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Feeling Very Insecure

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m feeling a bit insecure these days.

I fear what is going on our border.  Hannity had a special last night where he was on the Texas border with Perry.  The border agents told Hannity that many OTMs are crossing the border from our worst enemy countries. This is a direct threat to our country and we don’t know who these people are except they are probably terrorists.

So far the Emperor seems to be ignoring ISIS and the threat they are to us.  He could at least send in drones to hit them.  Why doesn’t he?  He’s done it before with many others.  Or how about air strikes? ISIS is not hard to see since they fly all of their black flags all over the place. They are driving our Humvees.  Does the Emperor even care?

I have the feeling we are going to get hit with something bigger than 9/11. What do you all think about this?

Then we have all these children with diseases in our country now. Not only do they have tons of lice, scabies, swine flu, but TB, leprosy, measles, and I read there is at least one case of Ebola. Ebola kills 90%  of the people who get it. It’s highly contagious and the few who stay alive are infectious for many months after the attack. There is no cure for this disease. You can read all about it in Africa where it is a horrible epidemic.

So what is our government doing?  Shipping these kids all over the country and I fear an epidemic of some of these diseases breaking out.  Now that is really “humane” to we Americans. (sarc).

While the government spends money on either busing these kids or flying them to other states, how about spending that money to fly them back to their own countries.

I noted that after Perry talked to the King, when Perry suggested he call the National Guard up to put them on the border, the King said limply, “I’ll consider it”, which to me means “NO”.  He wants only  what is in his bill and that means no border security.  And who would trust anything he says anyway?

Israel is on the brink of war and what does the Emperor do?  Crickets.  I have a friend in Israel who calls me and he told me Israel’s people now feel doomed. There is so much depression among the people he said and they know the King will not help them. They hate the King  he told me.

The Emperor wants this chaos. Overwhelm the system until we fall completely.  That is my humble opinion anyway. It follows the Cloward/Piven plan.

Yes I still pray to God about this but at the same time with all the decadence going on is God going to save us?  So many have turned away from God. That’s a bad sign to me.



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  2. Pepper,
    You are the best. I pray for you every day. I am as heartbroken as you are with the CIC we must now deal with. To say I have no respect would be an understatement.
    I am a widow too Pepper so when I say I know how you feel, trust me I do. I was widowed twice.
    It seems like only yesterday that we were free. I no longer feel free. When the anointed one took office I was called by a neighbor whose sole purpose was to suggest that I no longer speak ill of ———- but simply get behind him and help him get things done. Nothing has changed in that regard except that I no longer participate in some of those groups that once were a total joy.
    My sincere condolences to you as you endure the severe pain of such profound loss. Know that many of us love you and wish for you the best there is to offer. I keep a card from a long time friend now deceased. The card has a picture of a swamp full of crocodiles “the only way is through”. Ponder that for a moment. You can do it girl but it will not be easy as you have already learned. I am quite a bit older than you, live alone and fear the day some
    fool thing will happen and I will be unable to stay here but until then, I continue to pray for God’s blessings and I trudge on.
    I am so happy to see your regular posts. We are on the same page. Enough said. Keep up the good work. I speak for many out her who love you.

    Love and Blessings,


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Thank you ever so much for your kind and supportive words. How well I know about crossing the alligators. You have to fight them to get to the other side. I’ve been there so many times and it sounds like you have too. The death of my only son and only child was the worst out of so many heartbreaks.

      I feel almost glad Ron is not here to see the further damage done by the Emperor. It was killing him daily. His mood was angry and foul about the man. So from that standpoint I’m glad he is not suffering that any further.

      I guess you don’t speak to that neighbor anymore? Get behind him! Bloody hell. I think I would have tossed my cookies over that one. The last thing I’d want to do is walk beside the devil.

      I too wish I was back in the days when I felt free. I no longer feel that way about our country. There are so many good people too. I just hate seeing what the King has done to us and our country. It’s not the same one when I grew up.

      You are so sweet telling me so many love me. I’ve been shown that through so many people. It is incredible actually, something I never expected. God brings us what we need.

      I know what you mean about living by yourself and fearing something might happen you no longer can live by yourself. That is one of my worst fears. I like to be independent and I pray I can for as long as I can. I’m doing as well as I can. I still am able to mow grass and weed eat, the things Ron used to do but I’m used to hard work and like it actually Of course the emotional part is the one that is harder to deal with, but I am dealing the best I can.

      God bless you Maggie for all the support and love you give me.

