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Antisemitism in Miami

Miami For Hamas
Miami was the site of a violent, pro-Hamas, pro-terror demo last week tied to the Hamas-tied CAIR. This is the poison fruit of CAIR’s incitement to hate and violence. Signs like this were displayed at the demo. Journalists were attacked shouting “We are all Hamas,” “We are all jihad.”
“I’m gonna kill you mother fucker, you and all the Israelis!” “You want a push, I’ll show you a push!” He’s a Zionist, this guy is not one of us, he’s a Zionist!” (code for Jew) On Sunday July 20, 2014, these violent and hateful words were combined with physical assaults against an innocent Jewish reporter in Miami Florida. On this beautiful sunny Florida day the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) crossed a cultural and maybe legal red line by sponsoring a HAMAS demonstration where this man, a Jewish reporter working undercover was identified and attacked by an angry crowd of HAMAS jihadists.
During the confrontation one of the HAMAS pulled out an improvised weapon and moved in to stab the Jewish reporter before someone stopped him while another CAIR jihadist made a clear, direct and profound threat to kill the reporter.
Clad in the war garb of the jihad, the keffiyeh, and chanting the Islamic death dirge, “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya yahud, jaish Muhammad sa yaoud.” The threat of Khaybar is the threat of extermination, harkening back to Muhammad’s annihilation of an entire tribe of Jews, the Qurayzah.

Miami For Hamas2

“Synagogue in North Miami Beach vandalized,” WSVN, July 27, 2014
NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) — Authorities are searching for the vandals who spray painted anti-Semitic messages on a South Florida synagogue.
Residents who voluntarily patrol the area discovered swastikas and the word, “Hamas” spray painted in red on columns on the Congregation Torah V’Emunah at 1000 NE 175th St, early Monday morning.
“I saw this and then I stopped and I said, ‘Wait a minute. What am I seeing here?’ and then I backed up again and I looked again and I immediately sent a text to the two supervisors,” said resident and neighborhood watchman Yona Lunger.
Residents are now trying to figure out who would want to desecrate their place of worship. “Absolute hate and why are you doing this, what have we done to you? We want to live at peace over here, we’re not fighting with you, we want to get along,” said Lunger. “We don’t go to any mosques, we don’t go spraying, anything like that. All we want to do is get along.”
Some residents are even concerned about their safety.
“I mean honestly it makes you question if it’s safe to walk around, wearing your yamaka, like how safe you really are in America,” said neighbor Josh Rosenberg.
Pictures of the defaced columns were posted on Facebook and many people around the world are reacting. “It’s like disgusting,” said Yossi Rosenberg.
The vandalism has since been removed.
This incident comes a day after a Miami Beach family’s vehicles were egged and defaced
with the words, “Jew” and “Hamas” smeared on the windshields.
These hate crimes are happening amid turmoil in Israel between Israelis and Palestinians. However, local residents are trying to figure out why they are being targeted. “Why would they do it here? If it’s all the way in Israel, why would they come here and do it,” said a young boy.
If you have any information on these crimes, call Miami-Dade Crime

Miami For Hamas

Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a reward.
MIAMI (CBSMiami) – For the second time in as many days, messages of hate targeted members of South Florida’s Jewish community.
Early Monday morning, spray painted swastikas and the word “Hamas” were discovered on the pillars in front of the Congregation Torah Ve’emunah, at 1000 NE 175th Street, in northeast Miami-Dade.

“It was the worst thing that one wants to see on his own place of worship,” said a member of the temple.
A member of the community watch discovered the vandalism around 1 a.m.
“As I was rolling by I noticed some coloring on the wall,” said Yona Lunger. “I back up again, looked again and I said ‘wow, it’s a swastika’. It’s very disturbing, very disturbing.”
On Saturday, a family who lives along Meridian Avenue in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Miami Beach found their cars had been vandalized as they left to attend a service at their synagogue.
“They wrote “Hamas” on the back of the car window and they wrote “Jew,’” said Joshua, who didn’t want us to publish his last name.
The two vehicles were covered with eggs and smeared with cream cheese, but it’s the meaning behind the words that left many in the predominantly Jewish community concerned.
“Since it was a Jewish holiday people were going back and forth and it was the talk of the neighborhood and they were all scared,” added Joshua. “That we have a hate crime in our own Jewish neighborhood.”
“Everyone was shocked,” said Rachel, whose car was also targeted. “No one knew what was going on, we’re like this is America, this is Miami. Why would we be targeted here? We’re supposed to be safe, free from anti-semitism.
With the escalating aggression between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East, some are wondering if the right abroad has now made it to their own home turf.
“It’s terrible and it really shows that the Islamic terrorists have taken this fight to the United States,” said Mark Goldstein.
“I think what has happened here is terrible and it should never happen,” said Pauletta Hayle. “if it happened over there it should stay over there. They shouldn’t bring it here.”
Police are investigating the actions as a potential hate crime and many in the neighborhood are now planning to install surveillance cameras.


