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The Obama administration has promoted a Homeland Security adviser – who is a self-declared Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood supporter – to senior fellow within the Cabinet-level department of the federal government.

Mohamed Elibiary, who was appointed to the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council by former Secretary Janet Napolitano in 2010, tweeted Sept. 12 that he has been reappointed to the position and promoted.

Mohamed Elibiary 1

Just one year after he was first appointed to the council, PJ Media reported , “Elibiary may have been given access to a sensitive database of state and local intelligence reports, and then allegedly shopped some of those materials to a media outlet. He allegedly used the documents to claim the [Texas Department of Public safety] was promoting ‘Islamophobia.’”

According to the report, a “left-leaning media outlet” confirmed that Elibiary had provided “reports marked FOUO [For Official Use Only],” claiming it was proof of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s “Islamophobia.”

PJ Media added, Texas DPS Director Steve McCraw “confirmed that Elibiary has access to the Homeland Security State and Local Intelligence Community of Interest (HS SLIC) database, which contains hundreds of thousands of intelligence reports and products that are intended for intelligence sharing between law enforcement agencies.

Jamie Glazov, managing editor of Frontpagemag.com and author of “United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror” and “High Noon for America: The Coming Showdown,” told WND: “In 2004 [Elibiary] goes to give a speech at a night that is giving tribute to the Ayatollah Khomeini. What is he doing there? [Khomeini] is an Islamist mass murderer. Imagine if one of us had been at a conference giving tribute to Adolf Hitler. Should we be in the government?

Mohamed Elibiary 2

Rabia R4BIAElibiary’s Twitter profile photo features a “Rabia sign,” a yellow square with a black, four-finger salute and “R4BIA” in the lower corner. According to Front Page Mag , the symbol was adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood to represent the Aug. 14 “martyrdom” of pro-Morsi protesters in Cairo.

“The R4BIA sign is not a benign peace symbol; it is a symbol of resistance, Islamism, martyrdom, and a visual call to arms comparable to the black flag of jihad,” Front Page Mag explained.

BizPac Review also noted , “If his sympathies were still in doubt, on Sept. 6, Elibiary re-tweeted a photo ‘with love’ depicting a Cairo pro-Muslim Brotherhood rally as it made its way on a bridge crossing the Nile.

As WND has reported, the Obama administration has allowed into government agencies Islamic groups and activists tied to the Muslim Brotherhood who now influence U.S. anti-terrorism policies and endanger the nation.

In “Impeachable Offenses: The Case to Remove Barack Obama from Office,” New York Times bestselling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott document Obama not only aided the rise to power of Islamic extremist groups in the Middle East but ushered like-minded extremists into the gates of the White House, with Muslim Brotherhood groups serving on important national security advisory boards.

Elibiary fervently endorses the teachings of Egyptian writer Sayyid Qutb, who is widely considered the father of the modern Islamic terrorist revolution, according to “Impeachable Offenses.

Osama bin Laden and terror groups worldwide rely on Qutb for their fatwas and ideology.

Qutb, executed in 1966 on charges of attempting to overthrow the Egyptian government, called for the creation of a worldwide Islamic state. He declared, “There is only one place on earth which can be called the home of Islam (Dar-ul-Islam), and it is that place where the Islamic state is established and the Shariah is the authority and God’s limits are observed.

Qutb labeled the non-Muslim world the Dar-ul-Harb – the house of war.

“A Muslim can have only two possible relations with Dar-ul-Harb: peace with a contractual agreement, or war,” wrote Qutb. “A country with which there is a treaty will not be considered the home of Islam,” he said.


Doesn’t this make you feel oh, so safe knowing this guy is not only inside our government, but just getting a promotion to boot.  He is not the only Muslim Brotherhood man in our government.  There are many more and all in positions of forming policy. 

This should be considered treason by the so called president.  Why do we have these enemies of our country inside and up close personal inside our government in the first place?

Does anyone believe that the Muslim Brotherhood would have our best interests at heart?  They hate us.  They want to conquer us and take over this country.



Comments on: "Mohamed Elibiary Gets DHS Promotion" (46)

  1. Good find Pepp!

    It’s a damned shame that the government is so corrupted that they let Ovomit get away with Treason! Not only one case of Treason but multiple case’s. Not only that, he doesn’t
    even bother to hide the facts. I’m sure everyone up there knows what Ovomit has, done and is still doing, But none do a thing to stop him!


    • Hawk,

      Yeah, that’s the biggest problem we’ve got, that Congress sits there afraid to do a thing about this Fraud in Chief. I’m long past having any hope of them doing one bloody thing about this evil man.