      Love to you and big hugs,


  3. I understand how you feel. It’s hard to feel otherwise. I remember, back in the “good old days” when I was bitching about Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton – little did I know that a day would come when I would welcome the malaise of the Carter years. It’s hard to imagine how things could continue to get worse, but with Odumbass steering the ship of state, we could be another Titanic in the making.

    I just heard (on Rush’s radio show) that the presidents of Guatemala and Mexico just met to work out methods of making the trek from their border to the U.S. border safer for the illegals. That’s just what we need – those two countries implementing plans to aid the people making the long journey across Mexico so they could slip into the U.S.

    And Obama does nothing (but prepare for another two-week August vacation).

    We, as a country, really don’t deserve this.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      I share your thoughts about Carter and Clinton. I still cannot sometimes believe what is happening to us. I never dreamed we’d have a monster such as the Emperor in the WH. I share your thoughts about being the Titanic. I keep thinking something will turn around but it only gets worse by the day.

      Oh, that’s just great about Mexico and Guatemala planning together. And the hutzpa of Mexico who puts anyone invading their border in a hell hole jail. Oh, that infuriates me Garnet.

      No we don’t deserve this at all. And I find it very hard to believe that so many still support and back this King. They must be completely insane or stupid.


  4. Excellent post Pepp. I feel insecure as hell these days with the Traitor In Chief running roughshod all over our constitution. I believe Mary Matalin summed it very well stating O’Bastard has no soul. I some what ditto her comment with the exception of it being a lost soul to the devil! Piss on that rat bastard for the hell he’s brought on our once great nation.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Thanks Dave,

      I see that many people share in my insecurity. It makes my blood boil how the TIC keeps running rough shod over our Constitution and “stays” in office. He should be arrested for treason, not impeachment. He’s done enough supporting our enemies to be eligible for treasonous behavior and I should think all in Congress know it, but do nothing.

      Yeah, I saw what Mary Matalin said and agree with her. I also agree with you the man is surely a candidate for hell. Just seeing the damage he’s done it’s horrendous.


  5. Bob Roller said:

    A country that can’t/won’t secure its borders is a country that has surrendered its sovereign rights to exist. Just what out Emperor wants.He is wanting a reason to make himself the Exalted One instead of the Insulted One.World wide perception seems to be that of a once mighty ship that has lost its rudder and half of its power.A country governed by whim and farce.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Bob,

      Yes, exactly. A country without borders is no longer a country. Oh, I know this is what the King wants and he’s doing a fine job of destroying us.

      The Exalted One. Now that is a joke is it not? He has no respect from any countries on this planet except the Muslims where he has 74% support I read earlier today. Well no stunning news in that one.

      From what I read in foreign newspapers he is the joke of the century. But at the same time he is so utterly dangerous due to the puppets who pull this dumbo’s strings.


  6. Hi Pepper, you are correct in assuming something bigger than 911 is going to happen. With what is going on at our own boarders combined with Israel and the Gaza explosion as you pointed out, it could be as big as WW 3.

    As far as the children and their diseases, once again I feel there is bigger picture. Yes it is deliberate on the part of Ovomit to distribute the illnesses, but I ask myself why? Up to just recently I believed, it was about his control and destroying our country, but what really is driving this mad evil man?

    I hope you don’t look at me as some nut case for what I am about to say, but your final statement; is God going to save us, I feel there is only one answer at this point, as you noted, with all the decadence going on. Only those who believe Jesus shed his precious blood for the forgiveness of our sins is going to be spared from what is in our immediate future.

    All the signs are in place

    Luke 21:11 – And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

    Matthew 24:7 – For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

    We need to watch and be ready.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      You are so right. It does look like WWIII has started. I’ve not seen this earth look this dangerous since WWII but I was not alive to see that.

      I don’t think you are crazy Walt. I’ve thought the same thing but I don’t know the scriptures as well as you do. The scriptures speak volumes and seem to be matching what is going on.

      Yes, we do need to watch and be ready for the worse. I only pray to God that I will be one He decides to take into Heaven.


    • willibeaux said:

      Walt and Pepp! It is my firm belief that our country needs a 2nd Chronicles 7:14 Spirit filled revival led by Pastors and lay leaders who are bold and courageous enough to lead our nation back to God and our Godly culture before HE loses his patience with us and lifts HIS protective covering.

      The ball is in our court to heed the admonition of the scriptural passage cited above or face some serious consequences.

      Pepp! I’m so sorry to hear you are so depressed. There are a lot of issues to be depressed about. CO now has 3 counties issuing illegal cohabitation certificates and some sodomite jack@zz commented last night that every county here would soon follow suit.

