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Since so many members of my family have served in the military, it dismays and disgusts me about how our military are being treated past and present.

There was the forgotten war of Korea and most men coming back from that war were not treated for their conditions of PTSD.  We all know what happened to the men who served in Vietnam. They were so shamefully turned on by our government and some of our own country men.

Now today we have plenty of problems facing those who return from Iraq and Afghanistan.  These veterans are being flagged as unable to own a gun. This is absolutely ridiculous besides their 2nd Amendment rights being stomped on.  What happened to the 2nd Amendment, “shall not be infringed”?  And these are the very people who fight for freedom and give their oaths to the Constitution.

Here is a list I found of what is being done now to those who gave their all for our country.  These men and women should be first on the list to receive what is due to them for their duty. But, no, and it is far worse than one imagines.


  1. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a bulletin to all police agencies in 2009 naming all military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan as potential domestic terrorists.
  2. Senator Diane Feinstein declares that all veterans have PTSD and are therefore mentally ill and should not be allowed to own firearms.
  3. The Veterans Administration in 2009 begins declaring veterans with physical disabilities, minor PTSD, past depression, or who even allow their spouses to pay the family bills as mental defectives incompetent to handle their own financial affairs and forbidding them from owning, purchasing, or possessing firearms. This process is accelerating.
  4. Obama unilaterally cuts billions of dollars from our military budget without approval of Congress.
  5. Congress passes legislation authorizing sequestration leading to massive cuts in the military readiness of the United States, and putting us in a position of being incapable of defending our national interests around the world.
  6. Our military capabilities are being cut in half and we have lost respect around the world. The ridiculous politically correct rules of engagement imposed on our fighting men and women in combat have cost countless American lives.
  7. High ranking officers in the military who disagree with these policies of the Administration are being purged, and enlisted personnel who utilize their right to free speech to express their concerns are being court martialed and dishonorably discharged.
  8. The Obama administration has also launched an attack on the very foundation of the success of our military, the profound religious beliefs of most of our troops.  Members of the military are being prohibited from practicing their religion even to the point of being denied the right to have bibles in their workplace, mentioning Christmas, or expressing their opposition to radical Islam. Chaplains are having their sermons and even prayers censored to make sure they are politically correct.
  9. The Veterans Administration that is supposed to represent the interests of our military heroes has slowed down the process of filing claims for benefits to the point where veterans are waiting for months and even years to have their claims processed. In addition, when veterans go to the VA they are being asked if they own firearms, if they have ever been depressed, and if their spouses handle the family finances. Then this information is being used to declare them incompetent and deny them their Constitutional rights under the 5th and 2nd Amendments.
  10. During both the 2010 and 2012 election cycles the Obama administration through the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, actively encouraged Secretaries of State around the country to violate Federal law by failing to timely mail out absentee ballots to active duty military personnel. As a result, hundreds of thousands of military votes were never counted, denying our heroes a basic American right.
  11. While civilian employees of the Obama administration get pay raises, members of the military and veterans are seeing their pay and benefits cut with the Secretary of Defense promising more cuts to come.
  12. Military families are also being affected in other ways. Chuck Hagel wants to close commissaries at U. S. bases forcing military families to purchase their groceries from civilian stores where they will pay up to 30% more. In addition, thousands of military spouses work at these commissaries to supplement the family income. They will be losing their jobs.


I would like to know what you all think of this. This is a partial list and does not cover every betrayal of our military.  If there are veterans who read this blog, please come and tell us your experiences and let us know how you are doing.  This is an ultimate shame on our country in my opinion.



Comments on: "Betraying Our Military by Peppermint" (26)

  1. Bob Roller said:

    I would hope that the military,both retired and active will take firm action against this most pathetic and treasonous president. When Obama is gone and hopefully replaced with a real American that doesn’t commit perjury at his swearing in,then I will start spelling president with a capital “P” again.We are free Americans ,plan to stay that way and submit to no dictators,foreign or domestic.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Good morning Bob,

      I would love to see your plan in action. I hope we get a president who supports our military next time around. Right now I don’t even think of the King as my “president:”. I can’t support a man who has violated his oath to the office and runs amok over our Constitution.

      What sickens me is his “appeasing the Muslims” at our military’s expense. It’s obvious he cares more about the Muslims than our own guys.