  2. In the German language is the word Giftzwirg,American has elected one,a poison dwarf.
    Gift is poison and Zwirg is a dwarf.We have a man sitting in the chair that was once used by Eisenhower that is a political dwarf and a very toxic one.


    • Bob,

      What a fantastic comment! You sure are right that we have a dwarf in the Oval office who has no leadership abilities and no way to make hard decisions. And, toxic, you are right on with that. I believe he’s plain evil.


  3. Jodie Vakeva said:

    It only gets worse & worse ! When will all this madness Stop? 😦 GOD,help us!


    • Jodie,

      Thanks for coming by. I miss you. I really don’t know if or when this madness will stop. I sure don’t think while we have this odious man as president/king it’s not going to stop ever until he has us completely beaten down and ruined. I do believe that is his only main goal for us.


      • Jodie Vakeva said:

        I agree! I was just telling somebody today,that if the whole country woke up today I feel it’s still too late 😦 I’d love to be wrong about that! :-/


        • Jodie,

          I know what you mean. It does seem like it’s too late. I’ve begun to feel like I don’t even want to talk about it or write about it anymore. It’s the same old thing, over and over, one right after another of ours being taken away and a police state now. I keep wondering when the Christian churches start to be burned down on top of everything.


  4. Thank you Pepper for the heads up article. The beat goes on! Although it is upsetting to read such articles as this, but is there any REAL surprise what this treacherous person we call president is capable of doing? As we know without a doubt his agenda is to destroy this country. Now that ovomit knows that he made a jacka$$ out of himself with the Syria / Russia issue, in an attempt to save his moslim brotherhood rebels, we can expect his next act of obliterating this country. As fast as this guy is, we will only have to wait a couple of hours before we check the news to see it.


    • Walt,

      You are quite welcome. I like to get articles up to make sure as many people get to read them as possible so they can know just what kind of treachery is going on.

      Yeah, he sure did make a jackass out of himself and the only thing he cares about is bringing us down. If he can ship these guns to “rebels” who are not vetted as to who they are, then he should stop pounding this country about us not being able to have these kinds of weapons. He literally gives them to AQ and MusBro without a bat of an eye. No matter how many times we’ve been told who these rebels are, he supplies them and our taxes pay for it. Now that is a real kick in the arse.

      I’m with you Walt, I’m thinking we should expect a big attack here. I’ve been thinking about all of these wildfires going on and you never hear just how or who started them. I think it[‘s too coincidental that there have been so many of them just this year. If terrorists are doing them, the government won’t tell us because of the PC crap, which drives me nuts.

      In fact I found a story online that one of the Palestinian groups claimed responsibility for one of the Colorado fires.


  5. Excellent, Pepperhawk. Thanx so much for posting and alerting us. I didn’t have a clue he had been promoted. Oh goody. Since we are known by the company we keep, guess we know where the Resident stands, eh?


    • Mrs. Al,

      Thanks, no I don’t think we have to guess anymore and he did write in one of his crummy books that he would stand with the Muslims. And still people voted for this insane man. BTW, I like how you refer to him as the “resident”. 🙂


    • Mrs.AL,

      The “Resident” of the United States. I like it!


    • Thank you both and Walt Willis as well. Fact is, I respect the office of the Presidency but I refuse to use the word President juxtaposed with the current occupant, so I just refer to him as Resident.


      • Mrs.Al,
        Yea,verily I say you speak the truth.”Resident”is a good name.
        Walt Wills,is that the business end of a Stearman I see beside your letter?
        If God had wanted man to fly behind a horizontal engine,Pratt&Whitney would
        have made them.I do love the irregular firing cycles of the old “roundnose” birds.


  6. Resident, very good discription. Illegal immigration is destroying America, look what it did to the Whitehouse.


  7. And our representatives sit on their thumbs.


    • tannngl,

      And while they sit on their thumbs, they sleep, dreaming of the next big payment from some lobbyist and what kind of new vacation or car they can buy with it. They could care less about “we the people” or the “chattering masses” as UpChuckie Schumer calls us.


      • How well do I remember Schumer’s mug hanging out of every TV yelling GUN CONTROL and Michigan Militia after the Oklahoma Bomber got thru.


        • Bob, I’ve never seen a man so smug (except for the resident) who holds no respect for us. I don’t recall him doing what you said during the Oklahoma bombing but that’s because I was so busy with a small child at the time. But I don’t doubt it for one minute. I find him disgusting.


