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It is effecting our local rural community hospital, a personal experience……….

While Hawk was in our rural, community hospital, I got to see up front and personal how the O-Death-Care is effecting our hospital and staff.

During Hawk’s stay in the hospital, I witnessed how Obamacare has already done a number on ours.  Our hospital was a great place to be for some medical problems.  While it can’t provide surgeries for heart problems and some other serious conditions, there are other ailments that were taken care of and very well. If there is a very serious medical issue that our hospital cannot take care of, those patients are helicoptered down to UK in Lexington.

The hospital staff are now disgruntled where prior to Obama Death Care (ODC), the care, delivery of services, and the amount of helpful personnel were always within reach fast and all the personnel were happy and helpful at all times.  As Hawk once said, the hospital was my second home for quite a while with various medical issues I faced. And I was always happy with the care I received.

Now there are only 2 nurses, one for each wing of the patient care rooms. There are barely any LPNs, Aides, and others who are on the floor working.

The hospital had to lay off nurses and others who gave excellent care due to financial problems the hospital is now in. Nurses fled the hospital, some of whom I knew very well as I spent so much time there.  I loved them all as they were wonderful to me each stay I had there.

Every nurse stated “they hate ODC”.  Each nurse has to wheel a huge machine around to each room so everything done for a patient is recorded and all equipment and medicines have to be scanned into this machine before they can be given to the patient.

For Hawk, the biggest issue was receiving his pain medicine when he was in excruciating pain.  The Hawk was never one to complain about pain, but the cancer throughout his body, especially in his bones was horrifying. When one used to have to wait about a couple of minutes to receive one’s pain medication, it now takes up to 20 minutes to an hour.

Hawk would keep asking me, where’s my pain medicine and I had to keep telling him it will be here in a few minutes.  It was terrible for me to have to tell him that when I knew it would be longer.  Hawk became irritable and upset, which is only natural, but he never complained to the nurse when she finally showed up. I knew the nurse was taking care of many more patients than one nurse can handle and that is so wrong.

When Hawk was in critical care for a couple of days because he was vomiting blood, there were sometimes 2 nurses, most times  just one nurse running around trying to get to everyone in that unit. I watched this young woman and wondered how she could stand it as she was bone weary. Each nurse has a 12 hour shift and because of ODC, after each shift, the nurses now spend two more hours inputting data into the ODC machine. That means a 14 hour shift for each nurse.

One nurse in the critical care unit told me that because of ODC, each patient has to rate the care from 1 to 5 on a satisfaction scale. Anything under the 5, the highest mark, and they do not get paid.  All because of the new rules under ODC. As this nurse put it there are always some patients who are dissatisfied no matter how hard they try. And I know they did their very best considering what they are up against.

I noticed that there was one woman whose mother was dying and she was constantly complaining about care.  I thought to myself that her mother is lucky to be getting the care she is under the circumstances. Since I am so familiar with the staff at the hospital, I felt very bad and sad for the nurses trying to give patient care under the ODC situation. They were doing the best they could. Having been a nurse myself in my early years I never want to complain unless it’s something very serious. I know how hard nurses work and are dead on their feet after their work day and now things have just gotten harder on them. It is a very sad situation.

After 7 days, two student LPNs were on the floor training for about a half day two days a week. Hawk finally got a bath and clean sheets because they were extra help for the nurses who cannot do with all the patients they now have. Overload to the max.  These two LPNs told me that Hawk received a bath every day and that shocked me.  I knew being there almost all day that he had received no bath. But I also knew how few people were on the floor at any given time and there was no way baths were given for lack of help.

A male nurse came in Hawk’s room one night wheeling the monster ODC machine and told me he couldn’t see how the hospital could stay open with all the new rules and regulations.  One mistake and ODC fines them.  He said it’s a downhill fight every day under ODC.  I felt my heart flutter thinking of our wonderful rural hospital disappearing, but knowing that ODC will be the ruination of our hospital. Then any care one needs would be a very long drive to Lexington to University of KY hospital.  That drive could mean life or death for a person having a heart attack.  I do think a person in that condition would die before reaching it due to the long distance.

I wrote this just to tell people how ODC is effecting these local, rural hospitals.  ODC is more about not getting care whether it’s a doctor or a hospital.  The King O has ruined a good health care system and turned it into a nightmare.

by Peppermint


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  1. Hello Pepper, everything about ODC is not about health care, but control. I pray that you are coping with your loss.


    • Walt, sadly you are correct. This monstrous ODC is nothing more than control and not one ounce about care giving or health.
      I’m coping as best I can, Walt considering I’m grief stricken and bone weary. But I know I’ll make it somehow. Like with the kindness of my readers, prayers, and Jesus by my side.

      Thanks Walt for asking.


  2. You have done a superb job of laying out the reality, Pepperhawk. You will never know how sad it makes me that Goshawk suffered as he did. That had to be heart-wrenching.

    ODC is going to cause more destruction with each passing day. This is going to cause extreme unrest. I am concerned but prepared if the lid comes off.