      Lorraine and I will keep you in our prayers.

      The rule of law is a thing of the past. 😦


      • peppermintfarm said:

        HI WB,

        Well what you say is quite true. The churches down here are having revivals quite often and I imagine others are but you wouldn’t hear about that in the news. This is the Bible belt after all down here. So many people are so upset over what is happening. Even the blacks are mad as hell at the King.

        I am a bit depressed over all that is going on both personally and in our country. It sometimes seems too much to handle all at once.

        I know CO is going to the dogs and that just made Ron feel bloody angry about.

        I’m so sorry your state has turned its’ back on God apparently. I do hope the November elections turn this around for CO.

        Thanks for yours and Lorraine’s prayers WB.

        Yeah, what law? This administration is completely lawless and what really gets me is nothing is done about this gangster.


  7. Peppermint, I feel the same way you do. This prez has so many failures both at home and foreign, ir feels like the country will collapse under the weight of malfunction and economic malfeasance.

    We are so unsafe right now, but the American pubic still has that delusion of safety, that is, until the other foot falls. And I’m afraid it will be a doozy.


    • AND
      I’m so glad to see you posting! You sound better than you have for a long time. I know it’s still starts and fits but you’re still with us and you will make up through this with the Lord’s help and your friends. God bless you, Pepper. May his face shine on you.


      • peppermintfarm said:

        Thank you for telling me you are glad to see me posting again. Yes it will be fits and starts as you said. But yeah I’m still with you all and i count on the Lord for my strength. I have a little card on my refrigerator to remind me of this every day. It’s from Isaiah, 41:10.

        “Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you.”

        That is a shorter version than what is in the Bible but it speaks to me constantly.

        God bless you too tannngl.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      I wanted to know how others felt and it seems we are all mostly finding things pretty scary right now. I am glad you came by. it sure does feel like a huge weight is upon us and sooner than later I think the other shoe will drop. This whole time the King as been in the White Mosque it’s been one day after another that hits us with something he has done to take us down.

      Those who feel safe are or must be in denial. Or they pay no attention to what is going on. Here is my little town, you can’t go anywhere where people are not talking about this prez and the damage he is doing. And people think we are a bunch of dumb rednecks down here. Not so.


  8. Boy Pepp, you really summed it up in a nutshell. If anyone is comforted about all this (including his many unending scandals and abuses) then I wonder about their sanity and their ability to deal with reality. I guess that is the point, Obama doesn’t ever have to deal with reality. And the whole world calls BB to offer their thoughts….. except Obama who waits tlll everyone in the world calls. And then it is only to offer another lecture to Israel about reactions. Maybe that’s the problem, Obama has not felt the world’s reaction to him yet? (he’s a little thick and conceded you know) It takes a lot to get through his arrogance.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Thank you. I tried to get in a nutshell so I wouldn’t go blathering on. You are so right that anyone who is not feeling this discomfort is in denial and that means those who unable to deal with reality.

      Oh, no, Obama never has to deal with reality. I don’t think he even knows anything about reality. He lives in his fantasy world of lies and deceptions which he himself believes. He is IMHO legally insane.

      Right he has to be pushed by other countries to reach out to Israel and then lectures them like you said. That infuriates me when they are supposed to be our best ally in the ME. Yet what does he care? He only cares about the Muslims which anyone could have read before he was elected through what he said in his own book, that he will side with the Muslims. And still dumb bunnies voted for him. It was all before them but they would not look at who he really was.

      I doubt Bull that he will ever get anything through that thick skull of his. He’s too far gone for that.


  9. The short clip I saw, Obama referred to Perry’s border surge and smirked that it is only a temporary solution. (as if to discount it) Well, I wish Obama was only a temporary problem. What’s he got against temporary security measures. Feeding and clothing and transporting them should be temporary too, no? Just spend money…but take no action — which is what is needed.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Bull, yeah he smirks then make jokes after that which were not funny in the least,. Of course he wants to throw money at the problem. It’s the only thing he can come up with and he won’t put the money where it needs to be, by getting the National Guard down on that border showing we mean business about people breaking into our country. But he doesn’t care one bit about that. He wants these people in here overwhelming our system and causing more chaos that he has already. This will continue I think and we are going to be flooded with so many of these illegals with no skills, but all the bennies the tax payers pay. Remember what the Iron Lady said, “socialism is fine until you run out of other people’s money.” And with 50 million people not working, just how the rest of the tax payers are going to be able to withstand smaller paychecks constantly. Everyone is going broke


      • Right, Pepp, his sense of humor is as twisted and evil as the rest of him. I wrote in June how similar it is with the boat lift from Cuba. Remember Castro purged the undesirables. What does Zero think that we will get miraculously get the healthy, intelligent ones? We seem to be getting our just dessert, that’s what we’re getting. If those countries have any say, they know who to export. Including gangs etc. And if they weren’t infected before, then being with others they are bound to be exposed. It’s pretty much common sense, which captain O is at war with.


