Wicked Commentary

It’s almost easy to see why our country is going down the path of destruction.

It is quite simple.  We or some of the people have no Christian/Judea values anymore.

If we did stand by our principles and morality we would not be in the situation we are in today, the fall of our once great country.

Take for example, abortion. It is murder of babies. It was sanctioned by the SCOTUS years ago.  If our moral values had been followed this would never have happened. Women, who were once shamed for getting pregnant out of wedlock, took to back street allies to get their abortions.  If we followed our morality, women would not get pregnant and would not seek abortions. There are too many options available to women today.  They no longer are shamed, they have birth control,  people are seeking to adopt babies. But, no it’s too easy to get “rid of that thing” in one’s uterus through abortion.  It is their so called right, but goes against our own Constitution about rights for all. So what happened to the rights of an unborn child?  Oh, that’s right now it’s now a “thing”.

Immorality runs rampant everywhere in our culture and kids are inflicted with it every day.  How can we expect our children to grow up with any morality when so much TV and ads are immoral? Porn all over the Internet. As parents we have to be vigilant at all times. But, no matter how vigilant, kids are exposed to filth constantly even in our public schools.

If we stuck to our principles, there would be no argument over what Israel is doing to defend itself from extinction.  Hamas is a terrorist group. But too many people are treating Hamas as if it is a sanctioned country instead of the barbarians they are.  What is  so hard to see that Hamas is out to destroy every Israeli off the face of the map, even having it in their charter.  It does not matter to the Jew haters who we thought had gone away after the shame and horror of the Holocaust. “Gas the Jews” is chanted in Germany.  Dear God, the shame of what Germany did to Jews must be long forgotten now.

Christianity and Judaism must be wiped out as it stands for values, morals, principles.  God has to be purged from our country because without God, we can do whatever we want. There is no one to answer to in the end.  No God or prayer in our public schools.  So what does that teach children? Patriotism treated like it was a crime.  Just look at how many things are destroyed from the fabric of our country just with those crazy things.

Our own flag is stomped on, burned, defecated on. To me that should be a crime, but instead it’s called “free speech”.  Speech?  It’s an act of violence to me.  How about pride in our country?  Liberals almost unanimously feel no pride.  Then why don’t they get out?  I’ll chip in on their tickets to
Cuba. We’re not perfect but we are the best country or used to be in the world. Why else would everyone try to come here?

With Muslims what is it they follow, God, or Mohammed, a pervert? Just what are their values? I can’t say I see much from them. Do you?

But, we accept them and laud them when there is absolutely no reason to do so.  What about our values on that one?  Where is the condemnation of their Holy War which is in full view but just “can’t be spoken” so we don’t “offend” these brutal people.

So what happened to personal responsibility?  When I grew up you were hammered with personal responsibility.  You had to do your school work. It was a must. You did chores. You didn’t get things for nothing. You got told you had to work. Money was not going to flow out of the hands of our parents.

We didn’t have our nuclear families destroyed. Most women stayed home taking care of their children.  Fathers worked hard to support their families. Kids were looked after and  if your parents were not home on a certain day, the neighbors watched everything and if you did something bad, you knew your parents would find out. It was a great check on your behavior because you would know when your parents got back home you were in deep doo doo.

Now we have neighborhoods with no one home all day long. Children are left to their own devices and many times they are not good ones.  Nuclear families are now gone.  Other than the parents who both have to work, the others are just working for all the material things they can collect, several wide screen TV screens, 2 and 3 cars, maybe a truck to go with them. Every electronic device there is must be gotten.  All of this is more important than giving their children what they really need.  And that is love, bonding, caring, a sold feeling of belonging,  teaching responsibility, helping their child develop their self esteem and skills, telling them over and over that if they work hard they can achieve almost anything they want.

So what happens when this kind of bonding does not happen at home?  Kids join gangs to feel a sense of belonging, but in the wrong way.  Kids used to make friends to play baseball, go swimming, bike ride during the day. Now we have kids joining “gangs” instead who many are into drugs, violence and feel no empathy because they never developed that within the family unit. If a child does not bond with family, that child knows no empathy. Bonding is one of the most important needs for a child to grow up to have feelings for others. Now we have sociopaths instead.

Please feel free to add your own examples if you wish of our loss of values, morality and principles.

I could go on with so many other examples of our values, morality and principles being thrown out, but it would take a book.  All I know is the country has changed so much from when I grew up and I don’t like it.




Comments on: "Christian/Judea Values MIA" (16)

  1. Good post.

    I don’t like it either.

    Don’t forget about all the homo stuff that has been forced on all of us. Homo marriage, homos in the military, homos on TV, homos in sports… good grief.

    Up is down, left is right, bad is good…. I hate it.

    Stalin was right. He claimed America would collapse from within.

    I weep for our country.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Yeah, the homo stuff. I couldn’t cover everything so I left it up to readers to add their things that are causing problems. Good pick on the homos.