  8. Susie AKA Sweet Pea said:

    I have a friend who said we should be angry at our govenment and not you know who because they run the country you know who is just a puppet on a string or a mad dog on a tight leash


    • Susie aka Sweet Pea,

      That’s true that the resident is a puppet and his puppet masters are pulling the strings. But the puppet masters chose him to do the dirty work. They knew he hated America. It’s not that easy to install someone as evil as the resident is. How many other residents do you think would allow themselves to be told what to do? He is all for this. So we should be angry with him and the puppet masters. There is no excuse for him.


  9. Pepper, I apologize for so many posts, please take a moment and check this out. This utterly unbelievable about Ovomit and this nut is the leader of our country, no wonder we are in trouble.


    • Walt,

      You never have to apologize for commenting. Comment all you want. This is a conversation on here that we like to engage in and share information. So thank you for giving me that link. I’ll be reading it henceforth and may post it.

      So go at it Walt. Engage anybody you want in the conversation. That’s what a blog is for.


    • Walt, I just finished reading that article and I’m a little bewildered by it. A psychiatrist is not supposed to ever divulge what a patient says outside of their relationship. It’s considered a real ethical NO-NO and he could have his license taken away if he does this. So it makes me wonder if this is true. The same thing is for the police. They cannot have access to a patient’s private information. So it is refused by the shrink.

      Another thing if the resident has trust issues all he would need is to read this by his shrink and that would immediately break the trust between him and his shrink.


      • My Dear PepperHawk,
        The ONION is pure SATIRE and CARICATURE. There is NO truth in what they have to say. THAT SAID, there is a massive grain of truth behind the idiocy of this Onion article. And the narcissism of the resident is plenty of ammunition to pull off this satire, and make it believable. The resident has elevated his ego to the extreme that there is no one as good as he is, nor is this Nation worthy of his administration. And yes, I know what I said there, and only ask it be pondered. Why else would he go on an apology tour?? Why else would he say there is nothing exceptional about America??? We only spent 240 years BECOMING an exceptional Nation, Damn it~!


        • Grouchy, I’m glad you told me that. I did not know it was a satire site. Well pretty good satire actually.

          Oh, yeah, we all can see, well for those who look, that he’s cracked. I could go on about what mental health issues he has but I keep repeating myself until I’m blue in the face. So I won’t repeat it.

          I’m having trouble once again with my ISP going up and down. It’s driving me up the wall. All day long it’s been a battle to stay online.

          Oh, I despise that man. I despise him because I believe he’s evil.


  10. Good post. Puts to rest the notion, if the sonofabitch himself isn’t a muslim, he sure as hell is at LEAST a sympathizer and enabler. Too bad the idiotic “opposition” party are cowed by his “blackness”. What, they forget his ass is half WHITE ? I’d say he’s fair game.


    • clyde,

      I think it does put to rest the notion about who his loyalties belong to and it’s not us.

      Yeah, the cowards, as if we’ve never handled race riots in this country before. I guess they forgot about the ones in the 60’s which basically were put down pretty quickly except in the hellhole of LA.


  11. Mrs. Pepper’awk! The brown stuff from 1600 PA Ave keeps piling up deeper and deeper. Three years and 3 – 1/2 months left. Ugg


  12. The corruption just keeps going on – sure it won’t end until somehow we can get him ousted and I am afraid that will not happen. I think our military should do a Morsi on him. Oust the SOB.


  13. Excellent read., Its amazing and that Obama can do it right in plane daylight is the height of arrogance. But Elbiary is one of the most offensive treasonous things he’s done. The guy could not take an oath either. Yep, get him in on the highest intelligence and let them go. I bet the Brotherhood knows what Obama is going to do before he knows. .

    And he’s just one of many, all in key positions. Wuth Brenner in CIA what haven’t they compromised or sold, or just given away? JUst imagine the conversations between him and Valerie Jarrett. Just let foreign influence run the country, its the same thing.


    • Bull,

      Thanks. He is so arrogant he doesn’t give a hoot that we know about it. That smug creep does all this right out in the open for us to see, but if anyone were to say something about it, he would instantly defend these Muslim Bros, his pals.

      Yes our government has been breached by the very enemy that we declared was so and here they are all over inside the government making policy. It’s treachery and treason to the max, but do we see anyone doing anything? Like WTH is with Congress?


      • Pepp, there is treason and then there is institutionalized treason. That’s what Obama has done. I can’t think of where is it was done on this level.


        • Bull, you got it. I’ve never seen in all my years treason done like this and Congress doing nothing. It’s beyond belief if we didn’t see and hear it ourselves I don’t know that it would be believable.


  14. Gar Swaffar said:



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