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Rand Paul’s Response to….

Putin About America Being Exceptional:

Paul: President Putin, America Is Exceptional

A recent op-ed by Russian President Vladimir Putin has prompted me to respond. While his position that the Syrian conflict can and should be settled through a political and diplomatic solution is correct, virtually everything else in his writing should be taken to task. So I shall.

I begin with Mr. Putin’s disagreement regarding the exceptionalism of the United States of America. I could not more strongly disagree with him. While he is correct that God created every human being as an equal in His eyes, clearly the results of each of our efforts on this earth, individually and collectively, are not equal.

America’s exceptionalism is rooted in our founding documents and values. From the rights granted by our creator, but guaranteed by our Constitution. We should not shy away from saying so, especially when our actions are in keeping with this exceptional founding, as they were this week in our debate over going to war in Syria. Our constitutional checks and balances were on full display, largely resulting in the at least temporary halting of a rush to war.

Mr. Putin’s second mistake is to focus on the speck in the eye of the United States, while ignoring the plank in his own. He accuses the United States of alarming interventions in foreign countries. While I certainly have my bone to pick with our foreign policy over the last 15 years, the Russian President is the least qualified person I can think of to make this argument with a straight face.

We went to war in Afghanistan because they were harboring those who attacked us on 9/11. Mr. Putin’s cohorts went to war there three decades earlier for no legitimate reason.

The United States until now has resisted arming one side of the Syrian civil war – all the while the other side has been armed by Russia.

The United States has used diplomatic pressure to attempt to resolve the ongoing situation with Iran – Russia has just announced a large arms sale that will escalate tensions in the region.

Being lectured to on foreign intervention by Mr. Putin would be comical if it weren’t such a serious example of a lack of self-awareness.

Nevertheless here we are. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend, or at least my temporary ally. As Mr. Putin correctly pointed out, the United States and

Russia banded together to defeat the menace of the Nazis a generation ago. And both countries certainly face real and present threats from Islamic extremists, both at home and in areas of strategic importance.

American should not act militarily in Syria because it cannot and should not join the same side as Al Qaeda. Russia cannot and should not continue to support militarily the brutal Assad regime.

And so, the dialog that began this week must go forward, and it must be given a chance to succeed.

The issue of course, is with the participants and the details of the plan. Asking us to “trust them” is clearly not a palatable option, and we cannot act naively simply to bypass war. Any diplomatic solution must involve a clear plan to rid Syria of these weapons, with strong verification and enforcement mechanisms. As Reagan used to put it, Trust but Verify.

So while I welcome the engagement of the Russians, and the dialog Mr. Putin this week attempted to begin with our country, I remain to be convinced of the details.

And I respond to him directly with the statement that yes, American is indeed exceptional. Our history has proved it so. While we all share the same Creator, we do not all share the same richness of history regarding human rights, freedom and democracy. There has been in the past 200 years a city on the hill that has shone brighter than all others. We will not be ashamed of that. May God allow us to continue to model this example to the world in these difficult times.


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  1. Gar Swaffar said:

    The only bone I have to pick with Rand on this is that we don’t live in a Democratic nation. It is a Democratic Republic, and that makes a world of difference in being able to walk away from an overbearing Federal Aristocracy such as we now have.


    • Gar,

      You’re right in that we were given a “Republic” government by our founders. However, for the last 70 years at least, the Left has been chipping away at our Constitution and natural rights to the point that it barely resembles the Republic.

      Yes we should be able to just “walk away” by getting rid of the oppressive government we have now through the election process. But the government has become so corrupted and Anti-American that it can’t happen that way. I believe the only way we will rid ourselves of these criminals is by armed force.


      • Gar Swaffar said:

        It is my fondest hope that enough sections of enough states will begin secession movements for a general awakening to be shown. Other than that….keep it dry.


  2. In my observations, in recent times we have come to the point of attacking the position of the party we disagree with. In some cases, this is quite permissible. However, once a position is attacked, it becomes necessary to defend it.

    What if we would stop, admit disagreement, but also seek the depth of the reasons for the stance (s) taken??? See the WHOLE of the situation, and the CAUSES for the attitudes and the positions of the various participants affected.

    As Putin himself is alleged to have said, in reference Assad, “He’s a S O B, but he’s MY S O B~!”,,, It would behoove our “diplomats” to discover the reasoning behind the stance, and the statement.

    My two cents worth.


    • Grouchy,

      What you’ve said is true if we had intelligent people in control of our government and worked together for a single cause that follows the Constitution. Kind of like a captain and crew working together to keep the ship running and on course.

      What we now have is, leadership including Obama attempting to scuttle the ship.


  3. I agree wholeheartedly with Rand’s response. Putin simply poked Zero in the eye. We shouldn’t forget that it was our resident that FIRST claimed that we were not exceptional. Zero can’t back-peddle now. He said it. Just line the “red-line” comment while attempting to act tough while campaigning last year. Putin is a KGB thug who is a master at mis-information. Zero is simply a community organizer out of his league in every venue. Sadly we still have 40 months left of his reign.


    • Yes, I forgot that Ovomit announced to the world that America was no longer a Christian nation and that we were not exceptional.

      Every time this Treaitor opens his mouth, espeially trying to sound tough, he gets in trouble. He has already shown the world that he is ‘not tough’ and never can be. They just think he’s a fool and they wonder why we citizens let him get away with this crap!


  4. Well thought out and penned response by Mr. Rand. Thanx so much for posting! This is a very tricky issue and, unfortunately, we have those who respond like larry, curly and moe (sorry Three Stooges!).

    And the comment thread is excellent as well. Compliments to all.


    • Hi Mrs, AL

      Don’t be sorry for the Stooges remark. That is pretty much what they are! And the rest act like the Keystone Cops!


  5. Great response by Rand Paul. Glad I dropped by or I’d have missed it otherwise. Good find.

    Obama sees himself as this great orator, when in reality, without the TeleprompterOTUS, he couldn’t talk his way out of a paper bag. On the other hand, Mr. Paul speaks from his brain and his heart. He truly cares about this country, unlike our embarrassment-in-chief.

    Putin played that ‘Whack the Mole’ game with Obama, who must now move on to the next diversion.


  6. Screw them both. Putin is to be trusted as much as Obama, but for different reasons. Rand makes some valid points. All in all, good piece.


    • Gar Swaffar said:

      Q:How can you tell the difference between Pootin and Ovomit, if all you have is a transcript of their speeches?

      A: Pootin often promotes Capitalism and downplays Socialism/Communism as unworkable.


  7. Pepp, good post, Rand makes good points. Putin should not be a serious partner in practically anything, But Obama was just played by a pro.


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