      Stalin nailed it from his famous quote:

      “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

      Joseph Stalin

      I weep for our country too. This is all so sad.


  2. Great piece Pepp. You captured it perfectly. Maybe go on with a book. It sure is a sore spot to so many. It used to be funny seeing those emails about the fabulous fifties or something about roller skating in Central Park, etc comparing then to now. But now it so obvious those emails are a reminder of what was vs what is now.. A sad one.

    With all the technology and progress, look at schools failing at their job, our political system failing us. Well, yep it sure is real. I even think that kids generally will realize from some gift within that it wasn’t always like this and maybe want something better, something more substantive. Well, I can hope…


    • Wow, Pepp, I must have been on the same wavelength as you you or something. I was just thinking along those lines too.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Thanks. I kind of figured you’d be on the same wave length as me. I know what you mean about those emails containing nostalgia about the 50s etc. I can’t even look at them anymore. It is too sad like you said.

      I think there are lots of kids who have been brought up with values and morals. Look at those who join our military. They see something bigger than themselves, serving our country. They are a wonderful group of young people. I should have put that in my article. I didn’t really want to paint all young people with the same brush.

      As long as we have young people like them and others who actually believe in working we have a chance. At least I hope.


      • Pepper, a very sad commentary on the times, in reference our youth and the military.
        The military branches have stopped sponsoring NASCAR drivers. The return on investment of the National Guard, of all military branches, is $Zero.
        Selected Quotes:
        How many recruits did the National Guard sign up after spending $26.5 million on a sponsorship deal with NASCAR in 2012?

        Not one, according to a USA Today report.
        * * * * *
        The Guard received 24,800 recruiting prospects from the program in 2012, documents show. In those cases, potential recruits indicated the NASCAR affiliation prompted them to seek more information about joining. Of that group, only 20 met the Guard’s qualifications for entry into the service, and not one of them joined.
        * * * * *
        End of Selected Quotes

        The implications of this are horrendous.
        From other articles I have noticed, the drawbacks are, Tattoos, Drug use, and Morals charges, to include in that criminal convictions.

        As a Nation, we’re in DEEP doo-doo. And IMHO, it boils down to the abdication of parental responsibility and discipline.


        • peppermintfarm said:


          Wow, thanks for that info. I had no idea about that part with the military. How disheartening.

          I too blame it on parents who are not teaching their kids the basics we all learned growing up. That’s where the beginning is of shaping a child’s life.


  3. Gar Swaffar said:

    How bad is it? A doorknob was elected twice to ruin this nation….I mean run this nation…no, I got it right the first time.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      LOL! A doorknob! How right you are and right the first time, ruin this nation.


  4. Gar Swaffar said:

    And then…Hollyweird glorifies hookers, druggies, and Crazy Liberals to our youth. What else did we expect to come of that indoctrination except lunacy on steroids from the under 30 crowd now?


    • peppermintfarm said:


      That’s right. Too much from the Hollyweirds makes our youth dumb if you ask me. And most of these under 30 crowds get their news from the “Daily Show”. Now that is scary.


  5. Pepper, your post nails it perfectly. And the comments are spot-on as well.

    What is so darned heartbreaking is that this would all happen within our life-times. Sad is right, and I also weep for the generations behind me. Many of them have zero clue what will happen within their life times.


  6. Davetherave said:

    Great post Pepp and great/sincere comments…albeit I question one.?.? 🙂

    Don’t ya’ just love how Gar can always cut to the quick?? I admire sincerity, consistency and honesty…with the exception of the Sumbitch squatting in our WH. O’Bastard has our country turned so upside down the northern and southern hemispheres are confused where they belong on the map! That’s the end result when Barry and his Coo Koo nest put their radical, perverted agenda before God and country.

    And please allow me this moment to tell DeCaprio to kiss my ass and remind him he did not survive the Titanic sinking, so shut the hell up!!!


    • peppermintfarm said:


      LOL! Yeah I envy Gar’s pithy statements that sum it all up. No extra typing for him, saves on the typos.

      Yep, I think our two poles are so confused they are causing “climate change”. Hee, hee, so it’s all the Obastid’s fault, not any of us. Turn the heat off in the White Mosque, he’s using too much and attracting global warming.

      OK, fine. I don’t recall what DiCaprio said but I believe ya, Mr. Dave, no holds barred. 😀


  7. As usual Pepp, you captured what so many of us are thinking.

    So many of the areas that are touted as being “advancements” are examples of the diminution of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s as if the left understands that to weaken the country from within, they must wipe out everything that patriots hold dear.

    They’re right and the disappointing thing is, we’ve let them dictate what this new “improved” lifestyle should be. We, through our inaction and benign “acceptance,” are contributing to the demise of the America that we knew.

    I only hope that we’re not too late to recover.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      I think there are many people who don’t want to say what I did due to PC. I realize what I wrote goes against the crowd of people who would think of me as a real PIA dinosaur. But, I believe in what I said.

      I hope too that we are not too late for recovery.


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