by jihadists from Islāmic State.

The deep animosities which are the greatest source of this bloody absolutism could even be heard on the streets of Sydney last week, in the chants of demonstrators, some waving the black flag of the Islāmic State: ‘‘Palestine is Muslim land … Jew and Christian will not stand … From Lakemba to Gaza … You can never stop Islam.’’


So seeing this what is so hard to understand why Israel has to destroy these tunnels to protect their people.  I watched an interview with Bibi Netanyahu last night with Hannity. Bibi keeps making his case over and over why he has to do what he is doing.  He said they (Israel) stand for life, not death as Hamas does.  Most of the world has condemned Israel for the killing of women and children in Gaza, but that is Hamas using them for human shields because they have no respect for life.  Their own charter reads that Israel must not exist.

This seems to be the rule of the day, everything is turned upside down, where good is bad and bad is good.  Hamas is a terrorist group which our own government named. But our Dictator in Chief shies away from calling them a “terrorist group”.  Why?  Because he supports these terrorist groups. They are his Muslim Brothers.

Last night the Dictator appeared on TV telling us that we were dropping food and water on the mountain in Iraq where thousands of Christians are trapped with limited air strikes. But he needs to go further and strike by air the whole of ISIS without batting an eye. And we need to leave Israel do its’ operation to get rid of the Hamas threat.

A hat tip to Bill W. for sending me this article.



Comments on: "The Hamas Trap: hidden labyrinth was wired for war" (13)

  1. Pepp
    We have a good Israeli friend who is connected to the UN and the Hague – can’t use email but if we ever meet can tell you some stories.


  2. Hamas worships the god of Molok. That’s the only thing I can see. How any culture can sacrifice its children, the fruit of the wombs of the wives and women, to death and dismemberment, then brag about it~!, and the mothers wail their joyous refrains that their child is a martyr, this is all beyond my ability to comprehend. But then, I love life and beauty, and peace and the pleasant interaction with my fellow human. To me, there is little that is more beautiful on a person, male or female, than a heartfelt smile. And laughter is a musical symphony~!


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Since we celebrate life it is beyond our comprehension to Imagine such sick stuff as wanting your children to be martyrs and Hamas putting up women and children as shields. One thing I would say is that the Hamas men are cowards. Bibi said last night the the Hamas men go into bomb shelters to protect themselves while getting the women and children killed.

      Like you Grouchy, I love life, beauty and interaction with other humans. I can’t imagine doing this to even my worst enemy. Life is too precious to me.


    • Davetherave said:

      Great comment Grouchy!!


  3. What a great article and good commentary, Pepp. Upside down and inside out, is about right. Even the worst theorists are surprised how vast the terror tunnels were.

    The whole region is a war apparatus, what a shocker. All the work and employment that went into that, then the jihad camps, then the thousands of fighters they have. Its all for one purpose. I read where Sep 21st would have been a huge terrorist attack. But these a-holes who criticize them…. well the facts are out for anyone who wants to see and still they play these games.

    It is not possible the UN did not know about a lot of this. It is the ultimate culture of death. Yet they throw this word “occupation” around and we know what they mean. But how many on the Left and in the media use that term?


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Bull.

      Yes, everything is so convoluted these days. It can make a person feel crazy if you let it.

      Wow, I guess if there was going to be a massive attack on Sept. 21rst the Israelis got a lot of it just in time. What I wonder is how many more of these tunnels they still have left in Gaza to Israel.

      I’m sick of the little games the world community plays in this and I even read that the UN knew all along Hamas stored bombs in the UN facilities, then when found turned them back over to Hamas. What kind of crap is that???????

      I would say just about everyone in the left and the biased media use the term “occupation”. It’s disgusting. And just look what Hamas did with all that free concrete they were given to build hospitals, schools, and businesses. And now they broke another cease fire. Their cease fire demands are ridiculous and how could Israel ever accept such demands. Occupied my butt!


  4. Davetherave said:

    Excellent article Pepp! Buffoons like Kerry, O’Bastard…and let us not forget a true moron buffoon Jimmy Jam Carter, talk of cease fires, peace through negotiations, peace through giving the murderous Hamas whatever they want, while Hamas is building Tunnels of Terror right underneath Israel.

    I support Israel 100%. I support Bibi 100%. I despise Hamas and their supporters 100%. The fact is the only way Israel will ever truly know peace is for every damn towel head terrorist group to be destroyed. I give Israel a lot of credit for the patience they shown time and after time and not already have blown Palestine into the Mediterranean Sea!!


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Thanks. Yes, the buffoon brigade are downright morons. Since when do we force another country to negotiate with terrorists? Oh, that’s right, we do now with our Dictator.

      Like you I support Israel and Bibi 100% too or should I say 135%. You’ll get the joke on that one. 🙂

      What you said is true not only killing off Hamas but all the terrorist groups. There will be no kind of peace with the camel dung eaters until they are all dead.

      Not only has Bibi been patient but they send leaflets, text messages, and phone calls to the Palestine people letting them know they are going to bomb a place and to get out of their houses. What more can Israel do? The onus is on Hamas, the culture of death.


  5. How does that Bible verse go, “Cast not your pearls before swine, lest they trample them underfoot, then turn and rend you~!” ???

    The world gave hamas the goods to build a culture with, and used those same goods as tools of the grantors destruction.

    How sad can that be~!!~??


  6. Gar Swaffar said:

    What a swell bunch of people those Hamas leadership folks are. Just like Idi Amin and Pol Pot.


  7. Same old narrative : “It’s all Israel’s fault”. BULLSHIT. BiBi, IGNORE Obama, and the rest of the “diplomatic corp”, ESPECIALLY John F-ing Kerry, along with the Arab pimps of the U-frigging-N. Good post, Pepp. The whole Gaza strip needs to be levelled, bulldozed, filled in, and start over.


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