You would think it’s bad enough that we are seeing hateful protests across the globe, but to see this kind of Antisemitism here in America is a shame on this country.

CAIR and Hamas lovers right here in our country.  Once again it begs the question why do we have these groups in here.  They are terrorists.  Where is the outrage over this?

Where is the lawless Eric Holder who would instantly charge a white person with a hate crime?  Nowhere to be seen or heard on this of course.  Muslims are off-limits about what they can do or say.  Bow to the Muslims because we are becoming a nation of Muslims.  We have not learned one damn thing watching Europe and what happened there with so many Muslims in their country. 


Comments on: "Antisemitism in Miami" (10)

  1. When we have cowardly muslim lovers, if not actual muslims, this is what we see. Where is CAIR’s ” love and tolerance” ? Good post.

    Sent from my iPhone



    • peppermintfarm said:


      CAIR, love and tolerance? Hmmmm……..I’m waiting to hear some of that. Better not, I’ll be waiting forever.


  2. Davetherave said:

    Good post Pepp about another horrifying event. I’m waiting for Pharaoh Sumbitch to send out his tweet and get involved like he did when the punk Trayvon Martin got shot. Doesn’t he despise hate crimes??? Guess I’ll be waiting till hell freezes over. Hopefully that will happen as soon as Barry is admitted.

    I reckon the murderous muzzies have found a new hero in Hitler displaying the Swastika. That tells a person all they need to know about how peace loving those camel jockeys are NOT.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Dave,

      Yeah, don’t hold your breath waiting for the Emperor to condemn the Mooslims. He just as much a Jew hater as these people in Miami. He probably just loves CAIR, our own hate group. Have you ever heard a word about this group from him? Hell no. Only white people are to be condemned.

      Hell yeah, these camel dung eaters are just so peaceful and loving, giving all the love possible to the Jews. NOT.

      BTW, is your email working?


  3. Pepp,
    I disagree with you on your last sentence – the DICKtater knows exactly what is going on in countries over run with muslim terrorist (oops – that’s redundant) and sees it as the way to destroy this country. The first blood I will see to nourish the tree of liberty will be from the bastard who comes to take my gun – may he burn in hell.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      I stand corrected and don’t really know how I missed that part. Of course it’s his way to destroy further.

      You echo my thoughts exactly with your last sentence.


  4. So much to say about this hate. You said it. This shows it is not Israel, it is Jews everywhere that they hate, wherever they are. It’s a powerful lesson. And at a time the dictator is offering his best wishes to Muzzy holiday. Yea Islamophobia that. And there is no end to their hate. But Miami of all places ought to send people a real message if they didn’t get it before. Yet these are the Islamonazis that complain about innocent victims…PULEASE!


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Bull,

      Right, it’s always just the Jews other countries hate. I’ll never understand it. You know full well, if there was a protest hating blacks, those people would be charged with a hate crime.

      Oh, that just boils me that the Dictator has Muzzie celebrations at the White Mosque. I think that shows who he is. Just what Christian or Jewish holiday does he celebrate?

      You nailed it. Islamonazis! Such innocent people offended by everything.


  5. This is truly sad. In any other administration this would not be tolerated. The silence of Zero & Co. shows that they condone it. We all know had the roles been reversed the outrage coming from the WH and the lamestream media would be 24/7.

    The irony of this is that Jews here in the USA overwhelmingly support Obama. Go figure.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Right, this is only tolerated because we have a Jew hater in the White Mosque. It’s a disgrace,.

      Yeah, Purplegimp used to tell me that Jews in America voted democrat because they tend to be more on the socialist side. But, the really did a kooky thing electing this jerk. I wonder how many of them regret it?


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