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SCOTUS undermines Science

The Supreme Court has taken up another case based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s campaign of lies that carbon dioxide  is the cause of “climate change” and claims about the quality of air in the United States. The Court is composed of lawyers, not scientists.

At this point in the present era, the Court has made rulings that run contrary to the original, clear intent of the U.S. Constitution and has wrought havoc on our society.

In 1973, it ruled that the killing of unborn babies was protected; and millions since then have been deliberately killed. It extended protection to sodomy and same-sex marriage. It is destroying the fabric of our society  that has served Americans well for more than two hundred years.

It ruled that the Affordable Health Care Act was a “tax”, enabling Obamacare to be unleashed with the subsequent loss of health care plans by millions of Americans, often the loss of their personal physician, and the requirement that deeply-held religious opposition to contraception and abortion be negated by a law that requires their beliefs be overruled and denied.

In 2007, I wrote a commentary  that was published in The Washington Times. I criticized a Supreme Court ruling that carbon dioxide (CO2) was a “pollutant”, opening the door to the EPA’s rapacious intent to control all aspects of our lives based on this lie that is used to justify its war on coal-fired plants that provide nearly half of all the electrical energy we use daily.  “CO2 is not a pollutant,” I wrote, “It exists in the Earth’s atmosphere and every blade of grass and every tree depends on it.” It plays no role whatever in the Earth’s climate.

The Clean Air Act and revisions passed in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1990s. The original regulation of air pollution was a good idea, as were the laws affecting clean water; but the EPA has since used pollution to impose a vast matrix of regulations that do not reflect the fact that the nation’s air and water is now as clean as it ever can be.

Carbon monoxide emissions have fallen from 197 million tons to 89 million tons. Nitrogen oxide emissions fell from 27 million tons to 19 million tons. Sulfur dioxide emissions fell from 31 million tons to 15 million tons. Lead emissions fell by more than 98%.  Particulate emissions (soot) fell by 80%. The air in the U.S. is considerably cleaner, but the EPA’s assertions continue to be made to expand its regulatory power and to attack the sovereignty of the states.

A case that was recently argued before the Court is another EPA effort to rewrite the Clean Air Act, asserting that it be given authority to regulate the flow of alleged “pollution” between “upwind” states and those who receive particulates and gases under its control. Some 27 states are considered “upwind,” and those states along with all others have their own air control laws.

A coalition led by Texas of more than a dozen other states brought a case, Environmental Protection Agency v. EME Homer City Generation, opposing the EPA’s regulatory re-write of the Clean Air Act. In August 2012, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the EPA, which appealed to the Supreme Court.

The Wall Street Journal noted that “The D.C. Circuit only rarely overturns EPA rules, which shows how out of bounds the cross-state regulation is. The Supreme Court should overturn it for violating the federalist intentions of Congress, but there is also the added judicial incentive to show this increasingly rogue agency that it can’t rewrite the law as it pleases.

The U.S. has been harmed by the many laws whose justification is based on the totally unscientific hoax regarding CO2. During the 101st and 111th Congresses, there were 692 laws introduced containing the term “greenhouse gas” when, in fact, CO2 is NOT such a gas, playing no role whatever in trapping warmth to affect the weather and/or climate of the Earth.

Stringent domestic laws and regulations, moreover, do not take into consideration the role of many other nations whose emissions are far greater than those produced here. However, reducing their emissions will have no effect on the Earth’s climate. The Earth is in what will likely be a lengthy cycle of cooling based on reduced solar radiation. It recently snowed in Egypt and in Israel, where snow has long been a rarity.

The Obama administration’s “war on coal” has used the EPA to inflict an attack on the nation’s capacity to provide energy. And the EPA has not ceased from using every ruling it has imposed to degrade the nation’s ability to maintain and expand the industrial base it needs to provide for economic growth, an increase in jobs, and the sovereign right of states to determine their own response to the need for clean air. The U.S. is a republic composed of separate republics.

At this point, control of the nation’s air and water quality should be returned in full to the states; and the EPA should be eliminated as the threat to the nation it has become. The Supreme Court has played a role in this threat, ruling without any attention to real science, traditional values, and the clear intent of the Constitution.


