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From the Stars and Stripes site.

By Lolita C. Baldor

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — About 550 Army majors, including some serving in Afghanistan, will soon be told they have to leave the service by next spring as part of a budget-driven downsizing of the service.

Gen. John Campbell, the vice chief of the Army, acknowledged Friday that telling troops in a war zone that they’re out of a job is a difficult task. But he said some of the soldiers could join the National Guard or the Army Reserve.

The decision to cut Army majors comes on the heels of a move to slash nearly 1,200 captains from the ranks. Army leaders were criticized at the time for giving 48 of them the bad news while they were deployed to Afghanistan.

The Army declined to say how many majors will be notified while they are at the battlefront.

“The ones that are deployed are certainly the hardest,” Campbell told reporters. “What we try to do there is, working through the chain of command, minimize the impact to that unit and then maximize the time to provide to that officer to come back and do the proper transition, to take care of himself or herself, and the family.”

Campbell said it’s difficult to avoid cutting deployed soldiers because of the timing schedules.

All the soldiers being forced to leave have probably already been given a heads-up that they were at risk of the job cut and will meet with a senior officer, according to the Army.

Those who are cut have nine months to leave the Army. And the soldiers who are deployed, including those in Afghanistan, will generally have about a month to move out of that job and go home to begin to transition out of the service.

The cuts have been difficult for many young officers, particularly captains, who tend not to have enough years in service to retire.

To make the cuts, the Army looked at about 8,500 majors who joined the service between 1999 and 2003. Some may have about 15 years of service, depending on all factors that go into credit for years of service, and might be able to retire, but many won’t have enough time in the job, Campbell said

Guard and reserve leaders are looking for officers, especially captains, so there could be opportunities for the soldiers to continue to serve, he said.

After 13 years of war that forced a significant and rapid build-up of the Army to about 570,000, the military now has to reduce its combat forces to meet budget cuts.

The Army has close to 514,000 soldiers now, but will have to be down to 510,000 by October, shrink to 490,000 by October 2015 and be down to 450,000 by 2019. In addition, if Congress doesn’t act to prevent automatic budget cuts from resuming, the Army may eventually have to get down to 420,000 — a size that that leaders say may not allow them to wage even one major, prolonged military campaign.

The Army tried to avoid some cuts by slowing enlistments and using attrition and some voluntary separations. It also has been combing through files looking for soldiers with disciplinary or other problems in their annual evaluations to weed out lower-performing officers first, officials said.


Well, let’s send out another message to our enemies why don’t we?  With the constant pull down of our military we look even weaker than we did.  Thanks to the guy who wants us to be attacked.  I expect another attack on the US probably sooner than later. Not only are we letting people we don’t even know across our borders, we have to shrink our military. Thanks Dictator in Chief for nothing.






Comments on: "Army to force out 550 majors; some in Afghanistan" (15)

  1. thecrawfish said:

    Where all the services need to cut is Admirals and Generals, and associated staff positions. The Navy has twice as many (at least) Admirals as it has ships! There are a ton of bureaucratic commands with lots of people that serve little purpose for the military mission.
    Another place for HUGE savings would be combining like functions of the services into single joint commands. It is already being done somewhat in the realm of logistical/transport aircraft. A combined and streamlined military supply system could save big bucks!


    • Fish, I’m curious to hear your position on our current Joint Chief of Staff due to your military background. And when should these Admirals and Generals be cut? What time frame would be good to institute your other suggestions? I’m very curious due to your input with your background.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Thanks for your input since it adds more to the story. I think the Joint Chiefs of Staff should go except for the Marine who finally talked out about Obama’s decisions not being good ones. But, I’m sure he will disappear off the face of the map.


  2. Donna Rabus said:

    Obama regime is doing everything to make our military weaker. Without these officers, that is what will happen. Our country will only be made more unsafe, and that is what obama wants for us.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      I completely agree with you.
      And indeed we are becoming more unsafe as the days pass. Thanks for your input which I value.


  3. willibeaux said:

    Pepp! Of all of the horse’s @zz actions, this has got to be one of the worse. The sad part is many may not have their 20 years in so that they can retire. Uggg!


    • peppermintfarm said:


      I’m glad you brought that up about their pensions. Most likely that is another reason he’s letting them go, no pensions for their valuable service to our country, but he can take all he wants. Ugg is right.


  4. He said he would fundamentally transform America. The clingers-on rooted “HOORAY~!”,,,
    After the Islamic State takes over, I wonder if they’ll still shout “HOORAY~!”, or if they’ll meekly submit to the sword, or the jizya, or if they’ll convert and become a part of the problem, even more than they are now???

    This a##whole is beyond disgraceful.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Grouchy,

      Oh, I think the liberals will just bend and convert to Islam. They think it’s so great anyway, the religion of peace as we always hear out their moronic mouths. Then I hope they just cut their heads off anyway like they are doing in Iraq.

      Beyond disgraceful is true and actually there are no words to describe it unless we get really foul on here.


  5. Excellent informative post Pepp! Please forgive my recent absence, but I feel like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest up here right now.

    So the Muzzie In Chief has declared seasoned Majors and Captains be booted, while I see ad’s on TV in my liberal cesspool everyday where every branch of the military is recruiting. WOW…that tells an entire story in itself. They’ve also declared soooo many wanting to sign up can’t pass the basic intelligence test to enter our great military. WOW…that tells another story about our union ran, public education system. Don’t get me started on that subject.

    O’Bastard wants the only people with “any” power to worship at his feet and believe the camel jockey, butchering, murderous towel heads should be treated with respect. Well I say piss on all the towel heads, along with our Traitor and Chief. I pray to our Lord there are special sections of torment in hell for all those misguided nuts!


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Dave, I know you are busy. Grateful you came by.

      I don’t think there is much to add to your comment since you once again did not hold back anything. :-). But that’s OK, tell it like it is, you brave soul.


  6. Hi Pepper, thank you for the article. The beat goes on with this mad man we have in the Whitehouse. I have been in awe how one butt hole can accomplish Sooo many negatives toward our beloved country in rapid fire everyday and sometimes multiple times a day.
    I read an article recently and I am not 100% sure it was from a reliable source, but it put it all in perspective for me. The gist of the article was about how king couldn’t even tie his shoe laces due to his level of incompetency and that he is a puppet for Soros. The article stated some of what Soros controls, like all the media, mega banks and even the Democratic party. The article stated that Soros is a evil parasite and his grasp, greed, and gluttony have a global reach and how he has been working to destroy American all for the sake of his own power. If there is a hint of truth to the article, which I believe there is, the king is a rag doll on a string.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Oh, so true. One day of madness after another. It’s like a leaky faucet that won’t stop dripping and drives ya nuts at night while you try to sleep.

      The article you read is true. Soros controls everything. He has billions of dollars. For bringing the economy down in Hungary, (I think) he was ousted and not allowed back into the country. He wants to destroy as many countries as he can, he even said that on Charlie Rose show. He doesn’t even try to hide his machinations. He said it’s fun for him. And yeah, the King is a puppet. I don’t think he could walk and chew gum at the same time. But he’s evil.


  7. Gar Swaffar said:

    Perfect! Another erosion and emasculation of this Nation’s military as the ChiComs build theirs up……I’m sure glad I like wonton soup.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Yeah, perfect for the Dictator is it not? Well I’m glad I like sweet and sour soup.


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