  10. Indeed, the sense of insecurity has gripped me as well, Pepper. However comma it’s not a complete surprise as my folks warned me when I was a kid that I might witness the demise of the country. While I poo-pooed it at the time as something ‘old people’ think, they were right.

    You have offered a lot of food for thought in your excellent post, Pepper, so I will focus only on the Q you posed — I could not agree more that we are “going to get hit with something bigger than 911.” What so many don’t recognize about the ‘border crisis’ is that for many years now (many, many years), jihadists have also used the lack of a secure border to get into the country. No one can convince me that there are hundreds, possibly thousands in this country, under the radar and just waiting for … well, maybe some kind of signal or something. Between lacking a border and no method to track those who overstay their visas, etc … I have concluded we are sitting ducks.

    Thanx for a most thought-provoking post, Pepper. Hope I didn’t come off sounding like some kind of nut. hahahaha


    • peppermintfarm said:


      You sure got that one right. His humor is twisted and evil. I agree completely. There is nothing funny about this King. He’s dangerous as hell.

      I’ve seen pics of the gang members coming in called “children”. They are not kids, but very hardened criminals. I hate to think of having those individuals in my neighborhood. They look scarier than hell.

      I think the King wants these diseases these kids are bringing in here to cause massive epidemics that will kill children since he has no use for them. Anyone under 14 is expendable as are those over 50. The Holdren doctrine. Leave alive only the ones who can serve as slaves of the state.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Mrs. Al,

      Thank you so much for coming by when i know you how things are going for you.

      That’s interesting, I never heard that from my parents but I think there is an age gap between us.

      I too have been concerned about that border since we got hit on 9/11, but Bush never closed it down either. I never agreed with him on that. I am sure you are right. We have no idea how many terrorists are in this country now and have been for years plotting and planning our demise. It has concerned me for years and I too believe we are sitting ducks just waiting for the next big plot to come down on us. And I think it will be way bigger than the first attack.

      No you did NOT sound like a nut. Besides that we are all nutty in one way or another. LMAO!


  11. Good post, albeit troubling. NOTHING is an accident with this bunch. Cloward-Piven with some Saddam Hussein thrown in for good measure. If the First Sonofabitch can’t ruin the nation one way, he and Rat Face Jarrett will devise another.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      You are correct, nothing is an accident with these dangerous people. The cops always say there are no coincidences and I heartily believe that. The whole puppeteer group including that nasty woman, Valerie is running things I’m sure. Oh, yeah, they will ruin us one way or another I have no doubt about that


  12. Jodie.V's.Pearls said:

    I am so very much in agreement with you Pep! I am so heartbroken over what has been done to the land of the free and what’s yet to come that I am a loss for more words. I too wonder if God has lifted his hand from our lands, as we are ravished over and over with the plights of evil. May God hear our prayers, keep his people safe and deliver us from evil! God, bless you all!!


    • peppermintfarm said:

      HI Jodie,

      It’s so good to see you back again.

      Yeah, I think there are more people who would agree that things are becoming desperate. I feel the same, heartbroken over what I see happening. I also dread what else is coming as I know the King has more bad stuff in store for us. He’s going to keep it up. He figures he has nothing to lose now. And Congress lets him get away with all of his crimes against our country. There seems to be no hope sometimes.

      I hope God hears our prayers too. That is the only hope I have left now.


  13. AfterShock said:

    Ain’t no doubt in my mind pepp, BHO ‘s tour won’t end until he’s seen the complete destruction of America as we once knew it. I’m glad Ronald Reagan didn’t have to live through this, it surely would have killed him of a broken heart. GW Bush seems to handling it well enough though!

    Enjoyed your post!


  14. peppermintfarm said:


    It’s great to see you weighing in on this.

    I believe the same as you that the King will not stop destroying us until we are completely on our knees. Poor Reagan, he probably would have a heart attack over this and what is going on.

    I know my heart feels broken too over this. I never thought I’d see this day when we’d have such a monster in the White Mosque.

