Wicked Commentary

By: Davetherave

The Obama administration has and continues to work with Muslim Brotherhood members. But did you know some establishment Republicans are also in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood? You may be shocked by what you see in this video, but being informed provides power.


In the wake of the ominous announcement last week by the State and Homeland Security Departments that they are no longer going to enforce statutory prohibitions on granting asylum to individuals who have provided “limited” material support to terrorists, two proponents of such policies have been called to account.

Anti-tax activist Grover Norquist and an individual with longstanding family and personal ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Suhail Khan, are the subject of a letter to leaders of the American Conservative Union (ACU) signed by ten influential national security practitioners. The signers include: former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former Clinton Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey, former Congressman Allen West, former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin and former Pentagon Inspector General Joseph Schmitz.

The joint letter transmits a Statement of Facts that responds to, and challenges, representations made concerning Messrs. Norquist and Khan in an exculpatory memorandum to the ACU Board written in September 2011 by one of its members, attorney Cleta Mitchell.  The ACU Board was moved on the basis of those representations to endorse Norquist and Khan, both of whom serve as members. You can read the entire letter by clicking on the link provided below.

The Center for Security Policy facilitated the compilation of the forty-five pages listing eighty-seven rigorously documented facts and fifty-five endnotes.  Its President, Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. was the subject of the Mitchell memo that claimed on the basis of “fairly substantial due diligence” to have found no basis for the facts and endnotes.

Both the Left and phony Right are actively trying to destroy this great country in ways never imaginable. Having traitors to the left of us and traitors to the right is certainly something we’ve known for quite a while, but this elevates the collusion to a whole new level in my opinion.  Very scary times to put it lightly.

Joint Letter Link:







Comments on: "Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration of Republican Party" (20)

  1. Great post, Dave. I knew the Muslin Brotherhood infiltrated our government, but didn’t know Republicans were so involved in that. I had my husband read this post – he did realize how much the established Republicans were just as involved. So sad – I pray the Tea Party will be able to help us out of this mess.


    • Hi Donna. Good to hear from you and thanks so much for commenting.

      I must admit I was rather taken back by this story as well. Certain Repukes have done things over the last decade right in our face that confused me as to why. I knew We The People no longer have representation in DC (from either party), but I had no idea it was this bad. A lot of long time, Repuke, DC residents are in trouble this election being challenged by more conservative candidates (Tea Party primarily) and I pray as you do these conservatives get into office.


  2. peppermintfarm said:


    That video actually comes from CNN. So now I have a lot of cynicism on the information. But still it could be true.


    • Hi Pepp. Thanks for your help and your comment!

      The video does make things seem a bit “off the wall” and I can understand why someone would be cynical about it. I guess each person will just take away from it what they will. I don’t know if I buy into everything on the video, but I do believe something really stinky is and has been going on in DC for quite sometime well below the radar. I personally can see this playing out to be true.

      Joe McCarthy seemed to be “way out there” back in the 50’s, but I believe he’s now been vindicated. There’s just so much daily dose of crap that comes out of DC it is very challenging to get a grip on what to believe anymore.


  3. Good post Dave,
    And they wonder whatever could be our problem with the establishment Republicans? Of course you an expect as much from the commie left, but they all march along to the song oblivious to where it leads. Some are pretty much aware of what they are doing, and others are just ignorant dupes.

    It didn’t happen over night.


    • Hey Bull. Thanks so much for commenting buddy.

      LOL, yeah the old boys Repuke club care only for themselves. They go right along with the current power (which the commie left has taken control of now here) in charge. I think they realize there is an elite element in every type society and they’re kissing as much butt as possible to get an invite. Ole Mitchtheswitch is struggling in the early poles in KY.

      We certainly have our share of ignorance in society these days. We also have our share of just plain stupid in society these days. The poll number is ridiculous for the % stating they wish they’d not voted for Barry the second time. Really? REALLY?? Did the “short on brain cell activity” think he was going to do a 180 from his first term? Jeez….


  4. Thank you Dave
    Psalm 37:1 & 2
    Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.
    For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.


  5. Good post, Dave. Given what’s been going on, for FAR too long, cannot be blamed solely on Democrats. Can’t figure out Norquist’s involvement, but that isn’t real surprising, either.


    • Hey Clyde. Good to hear from you and thanks for commenting. No doubt both your points are very valid and truthful. DC has been serving us crap for way too long and it sure isn’t just the Dems serving it up. The old guard Repukes have gotten way too comfy with their elite lifestyle, so they’ll dance with any devil to maintain their status. Time for a change of
      those old guards.