    Thanx so much for sharing you and Goshawks experiences. Painful as it may be, it’s important that people know what’s coming to a hospital near them!


    • Mrs. Al,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I think I know how sad it makes you thinking about the Hawk suffering. I know it made me cringe and at times, all I could do was try to comfort him while he waited for his pain medicine. I hated to see him suffer like he did. It was awful. Once he was taken to Hospice, they kept him pain free. They promised that because at that point I didn’t want him in any more pain.

      Indeed ODC is causing more destruction and I think like you there could be unrest over this whole thing. Even liberals have to be feeling the effects of this.

      You’re welcome about the sharing. I thought it might be a good idea to paint the picture what’s in store for others and it isn’t pretty.


  3. Davetherave said:

    Great post Pepp and very, very accurate! Obamacide will be the end to many rural size hospitals, but I believe that is the Bastard In Chiefs desire. You sure are right “awk was never one to complain.

    I’m even seeing the adverse effects in the second largest city in KY. Obamacide has turned nurses in the exactly what they DID NOT go to school for….”paper pushers”. They want to be “care givers!” Now they are paper pushers, pushing a monster machine around everywhere they go and understaffed. They’re understaffed due to many nurses in this area are leaving the hospitals and going into private doctor practice, so they can get back to taking care of patients.

    Obamacide is just another big ass lie from the Traitor Party and even the dumb asses that voted for them will get to swallow this sour ass pill.


    • Thanks Dave. I know you have also run up against Obamacide and it’s effects. I hate to think of our hospital going down. It is just so sad.

      And no, the Hawk could bear a lot of pain until those last 2 weeks. I could barely stand it watching him like that.

      Right, paper pushers is what they have made out of nurses. It’s a disgrace. And even the other personnel who come, like techs who do blood work, respiratory therapists have to all use that gigantic POS machine.

      Yes, nurses are going to private practice is they can. They like the give and take with patients. There is hardly time for that in a hospital anymore.

      You got it right when you started calling it Obamacide because that is exactly what it is, a killer. I hope the dopes who voted for him start to learn how bad this so called “health care is and what it costs”. It’s about time they learned their lesson, but I swear some are dumb as rocks and never seem to get it.


  4. This is an important post, Pepper. (I’m so glad to see you post.) Your experience is vital in sharing with others. I’ll be reblogging this. God bless and hold you close, sister.


    • tannngl,

      Thank you very much. I didn’t really consider it an important post but just my experience but I can see what you mean now since you mentioned it. I’m holding on as best I can, you too sister.


  5. Reblogged this on tannngl and commented:
    Important experience with ObamaCare in hospital care today. It’s current. It’s relevant. It’s frightening.❗


    • tannngl,

      Thanks for reblogging and you sure got that one right about it being current, relevant and frightening. It really did scare me sometimes on how the poor Hawk was left and he kept trying to get out of bed by himself and fell. After that they put an alarm on him.


      • It’s good to recount these days for Hawk. It’s good for you. It’s good for us. So I’ll look for more posting from you on this time from your perspective.

        Did you read the latest revelation about the ACA? You can’t buy health insurance outside of your own county. And you may not be able to access hospitals outside of your county-Not sure about that one. Here: examiner.com/article/obamacare-is-but-one-big-killing-machine?CID=examiner_alerts_article …


        • tannngl,

          I probably will post more on Hawk and I’m glad to know it would be of some interest to some others.

          You can’t buy insurance outside your county?????????? WTH????? Is that not crazy or what? And this you can’t access a hospital outside your county? That would leave us with practically nothing then. This crapola has got to stop. It’s totally insane. I’ll read that article for sure. This is making blood spurt out of my eyeballs as Beck used to say.


  6. It is such a shame what Obama has done to our health care. Pepp, I am so sorry what you and the Hawk had to endure during his stay in the hospital. It should never ever be this way in the US. That lousy lying fraud needs to be ousted. I pray for you Pepp. Love and hugs, Donna


    • Donna,

      Thanks for coming by as I know you are having trouble with your hand. It is a shame what that evil man has done to our health care. You might say now we barely have health care after this disaster of ODC. And no you are right, this should never happen to the wealthiest or (once was) country on earth. Oh, I’m with you about ousting this fraud and liar.
      Love and hugs to you too.


  7. What makes ANYONE think the damned feral government can run ANYTHING ? Think the U.S. Postal Service, or Amtrak. Assholes do NOTHING right, but, as has been pointed out, this fiasco was never about “healthcare”. Good post, Pepp.


  8. Wow, good post, that sounds like they are well on their way. Seems the little hospitals are getting the worst of effects. They already had their resources stretched. So it might take the bigger ones longer to get the full dose.

    I hear how many are folding up. Remember Michele’s clinic experiment? Control is right. And then they’ll use and market all the information they glean, however they can. Everything he touches turns to crap. Years ago we heard about a nurse shortage, He’s fixing that.


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