Considering the recent activist role the SCOTUS is playing it does not seem that they are following the Constitution and are becoming dangerous to We, the People.  I wonder if these lawyers have a chance of getting the EPA knocked down to size and ridding us of this onerous agency.

There is another lawsuit coming up soon waged by some groups and Senators McConnell, Rand Paul, Reps Andy Barr and Tom Massie who have been fighting for KY’s coal industry which the EPA is destroying.

And the folks of W. VA should be mad as hell at Joe Manchin who ran campaign ads picturing his shooting a gun at a sign which said EPA and I have not heard of him doing one thing to stop the destruction of coal in his state.  W.VA has been devastated by the EPA destruction of their coal industry while ghost towns appear everywhere now and people have no jobs.


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  1. Hey Pepper, thanks for ruining my day – Just Kidding
    I have read and searched for answers why all this and all the other crap is happening. A lot of answers: ovomit, corruption on every level, greed, liars, me me me and the list goes on and on. I have now drawn the only conclusion left for me and that is because people have taken God out of schools, government and most other public entities. I am coming to believe that God is gradually pulling the cover of protection back from this country therefore we will reap what we have sowed. Those of us who still hold on to the correct morals and values and are caught up in the sick world, we have to thank God for what WE have and leave the rest is in God’s capable hands.


    • Walt, you will get a lot of support for your view by reading “The Harbinger”, or watching the “Isaiah 9:10” video.
      I fully agree with your stance here. I don’t feel it can be long, before the tipping point is reached, and a very decisive “correction” is made. HOW that happens, only God Himself knows~!


    • peppermintfarm said:


      I sure do agree with all you said. God is withdrawing because so many have turned away from him. What bothers me is that those of us who still believe in God are caught up in this debacle. All I do is pray and know that it can only be left in His hands how he wants this to end.


  2. willibeaux said:

    Yo Pepp! The crap is getting deeper and deeper. Will the country survive 3 more years of Zero or have we reached the point of no return? ;-(


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Yes, it’s gets worse and worse all the time. Sometimes I don’t even want to hear what that madman has done when I get up in the morning because it’s always bad news. I don’t think we can survive 3 more years with this Zero. Something will either give or we are just sunk as once a great nation.


  3. Gar Swaffar said:

    EPA = Egregiously Pompous A**hats


  4. I am amazed at the arrogance that is now the U.S. Supreme Court, Pepper. Great post and even better commentary.

    The thread is informative and I will be taking advantage of the information.

    Question … how do we actually make a correction in the court? The Congress doesn’t listen to us and the Resident, well he is so far deep into it that he can’t be pulled up out of the progressive quicksand.

    I have long believed (and this may sound weird to a lot of folks), but I think the Court should have non-lawyers sitting on the bench. True, I don’t want blithering idiots, but we don’t need lawyers. And I don’t believe there is any Constitutional mandate that the SC be staffed with lawyers.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Mrs. Al,

      I’m amazed too but the SCOTUS has done things before finding a ruling on some obscure point as abortion was passed.

      Thank you for the compliment. Please use any information you see fit.

      I don’t know how we make a correction in the Supreme court unless we get a conservative as president who will appoint strict constructionists who follow the Constitution. Scalia is old but he said he will NOT retire under Obama because he knows what will happen. It would tip the court completely to the left side.

      I think we need those on the court who know the Constitution backwards and forwards and know the limits of each branch of government and make decisions on that. The Constitution is being bastardized under this court with Roberts, who Bush appointed and now look what he’s done. I do think that Obama got to him somehow. His minions seem to have some dirty goods on everyone and if they don’t they make it up.


  5. Anyone or any Jurist that can swear on the alter of Roe, as the law of the land, are mere accomplices to the downfall of America. They turn the Constitution upside down.

    Decades later we see how hard it is to undo the damage. Every year they celebrate it and most of the country is sickened by it. The next time they throw around the welfare clause I’m going to ask how that’s consistent with abortion? They call it settled law. Then how can they rule against mercy killings and honor killings? Makes no sense.

