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For those who want to get involved in actually doing something to stop the abuse of power of this government.

Go to this site:  http://www.conventionofstates.com/

On Friday night Hannity had Mark Levin on who has a new book out about how we can stop this abuse of power in our government.  Our Founders actually left us a way to stop this abuse.  It’s in a clause of the Constitution which you can read about on the site linked above.

Then on Saturday night on Huckabee I saw a Constitutional attorney who has the above site where people can go to get the information on how they bring about a Convention of the States.

300, 000 people are all that is needed to get this going. The people have a way to stop this runaway government that was written right in the Constitution for us.

Please go and read about this on the link I gave and see if you want to work to do something.  We’ve been sounding off about this for years now but we the people can actually have an impact.

This attorney has the papers already drawn up that we can send to our state legislators and they cannot turn us down.  How about that one folks?

We may be able to overturn this after all in a peaceful manner.


Comments on: "VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE by Peppermint" (28)

  1. Gar Swaffar said:

    Peacefully? Drat!
    I’m pretty well prepped for another venue.


  2. Gar Swaffar said:

    I apologize for being on these so soon. Dinged a foot and it’s on ice trying to get the swelling down. Got nothin’ else to do.


    • Gar,

      You never need to apologize for getting here first. I expect you now. So don’t change a thing.


    • Gar: I hope your foot gets better! Try a combo
      of Bayer Back & Body & Ibuprofen for the pain
      & swelling, along with the ice packs. Remember–
      no more than 20 mins w/the ice, you can actually
      sustain frostbite injuries due to ice pack exposure!


      • Actually: Prayer, ice and essential oils did the trick. What the dr. said would take 6 to 9 months to heal was back to normal in 24 hours. “The fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much”


  3. You might also gig your state legislature representative and senator. I just did mine.


  4. Here’s something for all the keyboard pounders to use to make a difference. And if it don’t, then we go the next step. Thanks, Pepper,,, now let’s quit fussin’ and start DOIN’
    Be Well, All ~!


  5. Thanks for posting this Pepp. I heard part of Mark’s discussion with Hannity and his idea is something that conservatives can get behind. I’ll add a link to the site on Pesky Truth as well, we should all try to generate interest in actually convening a Convention of the States.


    • Garnet,

      No problem. I wanted to get it up right away after I heard about this but it slipped my mind.
      Thanks, put a link up too. The more the better that it gets around. Yes, we should all get moving.


  6. Thanks for this great post Pepp! I’m on the list, so I assume the Pharaoh will now call anyone calling for a Convention of States terrorist. Oh well; I’m sure I am already on his list anyway NOT being one that kisses his kenyan ass…


  7. Good stuff. Sent the message off to the morons Stabusnow, Levin,the unindicted criminal, and the useless-as-tits-on-a-boar-hog Dingell.


  8. Good site. I saw the special and right off the bat I noticed someone had a problem with the term limit one, and another amendment. But hey, that shouldn’t stop us. At least they’d know the people are serious and fed up. Let them try to talk us out of it, and they will, after all we’ve seen. But don’t people think, Right away someone has to question one.


    • Bull,

      I’m glad you visited the site. Let some dummy have a problem with term limits. We, the People are the government and we can overwhelm those who object. Thanks.


  9. Good post Pepp. I am going to do my part in trying to get the ball rolling in Mississippi.


  10. Susie aka Sweet Pea said:

    Could someone please narrow this down for me All this stuff is confusing for me , sorry


    • Susie,

      WE have to contact our “state” senators and legislatures, not the federal, like your Senator in the House or your rep in the House. If you go to that site it explains everything. If it’s too much for you, then I wouldn’t bother. It takes a lot to do including driving to your State legislature and I know that would be a hardship on you since you don’t drive. Plus your capitol is too far for you to go in a taxi.


    • Susie: Even if actual physical action is not
      within your capability, you can always pray
      for those who are embarking on such an
      agenda. I know we can all use the Good
      Lord’s help right now!


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