    Glad you enjoyed my post. Hope to see you again. I have not received any notices of your posts lately. Have you stopped writing? I, myself had a long sabbatical after my husband died last October.


  15. Pepp, I believe you are correct, and it is frightening. I wonder why so many people do not recognize that this is a coup of sorts, bloodless (so far) but a takeover by a rogue president nevertheless, and with no one willing or able to stop him. He is deliberately trying to bring the country down in every way, and the latest influx of illegals, invited by him, just might do it. If he can overwhelm all our resources, he can then declare martial law and make himself dictator for life. Yet I don’t see much reaction from most people.
    I truly hope Israel will let loose with everything it’s got–and that’s a lot. This disgraceful, evil administration will never back Israel and they do know that, which is why they are demoralized. This is the first nakedly anti-Israel president ever. He hates them–and he hates us.
    Prayer is all we have, but like you, I wonder if God hasn’t just HAD it with us. I wouldn’t blame Him. Hang in there though Pepp, we are all with you. Jan


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Jan, good to see you.

      It seems we are not alone Jan in how we feel about what is happening to our country. And I too wonder why so many people are not paying attention to what is going on. I think so many people bury their heads in the sands and watch sports, not caring at all.

      Your synopsis of what is likely to happen is realistic to me also.

      I too hope Israel gives those barbarians all the trouble they can muster up. Just yesterday the news reports said that now Hamas is using drones gotten from Iran to send into Israel. It keeps getting worse. And yeah, this Emperor hates the Jews along with us. He is determined to destroy us.

      Thank you telling me you are with me. I figured I was not alone with what I thought. But I wanted to check to see if I was being reactionary.

      I too fear that God has had enough of us and will leave us to destroy ourselves. Too many people have turned their backs on God and moral code by which we older folks grew up with.


  16. Thank you for answering Pepp! It is comforting to know there ARE many who see what is happening and agree with us as to the severity of the trouble we are in. I have been gone awhile, but hoping to come back and write more often, if only to help my grandchildren understand. After all, they will bear the brunt of our country’s apathy. Prayers continue. I heard Ben Carson (one of my longtime heroes) say he believes God will still help us. How I hope he’s right.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Jan, I always answer any reader who comes here out of respect that they take the time to read my stuff. I so like hearing from people and so glad to hear from you too. I did notice as I dropped by your blog at times that you hadn’t been writing, but neither was I. I had a long sabbatical for awhile after Ron’s death. I had too much to deal with at the time.

      I too hope Ben Carson is right. I think that is all we have left now is hope. Hope springs eternal I guess among us humans.

      I’m concerned about my grand children too. I send articles to my daughter in law and her husband on different things that could be pushed on the kids. I sure hope they don’t mind.
      But, they took the kids out of public school this past year and into a private school.

      My son was a real right wing guy. So after he died and Peggy married a new guy I hoped he would be too. He’s great and a right wing. He told me the kids are never going back to public school if he has his way. He said he doesn’t like the socialism the schools push on kids. So nothing to worry about there. I am so pleased with Peggy’s new husband. He’s a gem.

      But, of course I still worry about what kind of America there will be when they are grown. I get so fearful they’ll be living in a commie country by the time this monster is done with us.
      So many of our freedoms are already gone.


  17. Pepp, I went to see Dinesh D’Souza’s America, Imagine the World without Her. It should be require viewing in every school and college in the country. It’s time the left is called out on the blatant lies they have been spewing for decades out this unique and amazing country…four of my grandkids are out of public schools and in Christian or charter schools, But what about all the kids being indoctrinated right now in public schools? I know the people who really need to see this movie won’t. They don’t want to know the truth. I am having a terrible time typing on this website!! Anyone else? Will try more tomorrow.


    • Not to butt in or anything, but Jan I appreciate your review of “America …” Haven’t had the opportunity to see it yet. Gonna’ put it on my to do list for sure.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      I so want to see Dinesh’s movie too. We have no theaters in my town, but there is one in another town that is not too far to drive.
      I agree it should be shown in every school, but we both know that isn’t going to happen because of the socialism taught in public schools so the kids will never see it. I’m glad your grands are out of public school too.

      No the left in this country will never see that movie. They have done a real big bash job on the movie on the Internet and other places. That must mean it touched a nerve they don’t want people to see it then. They don’t want the truth known.

      Oh, dear, I don’t know the website either. It will come to you.


  18. About, not out. Again, typing is terrible!!


    • peppermintfarm said:


      You never have to apologize for typos here. I don’t criticize that. I make enough of my own typos. LOL!


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