      The attack on Norquist has been going on for around two years now. His wife is a Muslim from Palestine, so there may be something going on there. I’m so jaded with all Muslim’s now that I can’t trust any of them as far as my old ass can throw them and that wouldn’t be very far now. That in itself makes me give some weight toward the implications against Norquist, but that’s just me.


  6. Gar Swaffar said:

    All of the mainstream politico’s need a lead enema. Very cleansing, but they’re unlikely to get what they need.


    • Hi Gar. Thanks so much for commenting. LOL…your wit is spot on as usual. There are “things” that just won’t go away. Even though the diagnosis shows the perfect cure no one ever writes the script to get rid of the disease. Reminds me of someone with a deadly bacteria and the docs simply refuse to introduce antibiotics.


  7. I much appreciate the post, Dave. Good job here. I am still munging on all this. I need to take a few breaths and dive in again. Thanx so much for posting. You are correct, “being informed provides power” !!


    • Hi Mrs. AL. Good to hear from you and thank you for commenting. I’m still munging it over myself and trying to separate the truth from all the crap that comes out of DC is so challenging these days.

      But I also know (their actions have proven this to me) the far majority of Repukes have lost their way, given up their convictions, morals, values, could care less about us…sounds exactly like the Demonrats…and are just as self-serving and corrupt as the Demonrats. Their own actions have driven me to not trust them at all and that anything is possible. Even something as atrocious portrayed in this article.


  8. Dave,

    Excellent post! I didn’t realize the GOP was this deep in all this shiite. Perhaps the Rinos out number the real Republicans. In any event, the “cleansing” will be more than just Democrats.

    Lexington and Concord keep getting closer and closer.


    • Hey Grey. Thanks so much for the compliment and comment!

      I personally believe our old two party system has disappeared. There is still a two party system, but it’s now Them and Us. I can’t tell the difference between the majority of Repukes and loony libs anymore. They’ve done this to themselves demonstrated by their own actions (or lack of actions).

      We have just a handful of Repukes remaining that are trying to make a “good” difference and the rest need the boot just like all the liberal loons.


  9. Dave, I am SO sorry to be so late to the party! I marked your email notification as “unread” so I wouldn’t forget it, but as soon as it got pushed down I did forget – I’m an old geezer so I need some slack in the memory area. That said, this was a great post and like so many others, I wasn’t aware that so many RINOS could be involved – and I don’t hold them in high regard anyway. We all know how many muzzies Ofugyou has named to important positions, but I didn’t think that un-Ofugyou bureaucrats could be selected from the same “talent” pool. That thought is disturbing.

    Let’s hear some more from you!


    • Hi G. No need for apologies. It’s good to hear from you and thank you for commenting.

      I’ve grown totally disenchanted with the far majority of Repukes in DC. They don’t represent our interest anymore (Demonrats never did), but rather have joined the elite class in DC. Lefty or righty, they just scratch each others backs and load up each others pockets. Which ever way the wind blows towards power they willingly jump in the “gulf stream.” As shown here (which I have no problem believing); some don’t care at all where the money ride takes them.

      In someways G; I believe their even worse than the Ass In Chief. The elite Repukes still try to put up the facade they’re with the people. What a joke that is….


  10. How is it that any charges against Grover Norquist are character assassinations and groundless, but anything Gaffney says is allowed to be attacked? Why does Grover need all that protection? We’ve known for years Norquist was sympathetic to the radical Muslims. How did they gain the inner circle to Bush? Denial runs awfully deep.


    • Davetherave said:

      No one does hypocrisy like the commie, prog’s. Norquist is married to a Palestinian lady, so eh…I can’t for the life of me understand why he would be sympathetic to Islamic towel heads.

      Even after that God awful Arab spring where it become so obvious the Muzzie Bro-hood organized the whole damn thing; Bush made this statement:

      “America does not get to choose if a freedom revolution should begin or end in the Middle East or elsewhere,” Bush said. “It only gets to choose what side it is on.”

      I say to Bush…WRONG! The US should always choose what is in our best interest and the Muzzie Bro-hood taking over country after country is NOT in our best interest. Bush didn’t see that coming?? Give me a break.

      I’m no dictator lover, but those now overthrown ME countries were a hell of a lot less of a threat to the US with dictator’s running them. Those dictator’s kept the Muzzie Bro-hood under control. You’re so right denial runs awfully deep. Apparently it is a bottomless pit….


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