    Now the EPA is taking it to new levels of outrage. Just make congress irrelevant, not that they were doing much to stop it anyway.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      Great points. We will never get rid of Roe. I can’t see it ever happening in my lifetime and perhaps for generations to come while countless babies are murdered under that ruling. How the hell that SCOTUS could rule to accept murder is beyond belief. Settled law my ass. They could change that.

      No they don’t make any sense with that welfare clause. They just use it for whatever they want.

      Well, that’s what the King stated, he would go around Congress to get whatever he wants and the stupids in Congress just let him get away with it. They could stop it if they wanted to. It’s disgusting.


  6. As long as the greenies are paid attention to, they will continue on their crusade to a socialist, centrally planned, job killing, “environmentally friendly” economy.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Hi Fellow Patriot,

      Welcome to my blog. I am so glad to see you here.

      You’re right of course, the ecofreaks have a lot of clout with their lobbying in Cesspool City that it’s almost impossible to get anything changed. And the King O loves to see more destruction going on here because as far as I’m concerned, that’s his job to bring us down in every way. It’s obvious he cares nothing about the people suffering under his and his EPA regulations and ridiculous rules. The EPA with his help have greatly over stepped their bounds.


      • Well, thank you for your more than generous welcome, Pepper.

        It is quite unfortunate and sad to see that these people spew forth lies that they can “help” people, when in fact they only hurt the average person that believed them. In my opinion, that is evil of the highest order.

        I for one 100% support natural environmentalism of the 50’s and 60’s, where there are only reasonable policies to cut down on real wasteful pollution, not the tyrannic, business killing policies the greenies support now. I love nature as much as the next guy, but the greenies are only pushing ridiculous and unreasonable laws that are only meant to gain more power, and if powerful enough, start enacting “population control” policies, which would kill thousands by the day. Of course the ones that would be killed first would be the ones that opposed the greenies in the first place…


        • peppermintfarm said:

          Fellow Patriot, I am glad to see you here and to hear your opinions. It’s always nice to get a new reader who comments.

          I agree with you about “that is evil of the highest order”. These types of regulations are hurting so many people it is too many to count. I see it in my county since Obama got into office.

          I am in support of keeping the environment clean and healthy but this has gone way too far. The EPA issues orders to the coal companies for example to clean more out of the air with technology that doesn’t even exist. So that shows that they are only interested in shutting down people’s energy. And what do these people do then? Freeze and starve to death? It is so inhumane that it’s almost unbelievable until you see it with your own eyes what it’s doing to people. There is no reason for this kind of suffering to be inflicted on people unless you “want” them to suffer and I believe that’s the evil.


          • The end goal for them is ultimately power. It doesn’t matter how many people they push into the cesspool, it only matters if they get their way. For liberals, the end justifies the means. Even when all of this hell is swirling around us like a hurricane, I still believe that we should try to take back the nation through the normal process of elections as far as we can take it. Even when we both know that won’t work, we should still work towards that goal, but that also doesn’t stop us from bracing ourselves for the inevitable.


          • peppermintfarm said:

            Fellow Patriot,

            Right, ultimate power and it being over us. Completely opposite to the Constitution. That’s why we, the people, need to exert our power.

            The liberals are no longer just liberals IMHO. They are commies.

            Yes, we should try to take back our government through the election process, but it doesn’t seem to work out too good for us. I truly hope we can do that however. If not, all hell will beak loose.


  7. Excellent post! And right on. Reminds me of a verse…
    “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. As the Scriptures say, “God catches those who think they are wise in their own cleverness.””
    (1 Corinthians 3:19 NLT)


  8. Gar Swaffar said:

    At the end of the day, all three branches of our government seem to be out of control, and under the influence of that greatest and most destructive of drugs – Absolute Power. And yes, they have definitely become absolutely corrupted by it.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      You nailed it all right. The drug of power has taken them over the edge and of course as you stated they are absolutely corrupted by it. Have we got a chance anymore is what I wonder? I really hope the inevitable won’t be necessary but it looks grimmer by the day.


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