      • Bob Roller said:

        Appeasement is what got us WW2 and the weakness of the French when Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland in 1936 was no deterrent either. Mr. Putin and others must be laughing their butts off about this “Farcident”. A German friend told me that in America we not only tell political jokes but we also elect them.

        Bob, btw, I got the silicone spray and did the jeep with it.


        • peppermintfarm said:

          Bob, you are exactly right. That’s how we got into trouble appeasing Hitler.

          My friend Lucky aka Purplegimp when alive told me everyone in the whole ME was laughing at the camel dung eater. She lived in Israel. We are now nothing but a big joke.


  2. And to think this traitor has another 3 years to pursue his anti-military agenda. What more can he do to them. But he finds another cause like the Sudan he wants to use them for then he will. He claims credit himself for bin Laden which enraged almost everyone. Yet nothing stands between the Congressional Clowns or Obama, and their benefits. Gangs have more respect for rival gangs than Obama has for our military.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Yeah another 3 years of hell for us. It almost makes me want to puke. Oh, yeah, if he finds a place to “use” our military sure he then “likes” them but inside he hates them.

      I like your last line. How true indeed.


  3. My level of disgust for the POS that occupies the White House pegs my meter. When the SHTF, and it will, vets will do what is necessary. Hopefully we can correct some things after the mid-term elections. If we lose in November by voter fraud then katie bar the door.


  4. Do you have evidence for #10? I’d like to know more about this.


  5. Gar Swaffar said:

    All very true, however, being mad at a POS snake because it acts like a POS snake isn’t a solution. Getting rid of the POS snake that lives in your house IS a solution.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Gar, you got that one right, but nobody seems to want to get rid of him. I mean people are lazy and not doing a Tehran Square sit in.


  6. willibeaux said:

    Peppermint! This whole fiasco with the shoddy treatment of our vets and active duty ticks me off so much that I would have to resort to “barracks language” to express my true feelings.



    • peppermintfarm said:


      I know what you mean. It is so maddening that I think almost any vet would be beyond words other than the language you mentioned. It makes me so mad I could use some of that myself.


  7. My sources on active duty are being very quiet about all this. Something is “building up” in the military; but I honestly don’t know what. My retired sources (above the rank of LTC) are also being very quiet.

    I wish I knew more to say; but I don’t.


    • peppermintfarm said:

      Grey, their lives and their families have most likely been threatened. There is an article by Doug Hagmann who says an “insider” told him that everyone is threatened in this administration.


    • Grey, you are quite right, something is building. I have two nephews, one Army and one Air Force. Out of the clear blue both men have been ordered to attend intensive training, Both received notice with in 30 days of each other. Army is going to Ranger training and Air Force is going to SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape). Both have did their tours overseas and are back in the states to finish their enlistments. So what is up?


  8. All of this absolutely sickens me. Our military sacrifices their lives every day and the way the Obama regime treats them is so uncalled for. I want to see Obama and his ilk on the front lines of Afghanistan…without weapons…


  9. […] top of that is the lying. Then the systematic attacks on our military. The calling of names of anyone who takes offense to his plans. And the abuse of government power […]


  10. I”d like to see some of these issues with firearms go to the Supreme Court. Our military ar being treated with disdain. My husband was in the Air Force during the VietNam war. We came back home when he got out and though we suffered no physical disabilities nor death, all of our friends and family had homes and cars and were settled in their careers and we had to begin. With nothing. As an airman, his pay was very little. I had to work.
    So, these vets diserve more than our thanks. They also deserve our support in money and a real hand.
    This administration makes me so sick. They are all about politics. Then I hear what Gates has to say…


  11. peppermintfarm said:


    I’m sorry to hear about how you and your hubby suffered after he came back from Vietnam and you had nothing. The same went for my brother. He still had several years of Marine duty before he got out. But, he suffered a lot of mental stress being spit on and called a baby killer when he came back to the states.

    It took some time for him to get started too because he had no money. He had saved up some and my Mother took it and used it. He was mad as hell over that one. Mom was in a bad position as while my bro was gone, my father left and filed for divorce leaving my Mom with all kinds of unpaid bills.

    But fortunately he got a good job, go married eventually and raised 4 wonderful kids.

    Vets do deserve the best because they give up a lot, sometimes including their lives for our country. This administration treats them horribly.

    Mrs. Al, I had an excerpt of Gates book and I have to say I wasn’t sure what he was saying. It just confused me. Or maybe that’s my age. LOL!


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